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EURO 2020 Official Fantasy Football Game: Complete Guide

Summer football comes knocking on our doors. And of course, the main summer dish is EURO 2020 with 24 teams playing in 11 cities across Europe. is holding its official fantasy tournament as well. We are here to explain the main rules and differences from other fantasy games.


Like every fantasy game, EURO 2020 Fantasy Football is a game where you have to pick players who are going to earn points according to their real-life performance within a restricted budget.

This format is very similar to the UEFA Champions League fantasy game so if you are familiar with it, it will be much easier for you to understand the main principles of the game.



The tournament consists of 7 different matchdays. This term is used instead of a more common “gameweek”. 3 rounds will be played in the group stage, Round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and final.


Picking Your Team

Squad Size

You need to choose 15 players to start the game:

  • 2 goalkeepers
  • 5 defenders
  • 5 midfielders
  • 3 forwards


All the players have their own virtual price ranging from €4m to €12m. You have a budget of €100m for the first three matchdays with an increased budget of €105m for the matchdays of Round of 16 and on.

Number of players per team

You can’t select all your players from one team as much as you probably would like to. There is a limit which varies depending on the stage of the tournament 

  • You are allowed to pick a maximum of 3 players in the Group Stage
  • You are allowed to pick a maximum of 4 players in the Round of 16
  • You are allowed to pick a maximum of 5 players in the Quarterfinals
  • You are allowed to pick a maximum of 6 players in the Semi-finals
  • You are allowed to pick a maximum of 8 players in the Final


Managing Your Team

Picking your starting XI

As always, you need to choose 11 out of your 15 players for the starting line-up before each matchday.

The deadline of each matchday is the kick-off time of the first matchday game.


3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-5-1, 4-4-2, 5-4-1, 5-3-2 and 4-3-3 are valid formations for your team.

In other words, you have to choose at least 3 defenders, 2 midfielders and 1 striker. You can fill other positions with players that fit your tactical model the most.

Selecting a captain

Before each matchday, a captain, whose points will be doubled, must be chosen. There is one key difference that makes this fantasy competition stand out from the bulk of fantasy games.

You are allowed to change captaincy from one player to another if you are not satisfied with his score 

It is made possible as a matchday consists of games which are held on different days. Here is how it works. 

On day 1 of Euro 2020 (first day of Matchday 1), Turkey will play against Italy and, for instance, you have Barella in your team. You give him the captain armband before Matchday starts, but he scores only 2 points. You are not satisfied with such a return.

On day 2 (second day of Matchday 1), Belgium are to play against Russia. De Bruyne is a part of your fantasy team and you decide to switch the captaincy for the Belgian midfielder. Once you confirm the decision, Barella loses his double points and De Bruyne becomes your Matchday captain. This action is irreversible. 

You can’t switch captaincy between the players that are playing on a same day of the Matchday! Therefore, as the first matchday lasts from June 11 to June 15, you are able to use 5 different captain options during Matchday 1.

Try to fill your team with footballers playing on different days of the Matchday 

In this case, you will have more shots at increasing your captain’s score if your initial pick fails to deliver.



There are two types of substitutions in the game: automatic and manual.

Automatic substitutions

If you don't make any substitutions or captain switches after a matchday has already started, the system will perform these substitutions automatically, just like on FPL, in these cases:

  • If your goalkeeper doesn't play in a matchday, then your sub goalkeeper will be subbed in
  • If any of your starting outfield players don't play in a Matchday, they'll be automatically subbed out. Do not forget that there are minimal requirements for each position — if you have 3 defenders in your starting line-up and only 2 of them have played, the system will automatically use a defender from the bench to keep the eligible formation intact.

Manual substitutions

This format allows you to take a more hands-on approach to team management.  manager and make substitutions during the matchday. You can make substitutions yourself when all the games on a particular day within Matchday have finished. You now have time until the kickoff of the first game on the following day to make changes to your team.

You may:

  • Change your captain (see above)
  • Sub out four of your players (unless they got a red card), and replace them with any of your players on the bench who are yet to play in the current Matchday. 

Bear in mind that:

  • All the changes can’t be reversed once done
  • You won’t be able to make any changes to your team right after the first game of the last day of the Matchday has started
  • Changing the order of your players on the bench is considered a manual substitution. No automatic substitutions will be applied to your team in that case in the given Matchday.

It is important to have 15 strong players in your team rather than 11 starting and 4 bench fodder players because you are able to substitute players during the Matchday. This will increase your chances to score more points and adds a lot of immersion of actually running your football team, making key decisions at the right time.

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Making Transfers

Rules concerning transfers are rather conventional in EURO 2020 Fantasy Football.

