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Daily Fantasy Hockey Tips and Guides for FanTeam

The hockey world is waiting with bated breath for the puck to drop tonight, marking the start of a shortened NHL season with 56 matches to be played by every team. This COVID-affected season will see, for the first time in history, all Canadian teams playing it out in the same division. FanTeam have rolled out a  €10,000 guaranteed tournament to mark the occasion, and we think the time is right to remind you how to be successful playing this wonderful discipline of fantasy sports. Below you will find links and short descriptions of articles explaining different strategies to being successful playing fantasy hockey on FanTeam and other DFS platforms. 


Rules and Scoring

First things first — you have to understand the rules of the game to have any shot at winning. You will find a detailed description of every parameter scored in FanTeam daily tournaments. The guide has been updated to include the recent changes in scoring for the 2021/22 season. Read it to understand what goalies and skaters get points for.

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Basic Strategy

Once you've learned the rules, it is logical to familiarize yourself with some basic strategic principles that are used to draft solid, money-winning teams. You will find 5 easy principles of building a competitive lineup in the article below. Use it as a reference point when building your teams.

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Stacking is one of the fundamental principles of any daily fantasy game. Picking players from the same team, or a line, if we talk about hockey, to maximize your point score is at the core of team creation. You will learn why it is so important upon reading this article, as well as finding out what types of stack are the best ones to use when playing on FanTeam

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Advanced Strategy

With basics understood and looking to enter more teams, you will undoubtedly be looking for moves to further improve your teams to beat the competition. These articles from one of the best DFS players on Fanteam - khan - will help you stay ahead of the competition utilizing more advanced strategies when picking which teams to target and what players to pick. 

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Using Data and Advanced Metrics

Analyzing advanced metrics and underlying data and using this information to gain an advantage over the field is what makes a good DFS player great. In the last article of our list, khan looks at how to makes numbers your ally on your quest to daily fantasy glory while playing hockey on Fanteam. 

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Alexey Bobrov

Alexey Bobrov

Alexey, also known as KJIIOIIIKA, has been playing daily fantasy football since 2015 on various European sites. Scratches his fantasy itch on FanTeam, where he has a net profit of €6000+ with more than 2500 tournaments played and a 30%+ ROI. FanTeam's 2018 World Championship of Fantasy Football finalist. As Head of Content at DraftGym, his mission is to help our young European fantasy community grow. A proud father of two, plays ice-hockey at the regional level, loves board games.