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Bundesliga Fantasy Tips: FanTeam Monster, June 26

To say it with The Doors: „This is the end...”. The Bundesliga will finish its crazy Corona-Season with a nine-game-frenzy on FanTeam.  €50,000 is up for grabs in the season finale. Be prepared for wild games, surprising lineups and a lot of goals since many teams do not have anything to play for anymore.

To honor the German top-tier, which has given us a lot of DFS fun over the last weeks, movie endings shall guide you through the last gameweek of the season. If you have not seen these movies, spoiler alert!


Shawshank Redemption (Captain Picks of the Week)

At the end of the Shawshank Redemption, two main protagonists are sitting at a deserted beach, free at last. Picture yourself Lewandowski (Bayern, 15.0m) & Müller (Bayern, 13.7m) in this scene.

Usually, I try to circumvent the most obvious candidates, but this time it is a little different. The ownership of the Bayern stars might be subdued. First, they are very obvious. Second, they are very expensive. And third, on paper, they do not play for anything anymore. But when you are aware of the ambitious characters of those two, the picture changes slightly.

If Lewandowski scores one goal, it's only the infamous Gerd Müller who had scored more in one season (#1, #2 and #3 for most goals in a season in Bundesliga). If he scores three, it would be a top 3 season. And Gerd’s namesake Thomas surely wants to add to his already record-breaking assist season, in order to be in the record books for a long time. While many expect Bayern to take the foot from the pedal, don’t be surprised if they redeem themselves – in order to sit on a beach ten years down the road and discuss their insane record season. Oh, and by the way: 5 goals to go for Bayern to reach the “most goals ever in a season” record.  


The Usual Suspects (Value Picks of the Week)

In the Usual Suspects, big stories are told about the stars of the dark world, predominantly Keyser Söze. Turns out, it has been the small, mischievous guy all along.

While Gladbach’s offense was based on Plea and Thuram for large parts of the season, Stindl (Gladbach 14.1m) has again become a great source of danger. His xG/90 of 0.46 fits right in with the more visible Pleas (0.53xG/90) and Thurams (0.45xG/90), complemented by his 0.26xA / 90. With Gladbach to play for a Champions League slot, Thuram out, and Plea possibly out, he could win the slate for you.

Düsseldorf’s inconspicuous Kayser Söze is Kenan Karaman (Düsseldorf, 10.3m). Whilst Hennings scored 4 goals post-Corona and will draw the most attention from Düsseldorf’s side, it could be Karaman to deliver the plot twist. Over the season, he has achieved similar underlying stats (0.4xGI vs. 0.45xGI for Hennings) and could surprise against the Union team, which probably is still drunk from their unlikely and unexpected early class preservation. Düsseldorf in opposite has to play for their lives, as an “L” against Union Berlin could mean second-tier football next season.


The franchise ending: Pick your Marvel movie (Stack of the Week)

With franchises like Marvel, you basically know they will stack one movie with another. Freiburg’s defense might be the Marvel heroes of this week’s slate. In the last column, Schalke’s burning dumpster-fire offense has been depicted with some stats. Last week against Frankfurt, they managed a mere seven shots, only three of which were breaking the barrier of 0.1xG. So, Freiburg seems an interesting pick this week. And similar to the Marvel Universe, there are a lot of choices between which hero to pick.

Do you want Ace Assister Günter (Freiburg, 9.2m) with 8.03 xA this season, Cookin’ Koch (Freiburg, 8.2m) playing OOP as a midfielder with >4xG for the season or Smokin’ Schmid (Freiburg, 9.3m) with 0.18xGI/90. Everyone is viable in his own way. Don’t forget to include Grifo (Freiburg, 10.8m) here and there, as he is on set-pieces and Freiburg’s best creator.


The “Titanic” ending which could basically drown you (Fade of the Week)

Frankfurt’s defense might look tempting against Paderborn, but in fact, they might sink you. Since the Corona break, only one team (their opponent Paderborn) conceded more xG than Frankfurt. For Paderborn, it will be the last game of their Bundesliga adventure – and possibly for a very long time. I expect a wild game with nothing to play for on either side. If it ends 5-3, you heard it here first.

Let’s hope Hinteregger does not leave me shouting his name in desperation.

Enjoy the last – and often the craziest – gameweek of the season. And I surely hope to again see you around for next year’s sequel!



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