Before the start of the first game, you are able to do as many transfers as you like.  The same goes for the period after the group stage is done and the round of 16 is yet to begin.

There are 2 free transfers available per Matchday during the group stage. You are allowed to make 3 transfers before quarter-finals and 5 transfers before semi-finals and final.


Number of free transfers

Before tournament starts


During group stage

2 per matchday

Before round of 16


Before quarter-finals


Before semi-finals


Before final


If you need more transfers to tinker with your team, each additional transfer will cost you  -4 points, which will be deducted from your total score.

On the contrary, if you don’t use all your free transfers, you'll only be able to carry 1 transfer forward to the next Matchday. In a short tournament like this, transfers is one of the most powerful instruments at your disposal. So choose wisely who you are going to transfer in and out before each round of the tournament. 


There are two bonus chips that allow each manager to do unlimited amount of transfers.


I believe every fantasy manager knows how this chip works. When you use Wildcard, you are allowed to do unlimited changes to your team for free. All these players that you choose will remain in your squad after the matchday.

If you have made free and additional transfers and then decided to play a wildcard, all the transfers and point deductions will be cancelled.

In order to play your Wildcard, you need to click on ‘Activate wildcard' and then confirm the transfers you are planning to make.

You can use Wildcard only once. 


When using Limitless, you are allowed to change your team with unlimited transfers but for one matchday only. If you think this chip is the same as FPL’s Free Hit, you are not exactly right as there are no budget restrictions at all. After the Matchday has finished, your team will return to its original state.

Note that you still have to abide by minimum amount of players from the same team and eligible formations.

In order to play Limitless, click on 'Activate Limitless' and then confirm the transfers you are planning to make.

You can use Limitless only once.

Matchday 3 of the Group stage is the part of the tournament where many top teams may give playing time to some of their bench players because they will have clinched their spot in the Round of 16.  Consider Matchday 3 as your Limitless target.

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As it has been mentioned earlier, deadline of each matchday is the kick-off time of the first game.



Matchday 1

11 June 21:00 CET

Matchday 2

16 June 15:00 CET

Matchday 3

20 June 18:00 CET

Round of 16

26 June 18:00 CET


02 July 18:00 CET


06 July 21:00 CET


11 July 21:00 CET


Scoring Points

Like in most fantasy games, some actions are rewarded with a particular amount of points regardless of the position, and some vary depending on the position.



All players




60 mins on pitch


Goals from outside the box




Winning a penalty


Conceding a penalty


Missing a penalty


Yellow card


Red card


Own goal




Scoring a goal


Saving a penalty


Clean sheet*


Every 3 saves


Every 2 goals conceded




Scoring a goal


Clean sheet*


Every 2 goals conceded




Scoring a goal


Clean sheet*




Scoring a goal


Pay attention to some unusual scoring actions:

  • All players get an extra point if they score from outside the box
  • A player who wins a penalty doesn't get 3 points for an assist but is rewarded with 2 points instead.

Clean sheets

A player has to spend at least 60 minutes on the pitch with his team not conceding while he is on the pitch to get a cleansheet. 

The points won’t be affected if the team concedes a goal when the player has been already benched. They will be gone if the team concedes a goal after a player has been shown a red card.

Red cards

You are not allowed to sub off a player that was sent off during the matchday.

However, if your captain got a red card, you are allowed to change your captain.


Apart from usual assists, players get points for an assist if a goal is scored on the rebound after their shot hits against the post, bar, being saved by goalkeeper or deflected off a defender.

The assist is also rewarded when a pass or a shot leads to an own goal.

Extra time and penalties

Players will keep scoring points throughout extra time. However, players can't score points for penalty shoot-outs.



Overall prizes


  Free Takeaway for Year
  *Eligible for one order a week with max basket value of £40


  Free Takeaway for Year
 *Eligible for one order a week with max basket value of £40


  Xbox Console + PES Game + £50 Voucher


  Official Country Kit of choice


  Official Match Ball

Matchday prizes

£20 voucher to be won at random each matchday

Pre Matchday 1 raffles

Before the start of the tournament, all the managers who have picked a team will take part in a raffle with prizes on offer:

  • Two tickets for round of 16 match in London on 26 June (plus transport and accommodation)
  • Two tickets for round of 16 match in London on 29 June (plus transport and accommodation)  
  • Two tickets for round of 16 match in Glasgow on 29 June (plus transport and accommodation)
  • Two tickets for quarter-final in Rome on 3 July (plus transport and accommodation)
    If travel is not permitted under COVID regulations, prize will be an official match ball, a national team kit and an Xbox Grand Prizes


We hope this article helped you understand the main principles of EURO 2020 Fantasy Game. Follow and sucribe to our YouTube channel Draftgym TV to get more previews and articles on the upcoming EURO 2020.



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