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How to Play Bundesliga Fantasy Football

Bundesliga fantasy is back following the return of German football on May 16th, 2020! The world is starved for top-notch football, and we are all waiting for the action to begin with unprecedented measures taken to secure the well-being of players and staff. The official fantasy football game of the league features unique rules, detailed scoring, and a substantial amount of freedom when it comes to team management. 

In this article, we will explain how to register and play the official game, compare it with the scoring format of the FPL, highlight some of the key players to pick, and touch upon the daily fantasy side of the game. 

No fans on the stands, coaches wearing masks, goal celebrations reduced to exuberant ‘touches of elbows or feet’ (I wonder what bizarre ways to celebrate a goal the most inventive footballers will come up with)... But who cares, we can play fantasy football again! With 11 games still left to conclude the 2019\20 Bundesliga campaign, we have enough time both to enjoy the seasonal and daily formats alike. 

Let us take a look at what you must do to enjoy the game. First things first, let us begin with the basics — registration and ground rules.


Bundesliga Fantasy Football

The first thing you have to do is register on the leagues' website. All you need is your e-mail to complete registration. You may register using your account on one of the most popular social media platforms. The official game is free to play, in case you were wondering. 

How Fantasy Bundesliga works

What is more, there are prizes on the line. The overall champion receives the German Supercup 2020 complete package, including train tickets (airplane tickets for participants outside Germany), two match tickets, and a 2-night stay at a hotel. There are signed jerseys, official balls, and other memorabilia for those falling slightly short of the managerial crown. 

Prizes are given to the best managers of the week as well. A signed club jersey goes to the best game week manager, a runner-up gets a random club jersey, and a third-place finisher a signed mini-copy of the official Budnesliga ball.


How to Create a Team

You are given 150 million to pick a squad of 15 players. Your Fantasy Soccer Bundesliga team must consist of  2 Goalkeepers, 5 Defenders, 5 Midfielders, and 3 Forwards. Click My Team tab to select your initial squad. 

For each game, week you must choose 11 players for your starting lineup via the My Team tab. They will earn points for your fantasy team based on the scoring rules which we will get into later. You may use one of the following available formations each game week:

  • 3-5-2
  • 3-4-3
  • 4-4-2
  • 4-3-3
  • 4-5-1
  • 5-3-2
  • 5-4-1

The four remaining players start as substitutes but can be brought on while the game week is already in progress. That is something that will be explained in the following sections of this article. 

While Bundesliga fantasy football is quite similar to the official English Fantasy Premier League game, there are notable differences I would like to point out. These differences mostly concern scoring, captaincy, price changes, transfer, and substitution policies. 

Let us start with what makes the heart of any fantasy football competition — the scoring.


Bundesliga Fantasy League Scoring

The first most notable difference for a fantasy football manager in Bundesliga is the absence of the captain bonus. Rather than selecting a team captain, you have to select three star-players each game week that will earn you x1,5 points each. 

In fantasy soccer Bundesliga, there are more actions that the players are rewarded points with compared to the FPL. This chart will familiarize you with the scoring. Some actions are position-specific, while others are universal for all players on the pitch. We made it sortable and color-coded for your convenience.

Position Condition Points
GK Goalkeeper keeps a clean sheet 3
GK Goalkeeper's every 2 saves made 3
GK Goalkeeper saves a penalty kick 5
GK Goalkeeper scores a goal 10
GK Every goal conceded -1
DF Defender scores a goal 6
DF Defender assists 5
DF Defender creates 2 chances 3
DF Defender wins 5 duels 2
DF Defender keeps a clean sheet 3
DF Every goal conceded -1
MF Midfielder scores a goal 5
MF Midfielder assists 4
MF Midfielder creates 2 chances 2
MF Midfielder wins 5 duels 1
MF Midfielder takes 2 shots on goal  3
FW Forward scores a goal 4
FW Forward assists 2
FW Forward creates 2 chances
FW Forward wins 5 duels 1
FW Forward takes 2 shots on goal 2
ANY Scores 2 goals in a game 1
ANY Scores 3 goals in a game 3
ANY Scores the winning goal 1
ANY Converts a penalty 3
ANY Plays 1-69 minutes 1
ANY Plays 70+ minutes 2
ANY Team won (played at least 1 minute) 1
ANY Team lost (played at least 1 minute) -1
ANY Team lost with 3 or more goal difference (played at least 1 min) -2
ANY Yellow card -1
ANY Red card (2 yellows) -3
ANY Straight Red card -5
ANY Own goal -4
ANY Penalty miss -3
ANY Causes a penalty shot -2
STAR 3 Star Players  x1,5

