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8 months ago

5 Tips for Daily Fantasy Hockey Newbies

This guideline is aimed to give you an overview of how to play DFS hockey on FanTeam with many World Championships and NHL playoffs tournaments to be found in the lobby. The very basics presented in this article can help hockey fans trying Daily Fantasy Sports for the first time as well as DFS players who are yet to check out DFS hockey. There is no better time to get into it than this May!


Know the Rules

First of all, you have to familiarize yourself with the scoring system for hockey tournaments. Most points for hockey players come from goals, assists and victories. There are more goals scored in hockey compared to football and two players are credited an assist for a goal. Things like shots, blocks, saves, hits matter as well and each of these will return points, albeit less than goals or assists. You can read our detailed breakdown of the scoring rules in the article below.

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It’s All About Stacking

FanTeam Ice-hockey Forward Stacking

If you’ve played DFS before, you know that the concept of stacking is crucial. Even more so in hockey, because like I said before, goals in hockey usually get two assists, not one.

There are two main types of stacks in regard to hockey on FanTeam: the stack of 3 forwards (so-called line stack) and the stack of 2 forwards and 1 defenseman.

Usually, the most efficient way is to stack players who play on the same power-play unit (a man-advantage situation).

The 2+1 stack is more popular for two reasons: it allows to build the lineup based on two 2+1 stacks, the other reason being defensemen on FanTeam getting more points for goals and assists. Given that, paying up for expensive defensemen usually works well.


Goalies are Important

Unlike any other sports, goalies in hockey are responsible for something like 50% of your overall success. That is why monitoring the starting goalies makes a lot of sense. A team could be good defensively, but bad goaltending could result in giving up a ton of goals. On the other hand, a bad defensive team could concede just a few goals thanks to a good goalie.

Additionally, such a goalie will get lots of points because of the number of saves he makes. So targeting a bad goalie (picking attacking players from the opposing team) and picking a good goalie for your lineup (even if he plays for a mediocre team) is a viable strategy.


Monitor Bookies Odds

Checking the bookies odds (Vegas lines) is very useful as it allows you to identify the teams who are projected to score a high number of goals and the teams which aren’t. Remember that players from teams with favorable matchups will generally be highly owned too, so differentiating your lineup with a low-owned 2nd line stack or picking a good goalie from an underdog team is a way to climb the rankings.

Some teams might be projected to score well, but their lines could be less attractive due to spread out scoring or miss-correlation. That’s why it is sometimes worth picking good correlated lines from an underdog team or the one that isn’t projected well.

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Try to Multientry

FanTeam Ice Hockey Rankings 2021

This tip isn’t only hockey-specific as multi-entering is the core principle of DFS in general. Randomness in hockey is higher compared to other sports, so I recommend entering at least 3-4 lineups with different stacks and players in order to decrease the variance. As your bankroll gets bigger, the number of entries could be increased to 10-15 for a single contest. FanTeam regulars usually make a similar amount of entries, and your ultimate goal is to replicate them and to get better than them eventually.

Given that, studying their lineups at the beginning of your DFS career will help a lot. By doing that and making some notes if needed, you will adapt to the game faster and start winning more often. 

That wraps up the core principles of playing DFS hockey on FanTeam. If you have any questions regarding the game, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.



Khan, a Ph.D. student in Economics, loves studying advanced sports analytics and using it to his advantage in DFS. Having started to play daily fantasy sports in 2017, he currently has a net profit of over 70000 euros. Sits in the top-5 of DFS players in Europe, finished 3rd in FanTeam's WCOFF 2018 and WCOFF 2020.