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Brentford, Watford & Norwich: In-Depth Stats

Newly promoted teams are at times a source of great differentials and this season might be no different. We are taking an in-depth look at how teams fared in Championship last season focusing on some picks that might be worthy of your consideration no matter what fantasy game you play. 


Promoted Teams Stats (Last Season)

Goals and Clean Sheets

Team Goals Goals Conceded Clean Sheets Aver G Aver GC Aver CS
Norwich 74 36 18 1.61 0.78 0.39
Brentford 79 42 16 1.72 0.91 0.35
Watford 60 30 23 1.30 0.65 0.50

• Aver G/GC/CS — average number of scored goals/conceded goals/clean sheets

Match Results

Team W D L Poss <45% Poss
Poss >55%
Norwich 29 10 7 3 7 36
Brentford 26 15 8 7 15 27
Watford 27 10 9 5 19 22

W — Wins
D — Draws
L — Losses
• Poss <45% — Matches with possession less than 45%
• Poss 45%-55% — Matches with possession between 45% and 55%
• Poss >55% — Matches with possession more than 55%


Goals Stats

• GS 0 — matches with 0 scored goals
• GS 1 — matches with 1 scored goal
• GS 2 — matches with 2 scored goals
• GS 3+ — matches with 3 and more scored goals

• GC 0 — matches with 0 conceded goals (Clean Sheet)
• GC 1 — matches with 1 conceded goal
• GC 2 — matches with 2 conceded goals
• GC 3+ — matches with 3 and more conceded goals

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Player Stats


Player Team Price Min Saves S/90 min GC GC/90 min CS CS/90 min
Raya BRE 4.5 3780 91 2.17 36 0.86 16 0.38
Krul NOR 4.5 3189 90 2.54 23 0.65 17 0.48
Bachmann WAT 4.5 2070 35 1.52 13 0.57 13 0.57
Foster WAT 4.0 2070 46 2.00 17 0.74 10 0.43


• GC — Conceded Goals
• CS — Clean Sheets



Positions & Prices

Goals & Assists + Playing Time

Shots and Key Passes

Toney looks like a must-have option, because of his phenomenal goalscoring stats. Brentford’s attacking potential lies on Toney's shoulders mostly and that's what we like. He will offer us good value on FanTeam, especially. He is priced at €6.0 and considering the new rules with shots on target, it’s a very tempting pick.

Raya is a worthy goalkeeper option because Brentford seem like a team capable of delivering both goals and clean sheets.

If you need a cheap midfielder, feel free to pick Mbeumo and Canos for €5.5. But I wouldn’t stack either with Toney. It would be too much to have an attacking stack from a promoted team.

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Best Players to Pick:

• Raya (GK, FPL & FT: €4.5)
• Mbeumo (MID, FPL & FT: €5.5)
• Canos (MID, FPL & FT: €5.5)
Toney (FWD, FPL: €6.5, FT: €6.0)



Positions & Prices

Goals & Assists + Playing Time

Shots and Key Passes

Norwich have made some good progress in their defence, looking at the stats of the last season. But Daniel Farke’s troops will face really tough opponents in their 4 first fixtures. I really like Krul’s ability to make a lot of saves and I’m very pleased with Max Aarons’ creative numbers (he’s the second-best in key passes after Emiliano Buendia in his team). But it would very difficult to pick any defensive asset from Norwich against Liverpool, Man City, Leicester & Arsenal.

Pukki Cantwell were pretty strong in their last EPL season and they still look like the most valuable and nailed players from Norwich. When we have enticing fixtures, we pick them in daily contests or patches of the season-game.


Best Players to Pick:

• Krul (GK, FPL & FT: €4.5)
• Aarons (DEF, FPL & FT: €4.5)
• Cantwell (MID, FPL & FT: €5.5)
• Pukki (FWD, FPL & FT: €6.0)



Positions & Prices

Goals & Assists + Playing Time

Shots and Key Passes

Watford is a total hell for all Fantasy managers because they have more than 30 players on their roster. There’s a lot of uncertainty in every line so I don’t like their picks at all. We can’t take this risk at the beginning since we have a lot of more settled options from other teams. 

Their fixtures are decent and it looks like they are capable of keeping a clean sheet. That’s why I would add Bachmann to my watchlist, but their defenders, except Femenia who’s not ready right now, have low attacking potential. Sarr is their best attacking player and he’s a sure starter so you can consider him too. But there are more valuable picks than him out there for his price.


Best Players to Pick:

• Bachmann (GK, FPL & FT: €4.5)
• Sarr (MID, FPL & FT: €6.0)
• Sema (MID, FPL & FT: €5.5)




Matvey, also known as Montafly is a big fantasy fan, Excel master and music lover who likes making useful spreadsheets and digging up interesting statistics for fantasy games. He has been playing DFS since 2019 on FanTeam and for 10 years on FPL. FanTeam's 2019 Winter Championship of Fantasy Football finalist. FanTeam's 2021 Spring Championship of Fantasy Football finalist and prize-winner. 38th in FanTeam EURO 2020 £1M Game