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Draftgym 2.0: New Platform, Upcoming Features, and Promos

Tonight is the night we finally rolled-out a new Draftgym platform. With an improved design and features, we have made an important step on our journey to become the number one community for DFS players in Europe. 

The new platform allows us to release additional features rather quickly, so you can expect a lot more updates on the website before the end of the year. Keep reading to know more about what we have prepared. 


We have a full pipeline of new features that are going to be added to Draftgym. We’ll start by introducing sign-up and forums in November. Forums are going to be a big part of our quest to unite the community of European daily fantasy sports players. 

We are now able to release new features much faster with the implementation of the new platform. Here’s just a sneak peek of what you can expect to be added in the next couple of months:

  • Improved website preview pages
  • Advanced user profiles
  • An upgrade to our fantasy news
  • Fantasy points and player ownership projections
  • Premium fantasy stats

We have our new product release plan up to the end of 2020 ready, so there are many more improvements and features to come in the future. Subscribe to our updates to unlock early access to the forums, as well as get a bonus offer before its release.


Quality content from the top daily fantasy sports players is a large part of what we do. We believe that providing new players with a high level of educational content will help them get a good grasp of the game and stick to it longer. However, we definitely have something to offer to seasoned players as well.

Firstly, our strategy articles and analysis that we are going to publish more regularly from now on. Secondly, but not limited to the fantasy news that we see a lot of potential in. Fantasy news was first introduced back in 1997 by RotoNews (now known as Rotowire). According to ESPN, that changed everything

The general idea is that you get access to the most important updates about the players, injuries, starting line-ups and last-minute roster changes, as well as a brief analysis of what that means fantasy-wise. Our main focus for the next few months will be the Premier League and NHL coverage, but we will work on improving the fantasy news quite a lot in the future. Player news will be improved as a product, but we will also try to expand leagues coverage and deepen the analysis.

We will have ice-hockey content return in early November with the long-awaited previews of the largest tournaments of the week. Aside from the well-known and highly esteemed ice-hockey writers of Draftgym we hope to add some new faces as well. The timing to dive into the game is as good as ever. 

Aside from strategy articles and previews that we’re going to release regularly, we’re adding another section to our website called Entertainment. Read our first article '6 Fantasy Leagues That You Have Never Played' to get a feeling of what we are planning to publish there in the future.


Last but not least. We believe in exciting promotions and we think that this is something very crucial for both new and existing players. We have a full bag of surprises and promos lined up for December that we’re going to announce with the launch of our forums.

Please subscribe to the Early Access to the forums here. In return, you will not only be able to become one of the first members of our community but will also qualify for an exclusive subscriber bonus.

Mike Show

Mike Show