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1 year ago

Draftgym Debate - The Premier League Awards

Feeling a little drained by all the Euro 2020 talk? Let's take a breather and look back at a story that has gone somewhat under the radar during the build-up to the delayed European Championships, and that was the moment where Kevin De Bruyne was announced as the PFA Premier League Player of the Year. It stoked up some discussion around whether he was worthy, with the majority of the twitter community and the footballing community expecting the award to go to either his teammate Ruben Dias or to Tottenham and England striker Harry Kane. Well, it was convenient timing for us here at DraftGym!

We had already asked our team of writers to choose their player of the season along with selecting their team of the year and a selection of other awards. Did they agree with the PFA awards being given to De Bruyne and Foden or did they have different views? Let's find out – let us know who you agree with and who you think might have lost their marbles! 


FPL Teach Mode

Player of the Year - Harry Kane

Young Player of the Year - Mason Mount

Manager of the Year - David Moyes

Goal Of The Season - Phil Foden (vs Liverpool)

@rpick86 commentary: "I have no issue with the decisions on the awards. Pretty sensible picks. But then we come to the team...can you get away with playing Raphinha in central midfield when he didn't play there all season? Stuart Dallas appearing at right-back despite playing at left-back and central midfield all season? Hmmm. I can also smell the Man Utd bias going with Maguire and Shaw considering Man Utd's defensive vulnerability, particularly at Old Trafford. I'm going to rate this 6.5 out of 10....must do better. But make sure you check out @FPLMode over on DraftGym TV. His coverage of the Euros is second to none."

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Player of the Year  - Harry Kane

Young Player of the Year - Mason Mount

Manager of the Year - David Moyes

Goal Of The Season  - Manuel Lanzini (vs Spurs)

@rpick86 commentary: "Only three changes from FPL Mode's team with Stones, Coufal and Rice replacing Maguire, Dallas and Raphinha. I can't argue with any of those. This feels like it has a much better balance. I just never knew Corf was so in love with West Ham who have taken 2 spots in his XI and 3 of the awards, though that Lanzini goal was an absolute cracker. 9 out of 10 – just a little too much West Ham for my liking." 



Player of the Year - Bruno Fernandes

Young Player of the Year - Phil Foden

Manager of the Year - David Moyes

Goal Of The Season - Erik Lamela (vs Arsenal)

@rpick86 commentary: "Can we really make a glorified penalty taker our player of the year? I'm not having it for Bruno to be ahead of Dias or Kane in that conversation. I can't have any complaints about the other awards. I like the fact that the team features more of the Champions, Manchester City and think you can make an argument for Ederson, Cancelo and Gundogan. But I think some recency bias has swung in here with Evans who was made to look excellent by how bad Leicester looked without him, and by Pereira who finished the season superbly, but I'm not sure should be in a team of the season. At least your players are in the right positions though....7 out of 10." 


Alexey Bobrov aka "KJIIOIIIKA"