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DraftGym Invitational FanTeam Mini-Legue Review GW3

DraftGym Invitational is a league comprised of 45 managers from different daily fantasy and FPL communities around the globe, who are fighting for glory in season-long single-entry contest on Fanteam.


The lineup can’t be more impressive: CheckJosh - the winner of last year’s season-long Fanteam game from UK with €200,000 for first; michailovic - 2018/19 Fanteam season-long champion and 2nd place finisher in 19/20, daaceofdiamonds - Fanteam’s top-4 earner with €160,000 in profit; TeLLeR - one of the best daily fantasy players with 20,000 tournaments entered and nearly €100,000 in profit, JeanPaul - 3rd place finisher in Fanteam’s season game 20/21. We have to thank ivan4eg – a regular and skillful FanTeam and FPL player – for his huge part in the recruitment. 

Other contestants are not to be scoffed at either with loads of DFS experience, tens of thousands Euros won on Fanteam and years of FPL experience. Representing DraftGym in this extremely skillful lineup of managers are Montafly, FPL_Corf, FPLTeachMode, Alexey (KJIIOIIIKA), Rob Pick, Mashulkin and Cryl


DraftGym League Week 3

Corf's Great Start

One of our own, Ross that goes by the name FPL_Corf, is making us at DraftGym proud. He is currently ranked 4th with 242 points, just 20 points behind the leader. The manager has a lot of his hands now getting a law degree to go with his fantasy football license but managed to give his express view on things:

"Feeling fairly happy with the opening three gameweeks of the season but I have some serious thinking to do over the international break. Right now my most likely move is to see Bruno and Ings make way for Ronaldo and Mount, ironically the same move I'm making in FPL."

The Leader

HeReTiKS – FanTeam community manager – has taken the lead, being the only one out of 45 managers to own Torres. Basketball being his favorite fantasy discipline, he is no stranger to football with nearly 10K entries on FanTeam.

Well-known in the community for his signature beard and a great sense of humor, the manager has his reputation on the line with his recent football fantasy results not up to par. Enjoying the limelight, the manager held a long-press conference with detailed answers to every single question we asked him.

You are the only player with Torres in your squad. Thanks to his 17-pointer you are the leader of our mini-league, sitting in 21st in FanTeam's £1,000,000 game. When did he get on your radar and do you plan on extending his contract?

I’ve had Torres since the tournament start. There are a few reasons I opted for him. 

  • OOP. Torres played as a forward in the Community Shield and was projected to start GW1 in that role. He is classified as a midfielder on Fanteam and an OOP player is almost good value, especially if he plays for a top club. 

  • Rotation. Pep is notorious for his roulette and there is always a chance your City player fails to make the starting XI. That is why I went for premium picks from other teams and tried to find some value in the City squad. 

  • Torres was priced at 7 mln., only Rodrigo was cheaper, whose attacking potential is a lot lower. 

These were the reasons I decided to pick him. I am not planning on selling him, his contract is extended, hoping he gets another haul that could further shoot me up the ranks due to his low ownership. 

I will have to reassess once KdB and Foden are back as there are no guarantees he will be starting matches. We don’t know what formation Pep settles on so I will have to make a decision once we have more information.

HeReTiKS's GW3 team

Which positions need strengthening? Who are your scouts considering bringing in? 

I like my current squad and there are no weak links in it. My attacking players are getting on the score sheet and contributing with assists, the backline looks solid. I have 1 million in the bank and 2 free transfers. Most likely we will part ways with Tsimikas like many other managers to bring in a 90-minute defender with good fixtures.

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Will Vardy continue to spearhead the attack? Surely you must be considering Lukaku and Ronaldo.

Vardy is a player capable of scoring against anybody. He’s been rather consistent the past couple of years as well. That’s why I am not worried even about that upcoming game against Manchester City. He is up against Brighton next, and that is what worries me more as I have Sanchez in goal. It’s better not to have players playing against each other. I might bench one of two in that fixture or make a transfer. 

Lukaku is one of the best forwards in this league. I plan to integrate him into my team after GW6 once City and Tottenham games are done and dusted. 

Ronaldo is not in my thoughts for now. He has to start a game and show us what he’s got first. It’s a risky acquisition at the moment given his price. 


Best Gameweek Score

Stishenok – a manager with many years of FPL experience and the highest OR of 190 – had the highest point tally this week with 86.2. This result see him move to 8th, certainly within the reach of that top-3 spot. 

You are the highest-scoring manager of our league. You transferred Mane out, brought Son in and captained him. Was it a one-week move or you plan to extend Son's contract? 

I liked my team before this gameweek, but I had two free transfers so I had to make a move. I was considering either a Mane to Son move or Buendia to Benrahma. I went for the former as it gave me a better captaincy option for this week. 

I am not sure we are going to extend Sonny’s contract, we might get Mane back. Will think about it closer to GW4 kick-off. Everything might change after the International break, so I am keeping my options open for now. 

I don’t think it was captaincy that prompted my successful week. Vardy, who had a good game, would have been my captain if I hadn’t brought Son in. My managerial experience allowed me to stay calm, I wasn’t chasing Bruno at all costs after GW1 and stuck to my initial plan. Vardy, Buendia, Toney and Shaw repaid me for sticking with them.


Speaking of Buendia, surely he is the man to boot with tough fixtures on the horizon. Will Greenwood be leaving as well?

Buendia is probably on top of our to-sell list, I will make my decision in a week’s time. Greenwood is staying for now, we will see if his role in the team changes after the international break.

stishenok's GW3 team

Lukaku and Ronaldo in? 

Ronaldo is in my thoughts, definitely. Lukaku is more of a no than a yes for now. I don’t like his fixtures and not sure what to expect from him yet, although his price is enticing.  On the contrary, I know exactly what to expect from Ronaldo like everyone else.

Keeping an eye on your mini-league rivals?

No, I prefer to concentrate on my team and make my own decisions. 


Top-10 after GW3

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That would be all for this week's analysis, let us know how your season-long games are doing in  DraftGym Discord and see you after the international break!

Alexey Bobrov

Alexey Bobrov

Alexey, also known as KJIIOIIIKA, has been playing daily fantasy football since 2015 on various European sites. Scratches his fantasy itch on FanTeam, where he has a net profit of €6000+ with more than 2500 tournaments played and a 30%+ ROI. FanTeam's 2018 World Championship of Fantasy Football finalist. As Head of Content at DraftGym, his mission is to help our young European fantasy community grow. A proud father of two, plays ice-hockey at the regional level, loves board games.