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6 Fantasy Leagues That You Have Never Played

We all know fantasy sports is a huge deal. About 7,000,000 managers are competing for the glory in the current season of official FPL, FanTeam and Bethard are running tournaments for a total prize pool of around €100,000 every week, and the general interest to fantasy sports is exploding worldwide. Millions of players around the globe are tweaking their beloved fantasy teams on a weekly, and more often, daily basis.

However, there are more fantasy sports variations other than the most popular football, ice-hockey, basketball or cricket. How about a traditional Japanese past-time of fantasy sumo, trying to find differentials in fantasy fishing league, or getting exotique with something like fantasy roller derby? We have lurked the web to find out the most bizarre variations of our favourite game. Dive into a beautiful world of underground fantasy sports leagues that you have never played. Read on to see what we have found.

Fantasy Sumo

Sumo — Japan’s old-fashioned national sport and the last resort of Arsenal’s Lukas Podolski — has been gaining back some popularity in recent years, both at home and abroad. No wonder there are a couple of fantasy leagues based on this ancient martial art.

So if you have an ambition to become a daily fantasy ‘yokozuna’ (the highest rank in the sport), head straight to either FantasyBasho or SumoTalk fantasy section to figure out more. 

Fantasy Game of Thrones

There’s no TV show more popular than Game of Thrones. And obviously, the show has a fantasy league of its own. The points are awarded to your picks for fighting, drinking, having sex or even just being awesome. So generally speaking — everything that we love for the series so much.

Original show had been finished already, but there are a number of spin-offs in the HBO plans, that could potentially give a second life to the game. You can learn more information about the league on its website if you’re into the concept.

Fantasy Fishing

Fishing is one of the favourite past time activities for most males. Bass Anglers Sportsman Society — a North American organization producing professional bass fishing competitions — has a fantasy league based on its tournaments series. The website is offering a 2019 NITRO Z18 fishing boat worth over $30,000 as a grand prize for the 2019 season, so competition might be fierce.

Points are mostly awarded here for the anglers performance in the different tournaments of the season, as well as the weight of the fish he’s been lucky to catch.

Fantasy Roller Derby

Roller derby is a contact sport played by teams of five roller-skating around the clock on a special track. There’s approximately 1,250 amateur leagues around the World, but the sports is mostly popular in the United States. The Fantasy Roller Derby game should be a place to get nerdy about the game’s stats and trends, as it offers a seasonal leagues for all the fans of the sport.

Points are scored on a different events that happen during the game, so probably, if you want to dig into the fantasy roller derby — you should get acquainted with the rules first.

Fantasy Celebrity

If you feel like you’ve figured a way to project the celebrities who will regularly appear in the media, why not try Celebrity Draft? You will have to figure out questions like is it worth stacking Coldplay tonight, or rather go for a contrarian of Danny DeVito?

Points will be earned if your drafted celebrity will appear on the cover of a magazine or make pregnancy announcement. However, you will lose in score when your selection will go to rehab or gets arrested.

Fantasy Courts

Okay, this is something extraordinary even for our own taste. Developed by some Canadian guys this fantasy league is exactly what its name suggests. You got to select a team of lawyers who gain or lose points depending on their performance in the Supreme Court of Canada.

If you’re up for something like this, go straight to FantasyCourts and jump into drafting your legal team.

Mike Show

Mike Show