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Best FPL Podcasts to Listen to in 2021

Firstly, we should apologise to those we've missed, there are just so many great podcasts out there that it's impossible to get them all into one article. But here are fifteen of our favourites from the world of Fantasy Premier League, be sure to check them out, follow and subscribe!



Planet FPL Podcast Cover

James and Suj offer daily FPL content that really does cover FPL from every angle. From reflecting on previous gameweeks to planning for future gameweeks, they have it all covered with a 20 strong team of correspondents at hand to provide the best insight into every Premier League club. These guys are the sole reason I got into the FPL twitter community and have such a passion for content creation. 

'Planet FPL is my favourite podcast. I love that James and Suj release so much content for us and that James watches every game. I also love how he breaks games down tactically and gets you thinking about things a bit deeper beyond the xG and points scored' — FPL Surgery host, Rich Davies aka Flapjack

Twitter Handle:@PlanetFPLPod



Who Got The Assist Podcast Cover

Join Tom and Nick as they talk you through the world of Fantasy Premier League. They really do make listening to stats and data informed opinions easy on the ear and always have more than a slice of 'feel good' with each and every episode. They also win first prize for having the catchiest theme music of all FPL pods!

Twitter Handle: @WGTA_FPL

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FPL Surgery Podcast Cover

Plug in to Rich and Josh as they take you through all of the FPL talking points with some of the finest guests from within the FPL community. Always informative, well structured and a really easy listen. 

'The Surgery is excellent. Rich and Josh have hit the ground running this year and what I like the most about them is how they differ in strategies and valuations of players. Josh likes the safer more nailed players and likes to step back from FPL at times. Rich enjoys dangerous triple ups and differentials whilst checking his score every ten minutes. Both strategies and opinions of the hosts lead to brilliant debates that get you pondering your next moves.' — DraftGym content creator and Wolfpod host, Andy North

Twitter Handle: @FPLSurgery



Fantasy Football Scoutcast Cover

Join Joe and guests on the Fantasy Football Scout podcast who discuss strategy and advice around the key issues that crop up prior to any gameweek. 

Twitter Handle: @FFScout



Green Arrow Fantasy Football Hub Cover

A weekly podcast where fantasy football all-rounder Andrew Ferguson and FPL whizz Adam Hopcroft discuss all things FPL and answer some of the community's burning questions. Also worth noting that The Hub also releases a SkyFF live stream/podcast every Sunday night.

Twitter Handle: @FFH_HQ



Always Cheating Podcast Cover

American duo Josh and Brandon provide a podcast that every FPL manager can relate to, it's always highly entertaining and beautifully insightful.

'I rely heavily on numbers and stats as I can't watch every Premier League game. But these lads do, so they fill the gap of the eye test for me every week. They are also seriously entertaining.' — DraftGym content creator, FPL Pup

Twitter Handle: @hailcheaters



FPL Wolfpod Cover

Draft Gym's very own content creator Andy North is joined by co-host Luke every Tuesday as they discuss all things FPL. Luke and Andy can be joined by any one of a 14 strong 'Wolfpack' to offer FPL advice and answer the community's burning questions. A podcast that is always thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining and thought-provoking. Oi Oi, Wolfpack!

Twitter Handle:@FplWolfpack

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The 59th Minute Podcast Cover

The one and only FPL General Mark McGettigan brings you a rundown of his thoughts, dilemmas and talks you through his watchlist with a weekly podcast that's never to be missed. Mark's past record in FPL speaks for itself, his advice is always sought after. 

I've listened to many of the pods singled out in this article and would recommend every single one of them. However, my personal preference has to be the 59th minute pod by Mark (FPL_General). I stumbled upon his patreon and the pod a few years ago when he had just made the first step into being a full-time FPL expert while I was out looking for quality FPL advice. It is this emotional connection akin to first love paired with top-notch content and Mark's Irish accent that draws me back every week.' — Draftgym Head of Content, Alexey Bobrov

Twitter Handle: @59thMinutePod



The Art Of The Dive Podcast Cover

Co-hosts Marco and Jake bring you a weekly podcast that covers all aspects of FPL with an undercurrent of humour. A well-respected podcast within the FPL community that comes highly recommended. 

Twitter Handle: @DiveFPL



The Season Keepers Podcast Cover

Podcast from CleanSheetWipeout and FPLDrug that focuses on FPL primarily but also covers SkyFF and the ChampManFPL game. Relatively new to the podcast game having started in August 2020, but the lads have a great connection and offer some great analysis and advice. 

Twitter Handle: @SeasonKeepers



Just Above The Average Podcast Cover

Podcast formed by two friends CY and Baker, a fly on the wall podcast that captures the chat between two FPL managers. CY and Baker are regularly joined by members of the FPL community. A podcast that is always very enjoyable and informative. 

Twitter Handle: @aboveaveragefpl



FPL Double Up Podcast Cover

Co-hosted by FPL Heisenberg and John Nellis, the FPL Double Up podcast takes a light-hearted look at all of the recent events and discussion points affecting FPL managers whilst offering invaluable advice to help managers of all abilities to improve their overall rank. 

Twitter Handle: @FPL_Heisenberg/@JohnNellis



FPL BlackBox Podcast Cover

Two FPL community legends Az and Mark Sutherns offer invaluable advice to managers. If FPL podcasts were regarded as an art, this pair would be Picasso and Van Gough, this pod is very highly recommended. 

Twitter Handle: @ffscout_az/@ffscout_Mark



The FPL Wire Podcast Cover

This podcast has taken off this season and rightly so, three co-hosts with incredible rank history sharing their thoughts and recommendations for FPL managers of all ability. Lateriser has 3x top 200 finishes, Zophar666 has 7x top 10k finishes and BigManBakar finished 4th OR in 2014/15. These guys know what they are doing without a shadow of a doubt. Extremely insightful and thought-provoking. 

Twitter Handle: @lateriser12/@BigManBakar/@Zophar666



Man on FPL Podcast Cover

A podcast that's smashing its debut season. Co-hosts Darren and Thomas talk all things FPL as they take you on a journey of their season in several different fantasy games. Fun, entertaining and raises lots of good talking points. 

Twitter Handle:@ManOnFPL



Cardiff City fan with a soft spot for Manchester United! An FPL enthusiast with 4x top 100k in the last 4 seasons including 5k in 20/21. Also playing SkyFF, FanTeamMillion and GAFFR. You can find me on Twitter if you have any questions! Would love to hear from you! - @CORF_FPL