You may feel slightly overburdened, but fear not, we will guide you along the twisty road of team selection. Let us talk in more detail about how this scoring system affects your strategies when picking players for your fantasy teams.


Fantasy Bundesliga Tips

Bundesliga Goals Per Season

To make it easier for you, I will talk about the main takeaways of scoring in each position. These fantasy Bundesliga tips will help you to get an edge over your opponents. Naturally, we begin with the goalkeepers.


The main source of points for a goalkeeper is Saves. A goaltender is only awarded points (2) for every 2 saves made. You sometimes might find yourself a bit short on points when the save number is odd. Still, Saves make up for nearly 50% of all points a goalkeeper contributes to your team's cause.  Clean sheets are also valuable, that is conceding 0 goals in a game, and should be prioritized as well when looking for a goalie. 

Goalkeepers are penalized for every goal conceded (-1 point) and are severely punished for losing a game with a 3+ goal difference (-2 points). On the bright side, you are almost guaranteed 2 points for playing a full game.  

Just like all outfield players, a goalkeeper gains or loses a point depending on the outcome of the match. 

  • Pick goalkeepers that win more games than lose.
  • The sturdier the defense, the better the clean sheet potential.
  • Avoid goalkeepers from the bottom-half which are more susceptible to losing by big margins.


Defenders are the one rewarded the most for scoring goals (6), assisting (5), and most importantly - chances created (3 points for every two chances created). That does make defenders extremely valuable for your team. In fact, 3 defenders are sitting in the top-10 fantasy points table (Hakimi, Kimmich, Gunter) after 26 games played in the 19\20 Bundesliga campaign. 

Big point returns for defenders (30-40%) also come from Duels won. The best in the business (Hakimi, Halstenberg, Kimmich) can earn you 3-6 points per game easily. Clean sheets are not that valuable and are usually negated by points from goals conceded. 

Wing-backs are usually good all-around performers who get forward often (points for chances created, shots, assists) and are comfortable putting in a tackle against opponents’ wingers (points for duels won). You should definitely have a couple on your team.

In the chart below you will find a comparison of two Bundesliga top fantasy-points earners (Hakimi from Borussia Dortmund and Kimmich from Bayern Munchen) and a rather low-priced defender (Koch from Freiburg) from an average team. 

  Hakimi Kimmich Koch
Price 15,5 19,7 6,2
Goals scored 18 12 6
Goal attempts 28 16 32
Assists 50 20 0
Chances created 39 90 18
Duels won 86 80 68
Clean sheet 30 27 12
Winning goal 2 1 0
Winning team 15 16 10
Losing team -5 -5 -9
Goals conceded -28 -25 -34
Yellow\red cards -3 -6 -2
Minutes played 46 47 47
Points total 278 308 148
  • Duels won is one of the most important metrics to consider.
  • Pick attacking-minded defenders looking to cross the ball often.
  • Pick defenders from teams that win often and have a good clean-sheet record.


These players are the most versatile, with points coming from five major sources:

  • goals scored,
  • goal attempts,
  • chances created,
  • assists,
  • duels won.

Here are the best players of the large chunk of the 2019/20 season (after 25 games).

