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1 year ago

Bundesliga Fantasy Tips: FanTeam Monster, June 6

Last weekend of Bundesliga daily fantasy was played in the Pursuit format on FanTeam. You may look at what the predominant strategies were and who came out as big winners in our article. Research becomes even more important in this format and we hope the following picks and statistics will help you in building your lineups.


Captain Picks

  • Leipzig’s offense came out of the «Corona Gates» scorching. In the 4 games so far, they lead the league in xG (11.01), with Bayern a distant second (8.78). Fanteam adjusted their pricing accordingly and Leipzig’s players are bloody expensive this week. But with the highest odds for 2.5+ goals, there is significant potential for an explosion against Paderborn side having to digest a 1-6 trashing against Dortmund. Whilst many will flock to Werner, Sabitzer, and Nkunku (and there is nothing wrong with that), Schick (Leipzig, 15.2m) might be a rather overlooked alternative. He is basically sharing the spot next to Werner. Combined with the now-injured Poulsen, they offer more xG since the return (3.08) than Werner (2.80) in about the same amount of minutes, while drawing lower prices and ownership. There is less risk of substitution now with Poulsen injured, and with 2000+ participants, you have to take a certain risk.
  • Current news indicate that the machine is truly broken (aka, Haland might be out again against Berlin). If this is the case, there is a high chance of Hazard (Dortmund, 15.0m) returning as an OOP-striker. First of all, Dortmund does not have a real striker on the bench and secondly, he made great use out of his opportunity against Paderborn, converting one of his three shots and also assisting once. Within Dortmund’s dynamic offense, you have to love his ceiling, especially since you get «Midfielder» rewards.


Value Picks

  • Schalke’s offense has been horrendous this spring. Post-Corona, they stand at one (!) goal in four matches and the xG (2.54) are not telling a much better story either. Thus, the clean sheet potential for Union Berlin looks solid (odds ~3.0). When picking Union defenders, you have to love Trimmel (Union, 8.5m). Being one of the designated set-piece guys, he is currently sitting on seven assists this season. Thus, his upside is enormous (possible CS + Assist + Bonus Points).
  • Niederlechner (Augsburg, 9.4m) re-started slowly and this is more of a «gut pick». But against a defensively vulnerable Cologne side (fifth-most xG against, second-most goals against since restart) he could well recover his stride. This season, he leads Augsburg in goals (11) and assists (6), placing him among the league’s top 15 for both categories. This is a risky pick, but being ahead of the curve could pay off beautifully.



  • Mainz has looked bad all-over in their last games. Nobody has more xG against since the restart (10.51) – so in terms of scoring and allowing goals, they are basically the defense-Yin to Leipzig’s offense-Yang. They are particularly bad in defending set-pieces with already 16 goals conceded over the season. Hence, you have to love the Hinteregger (10.1m, Frankfurt) + Kostic (11.4m, Frankfurt) stack. Hinteregger belongs to the league’s most dangerous defenders as evidenced by his brace against Bayern, whilst Kostic is on most corners and free kicks. With solid CS potential and scoring upside, they might well end up in the winning lineup.  



  • As a Bayern fan, this is hard to write, but I think Bayern’s defense could be a sensible fade this week. Whilst Pavard and Davies have delivered like hell recently, the relatively high CS odds (>3), Havertz’ recent form as an OOP striker, and especially the (adjusted) sky-high prices make me think there are better options this week.

We hope this preview helps you to get ready for the upcoming slate! There are more previews from our experts on the way, so keep your eyes open and feel free to browse our forums and check out the Blogs section. 



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