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EURO 2020 FanTeam Cheat Sheet - Premium and Differential Picks

Short on time before EURO 2020 and didn't have time to read or watch a gazillion of previews out there?  Here is one of our handy sortable charts you can use to quickly throw a team together. Premium picks and differentials go hand in hand so you can have a little bit of both in your team. To make planning long-term easier, we have added fixture ticker for each player and their price in FanTeam's EURO 2020 £1,000,000 GTD game. You can sort all of them by price, position and group as well, good luck with last-minute tinkering!


FanTeam EURO 2020 Quick Team Assembly Chart

Team Name Position Type Opponents Price
A. Italy Donnarumma GK Premium TUR-SWI-WAL 6.0
A. Italy Insigne MF Premium TUR-SWI-WAL 8.0
A. Italy Bonucci DF Premium TUR-SWI-WAL 5.5
A. Italy Berardi MF Differential TUR-SWI-WAL 7.5
A. Switzerland Rodriguez DF Premium WAL-ITA-TUR 5.0
A. Switzerland Shaqiri MF Differential WAL-ITA-TUR 7.0
A. Turkey Calhanoglu MF Premium ITA-WAL-SWI 5.5
A. Turkey Yilmaz FW Differential ITA-WAL-SWI 4.5
A. Turkey Celik DF Differential ITA-WAL-SWI 4.0
A. Wales Bale MF Premium SWI-TUR-ITA 6.0
A. Wales Wilson MF Differential SWI-TUR-ITA 5.5
B. Belgium Lukaku FW Premium RUS-DEN-FIN 11.5
B. Belgium Courtois GK Premium RUS-DEN-FIN 7.0
B. Belgium Carrasco MF Differential RUS-DEN-FIN 7.5
B. Russia Dzyuba FW Differential BEL-FIN-DEN 5.5
B. Russia Fernandes DF Differential BEL-FIN-DEN 4.5
B. Denmark Eriksen MF Premium FIN-BEL-RUS 7.0
B. Denmark Braithwaite FW Differential FIN-BEL-RUS 7.5
B. Finland Pukki FW Differential DEN-RUS-BEL 5.0
C. Netherlands Depay MF Premium UKR-AUS-MAC 8.5
C. Netherlands Weghorst FW Differential UKR-AUS-MAC 5.5
C. Netherlands Wijnaldum MF Differential UKR-AUS-MAC 7.0
C. Ukraine Malinovskyi MF Premium NET-MAC-AUS 5.5
C. Ukraine Yaremchuk FW Differential NET-MAC-AUS 5.5
C. Ukraine Yarmolenko MF Differential NET-MAC-AUS 6.0
C. Austria Alaba DF Premium MAC-NET-UKR 5.0
C. Austria Sabitzer MF Differential MAC-NET-UKR 5.5
C. North Macedonia Alioski DF Differential AUS-UKR-NET 4.5
D. England Kane FW Premium CRO-SCO-CZE 13.5
D. England Stones DF Premium CRO-SCO-CZE 6.0
D. England Mount MF Differential CRO-SCO-CZE 8.5
D. England Foden MF Differential CRO-SCO-CZE 9.0
D. Croatia Perisic FW Differential ENG-CZE-SCO 8.0
D. Czech Republic Coufal DF Differential SCO-CRO-ENG 5.0
D. Czech Republic Schick FW Differential SCO-CRO-ENG 5.0
D. Scotland Adams FW Differential CZE-ENG-CRO 5.0
E. Spain Morata FW Premium SWE-POL-SLO 10.0
E. Spain Pau Torres DF Differential SWE-POL-SLO 6.0
E. Sweden Isak FW Differential SPA-SLO-POL 5.5
E. Sweden Forsberg MF Differential SPA-SLO-POL 5.5
E. Poland Lewandowski FW Premium SLO-SPA-SWE 9.0
E. Poland Zielinski MF Differential SLO-SPA-SWE 5.0
E. Slovakia Dubravka GK Differential POL-SWE-SPA 4.0
F. France Mbappe FW Premium GER-HUN-POR 13.0
F. France Griezmann FW Premium GER-HUN-POR 10.5
F. France Pavard DF Premium GER-HUN-POR 6.5
F. France Pogba MF Differential GER-HUN-POR 8.5
F. Portugal Ronaldo FW Premium HUN-GER-FRA 10.0
F. Portugal B. Fernandes MF Premium HUN-GER-FRA 9.0
F. Portugal Jota FW Differential HUN-GER-FRA 8.0
F. Germany Gnabry MF Premium FRA-POR-HUN 9.0
F. Germany Gosens DF Premium FRA-POR-HUN 5.5
F. Germany Muller FW Differential FRA-POR-HUN 8.5
F. Hungary Kleinheisler MF Differential POR-FRA-GER 4.0


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