Actions Gnabry Sancho Sabitzer Kostic
Goals scored 55 70 40 20
Goal attempts 108 48 78 84
Assists 36 60 20 32
Chances created 34 50 40 74
Duels won 27 25 32 45
Scored 2 goals in a match 1 1 0 1
Winning goal 2 4 0 1
Winning team 16 13 14 8
Losing team -4 -5 -3 -13
Yellow\red cards 0 -1 -3 -2
Minutes played 37 43 45 46
Points total 312 308 267 301

*Kostic has additional 5 points for a postponed match

As you can see, some players rely more heavily on shooting on goal (Gnabry with 108 points from shot attempts), some create many chances for their teammates (Kostic with 74 points), and some are jacks-of-all-trades (Sancho).

The midfielder position allows you to really diversify the source of incoming points and get creative. Do not ignore the best midfielders from the bottom-half teams if the price is right. They may allow you to save some funds for star strikers and midfielders from the best teams while still earning points via duels won and chances created. The penalty for losing games is not significant for midfielders. 

  • Chances created and goal attempts yield more points than goals and assists.
  • Midfield leaders from bottom teams are worth considering.
  • Battling defensive midfielders might save you some coin and provide a decent point return.


Goals and shots are the bread and butter of this position and the fantasy football manager’s dream. Typically, more than 50% of top forwards' points come from these two actions alone. 

Although, there are certain budget forwards who earn points via duels won and chances created, keep an eye out for those if need to save some money. These so-called ‘target men’ will not deliver monster hauls, but provide you with a trickle of points even if their team doesn’t score at all.

To illustrate my point, here is a comparison (after 25 game weeks of the 2019/20 capmaign) of a renowned goalscorer — Lewandowski (priced at 25 million) from Bayern Munchen, and a cheap 'target-man' from Freiburg  — Holer (8 million). 

Actions Lewandowski Holer
Price (million) 25 8
Goals scored 88 16
Goal attempts 96 30
Assists 9 6
Chances created 22 30
Duels won 45 41
Scored 2 goals in a match 5 0
Scored 3 goals in a match 3 0
Converted penalties 9 -3
Winning goal 8 1
Winning team 15 10
Losing team -5 -10
Yellow\red cards -4 -4
Minutes played 46 43
Points total 337 158

Interestingly, a converted penalty for a player of any position is only 3 points worth. A missed penalty shot results in a -3 point penalty.

  • Goals and shots on goal are the main sources of points.
  • Target-men may be used as cheap 3rd forwards.
  • Best forwards are your primary Star Player targets.


Team Management Screen

Bundesliga Fantasy team management page

My Team screen allows you to select a formation for the given game week, swap between your starting XI and substitutes, and select Star Players.

A big green + symbol next to the player’s name will move him to the starting XI. Once there, you may move him to the bench by clicking a red X next to his name. 

Clicking a player name will take you to a stats page. Fantasy points breakdown for each game week and that player’s total can be seen there. Checking these stats regularly allows you to make decisions on future transfers. 

The Star Player menu is located in the top-left corner. You may assign one defender, one midfielder, and one forward from your starting XI as your Star Player by clicking the + button next to the corresponding position.

Star Players will earn you 1,5X fantasy points on the given week. 

Your team and any changes you make will be saved automatically. There is no save button.

Your team points, overall and league rank are displayed at the top of the My Team tab. You may minimize it by clicking it to solely focus on squad tinkering.


Matchday Action

To those of you familiar with the strict deadlines of the FPL, this might seem like a breath of fresh air and an endless tinkering opportunity. In fantasy football Bundesliga, you are allowed to swap players in during matchday until their respective matches begin! Say you have some players yet to play on the bench. Well, they are not dead weight any longer, they can enter the fray if you so desire. How is it possible?

Well, you may remove players from the field at any time. Beware, though, if you remove a player that has already played during a matchday, you will lose his points. You may not substitute him back in during that particular matchday. The same applies to Star players. You may change them about as long as their clubs are yet to play.

As you can see, this opens up a lot of opportunities to improve your team’s fortune on the fly. When one of your starters is having a bad game, and there are players on your bench yet to start a game - time to go for that game-changing sub. This feature really makes you feel like a Bundesliga team manager affecting your fantasy team’s performance. 

Your team, and any changes you make, will be saved automatically. There is no save button.



When you enter the game (you may enter any time, even after the season has started), you are allowed unlimited transfers until the first match of the game week starts.

