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CS:GO Daily FanTeam Monster Preview: May 2

We are poised for some big-money Counter-Strike: Global Offensive daily fantasy once again. The Daily Monster with a €50000 guarantee on FanTeam can not be ignored. This time it is khan, our DFS guru, to provide you with the slate preview. He took down the first-ever CS:GO Monster on FanTeam a week ago pocketing almost €10000, so listen up folks, some good advice heading your way!


Match Odds

Team A Team B Win A (%) Win B (%)

O/U 2.5 (%)

Nemiga Winstrike 44 62 52
Spirit Forze 60 42 52
Gambit Youngsters Unique 86 20 38
100 Thieves Cloud9 64 41 52
Evil Geniuses Gen G 65 40 52
Heretics Astralis 21 85 39
CompLexity Ninjas in Pyjamas 42 63 52
Team Vitality Fnatic 37 68 50


Match Previews

Nemiga Gaming – Winstrike

Top players: lolipop21k (10.7), El1an (11.0)

Differential: Hobbit (10.7)

Hobbit started the tournament well, being the leading player of Winstrike in regards to kills in a game against Unique. However, he ended up only with the third result on his team as far as fantasy points are concerned. The reason for that being 28 of his 38 kills occurring in the first map. Hobbit also leads his team in average damage per round (80.8) over the last three months.


Spirit – forZe

Top players: mir (11.1), chopper (9.4), FL1T (11.0)

Differential: xsepower (10.5)

The AWPer of forZe was by far their best player in a loss against Nemiga, where he had a +13 kills/deaths performance. Xsepower also possesses the second-highest rating 2.0 (1.12) and the lowest deaths per round (0.58) on his team over the last three months.


Gambit Youngsters – Unique

Top players: sh1ro (11.4), Ax1Le (10.9), zorte (9.1)

Differential: fenvicious (8.5)

The Youngsters are a huge favorite here, but the Unique side is more attractive for me as far as fantasy picks are concerned. This is because the CS:GO tournaments on Fanteam are played in the Pursuit format when you get point bonuses for picking cheaper players. Fenvicious is the second best on his team in kills per round (0.71), deaths per round (0.67), and average damage per round (75.5) over the last three months. He is definitely better than his teammate R0b3n, who has exactly the same price tag.


Heretics – Astralis

Top players: Maka (9.4), device (11.3)

Differential: Magisk (10.9)

Magisk has been relatively cold in the Road to Rio but finally put up a decent performance in the last game against NiP (65 kills, +18 KD). Magisk’s rating 2.0 (1.13) is the second-highest on his team, and he is certainly a strong captain option on Fanteam as well. The game against in-form Heretics might be tight, which is good news for players from both teams, and Magisk in particular.


Ninjas in Pyjamas – compLexity Gaming

Top players: Plopski (10.7), nawwk (10.3), k0nfig (10.2)

Differential: poizon (9.9)

Poizon has 133 kills in the last 2 games, which is the best result of his team. While the main star of compLexity - blameF - is struggling, it’s poizon and k0nfig who are putting the numbers on the scoresheet. Poizon is the leading sniper of his team, and you certainly can expect a monster performance from him.


Team Vitality – Fnatic

Top players: ZywOo (10.2), Brollan (11.2), flusha (10.5)

Differential: KRIMZ (10.8)

2x Major winner KRIMZ currently is only fourth on his team in terms of fantasy points, and that’s why his ownership could be lower in comparison to his teammates. However, KRIMZ has the second-highest 2.0 rating (1.11) and is team's 2nd in kills per round over the last three months.


100 Thieves – Cloud9

Top players: jks (10.7), Gratisfaction (10.3), floppy (10.3)

Differential: oSee (10.3)

oSee possesses the best kills/deaths ratio in Cloud9 over the last three months and he trails only floppy in kills per round in that period (0.72 to 0.73). oSee’s numbers in the Road to Rio are solid as well. His favorite device is AWP, by the way, which means plenty of kills.


Evil Geniuses – Gen.G

Top players: Brehze (11.2), Ethan (10.4), BnTeT (10.3)

Differential: koosta (10.1)

Koosta has had a tough start in the qualifications, and now he is not even the most expensive player of Gen.G. However, koosta still leads his team in rating 2.0 (1.13), kills per round (0.71), and average damage per round (80.9) over the last three months.

We hope this preview helps you to prepare for the tournament! Let us remind you, that you have a great opportunity to increase your bankroll taking part in the Battle of Blogs. Join our forum, create your own blog, and win prizes! 



Khan, a Ph.D. student in Economics, loves studying advanced sports analytics and using it to his advantage in DFS. Having started to play daily fantasy sports in 2017, he currently has a net profit of over 70000 euros. Sits in the top-5 of DFS players in Europe, finished 3rd in FanTeam's WCOFF 2018 and WCOFF 2020.