About Us

Draftgym is a sports media and software start-up aiming to become the Bloomberg of fantasy sports. We act as pioneers and innovators. Through our products, we help sports geeks to make more weighted decisions while building their fantasy teams.

Our mission is to grow and educate fantasy sports players in Europe with the help of our software, content, and events. We believe that a healthy market requires player education as most newcomers enter the game underprepared. They are competing against professionals uploading multiple line-ups from the very first step of their fantasy player journey. That makes most players lose their money and interest quickly. Until we step in.

We constantly seek ways to provide beginners with sophisticated yet easy-to-use and well-designed tools to help them improve their daily fantasy results. By educating beginners, we level the playing field currently leaning towards catering sharks. We believe that by sharing our expertise, providing complex analytical content and outstanding software, we can help beginners adapt to playing fantasy sports quickly and efficiently. And, most importantly, enjoy the process while learning.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions, business-related inquiries, or if you are considering joining our team and helping us grow the fantasy sports industry in Europe.