The game is focused around player performance and team management during match days. As a result, the transfer policy is rather lenient, allowing for 3 free transfers between game week.

The transfer policy is rather lenient, allowing for 3 free transfers between game week.

It allows you to build lineups suited best practically for every match day and see your best picks in action. Transfers, while the games are running, are not allowed

There are special wildcard weeks during the season as well when you may transfer more than 3 players in and out of your squad.


Price Changes 

Unlike the FPL, player ownership does not affect player prices at all. All you need to care about is player performance compared to other players of the same position.

From week 1 on, an average score for each position will be determined for all players at the end of each game week. An individual player’s points above or below the position average will determine the player’s price change for the week. A player must play at least 70 minutes to be affected by these changes.

Bundesliga Fantasy Price Changes Model

Other price-related notices

  • –100,000 for any player not playing during the matchday
  • –100,000 for any player receiving a red card independent of minutes played
  • Player value cannot drop below 1,000,000
  • Player value is determined after all the matches of the week have been played


Joining Fantasy Leagues in Bundesliga

Remember to specify your favorite football club when completing registration, you will be automatically entered into that club’s fan league fantasy competition. 

There is one more interesting twist to the mini-league concept in the competition. There are prizes for the best fantasy league at the end of the season. The League’s result is a sum of all team members' points at the end of the season.

At least five members are needed to form a league so that the league appears in the rankings. Typically, there are 5-6 prizes per team for the Bundesliga fantasy league’s best. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the best leagues fighting for the crown consist of exactly 5 or 6 participants.

Another important detail is that for every fifth group member, the worst result of every game week will not be counted. Then, an average is calculated, and the game week score is added to the league’s total points.

Do not get fixated on that number, though, there is no limit to a custom friendly league. Feel free to create a league with any number of your friends. All you need to do is go to the My Leagues tab and click the Create League button. You may make it either public — with anyone free to join the league any time, or private — allowing only players with the password you set to join it. 


Bundesliga Daily Fantasy

Bundesliga best player statistics

One of the largest and most accessible European daily fantasy sports websites —FanTeam — have Bundesliga games on offer. With prize pools as big as 50K, modest 0,5 euro games well-suited for beginners, and occasional freerolls, it is a perfect place to compete against other football enthusiasts and win some cash. 

Fanteam’s Bundesliga daily fantasy competitions use a slightly different scoring system. You can find the breakdown of scoring below.

Position Condition Points
GK Goalkeeper keeps a clean sheet 4
GK Goalkeeper makes a save 0,5
GK Goalkeeper saves a penalty kick 5
GK Goalkeeper scores a goal 8
GK Every 2 goals conceded -1
DF Defender scores a goal 6
DF Defender keeps a clean sheet 4
DF Every 2 goals conceded -1
MF Midfielder scores a goal 5
MF Midfielder keeps a clean sheet 1
MF Midfielder plays a full match 1
FW Forward scores a goal 4
FW Forward plays a full match 1
ANY Assist 3
ANY Fantasy Assist 3
ANY Plays at least 1 second 1
ANY Plays at least 60 minutes 1
ANY Player's team wins the period he is on the pitch  1
ANY Player's team loses the period he is on the pitch -1
ANY Yellow card -1
ANY Red card -3
ANY Own goal -2
ANY Penalty miss -2
ANY Causes a free-kick that leads to a direct freekick goal -2
ANY Causes a penalty shot -2
CPT Captain's points are doubled x2

You may find an in-depth analysis of scoring and tips on how to start winning on Fanteam here.



Now you have a better understanding of how the game functions, how to set up and tinker with your team, transfer players in and out. We hope our breakdown of Bundesliga’s official soccer manager game’s scoring helps you understand what type of players to target when drafting your team or making transfers. Feel free to create and join leagues, as we have described above, to compete against your friends and colleagues. Should you decide to play some daily fantasy, make sure you visit our forums and website. We will be covering Bundesliga extensively with our weekly previews, charts, and stat analytics. Viel Gluck, as the Germans would say!

Alexey Bobrov

Alexey Bobrov

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