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9 months ago

Best Picks for FanTeam's 250K Champions League Knockout

We continue preparing for the FanTeam's Champions League Knockout Phase Tournament with a massive €250,000 prize pool. Now it is time to move from rules and general advice to particular picks and recommendations.


Bookies Odds

Team Win CL Reach 1/4
Bayern 22% 88%
Man City 20% 89%
Liverpool 11% 74%
PSG 9% 58%
Atletico 6.5% 47%
Juventus 6.5% 80%
Real Madrid 5.5% 69%
Chelsea 4.5% 53%
Barcelona 4.5% 42%
Borussia D 3% 58%
Atalanta 3% 31%
Sevila 2% 42%
RB Leipzig 1.5% 26%
Lazio 0.8% 12%
Borussia M 0.5% 11%
Porto 0.4% 20%



Raheem Sterling (Fanteam price is 10.5)

Impossible to ignore the consistency and confidence that Man City have displayed in recent weeks. Moreover, the Brits are the big favourite in their clash against Mönchengladbach. While at the moment of writing it is unclear whether Kevin de Bruyne and Ilkay Gundogan are able to take part in the first game, the third main man in team's attacking actions Raheem Sterling is safe and sound. Do not forget to follow the latest news, new information on the injured players before the deadline may shed some new light on the situation.

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Robert Lewandowski (12.5)

One more pick from a team that can score heavily and almost against any opponent in the world. A couple of years ago, hardly could anyone imagine a good fantasy team without Messi and Ronaldo, now is the time of Robert Lewandowski. In Bundesliga, it is his second straight season when he is scoring at a more than a goal per game pace. Incredible! Going without Robert in Round of 16 is a big risk for your side. Of course, it can pay off if he has a poor game as almost every team has the world-class striker, but do not forget that Lewandowski is the best footballer playing in currently the strongest team in the world.


Jordi Alba (6.5)

I think a lot of managers will stack their defensive lines - the tournament is short-term, you need to risk and go big in such situations. For those who don’t like this strategy, Jordi is one of the best picks among all available defenders. Well, it is not sensible to expect a cleansheet from Barcelona against any club left in the tournament, but the Spanish back is still one of the biggest contributors upfront in Blaugrana. For example, in Copa del Rey quarterfinal against Granada, he managed to score 2 goals and added an assist — not bad for a defender!



Joao Cancelo (6.5)

Returning to Man City and their leaders, we can’t but mention Joao Cancelo. That’s a clear representative of the new so-called “playmaker in the wing” position. There are frequent situations when Man City attacks and counterattacks with Cancelo running with the ball through the centre of the pitch. On the one hand, the Portuguese has 1+2 in 18 games, on the other, his xA sits at 3.51 and he makes more than 2 key passes per game. With Man City registering cleansheets one after the other this season, Cancelo seems a solid option to pick.

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Luis Suarez (8.5)

Atletico does its best to become more a balanced team that tries to play every game from the position of strength. They have scored more than 2 goals per game in La Liga so far, and it comes as no surprise that 16 of them were scored by Luis Suarez. After a slow start, El Pistolero picked up momentum and found the net 11 times in 10 last games. Chelsea have a decent backline, conceding slightly less than a goal per game, but it is quite a usual thing for them to concede 2 or 3 goals against top-tier clubs. 


Toni Kroos (7.0)

The German midfielder is currently in 5th place in La Liga in xA behind Messi, Aspas, J.Navas (take a note!) and Griezmann. He is an all-around set-piece taker for Real Madrid, except penalty shots. Unfortunately, there is one less target for his crosses as Ramos is injured, but Varane, Casemiro and Benzema present a massive aerial threat. What is more, Kroos is fit enough to play 90 minutes and is rarely substituted by Zidane in tough games.


To be fair, this knockout phase seems to be one of the most balanced for the last 10-15 years. Almost every team has decent chances to reach the semifinals and at least half of them to lay hands on the cup. As a result, there is lot of fantasy options that look good on paper but only the games will show their real value. Choose wisely and win big! Good luck!



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