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CS:GO Daily FanTeam Monster Preview: 22 April

When will EPL and LaLiga be resumed is what millions of people are wondering about while staying at home. Daily Fantasy industry is not stalling and offers us a new product to try out. We are talking about e-sports and its the biggest and most popular game to date — Counter-Strike. Generations and game versions have changed over the years but the huge appeal of the game is still there. CS:GO finals attract 2 million viewers, car corporations and beer manufacturers sponsor various teams, thousands of dollars are paid out to the winners. Remember, we are talking about a game released 8 years ago! 

FanTeam is jumping on the e-sports bandwagon and is launching CS:GO daily fantasy on Arpil 2. CS:GO Road to Rio qualifiers are hosted in all parts of the world with different prize pools depending on the region.

  • Europe — $115,000
  • CIS — $50,000 
  • North America — $60,000 

The Grand Final will be in Brazil with a massive prize pool of $2,000,000.

FanTeamhave two tournaments on offer: a €5,000 guaranteed with a €2 buy-in and a €50,000 guaranteed with a €20 entry. If you are a new player on FanTeam, register using this link to receive a FREE €2 entry. The free ticket will be automatically credited to your account. 

You are asked to draft 3 players which will earn you the most number of points come the end of the tournament. The scoring system is quite different from traditional sports, so let's take a closer look at it. 


CS:GO FanTeam Scoring

Action Fantasy Points
Kill 3
Assist 1
Flash Assist 1
Knife Kill 7
Headshot 3.5
Grenade Kill 5
Quad 3
Ace 5
Death -1
Teamkill -5
Bomb Planted 1
Bomb Defused 1
Entry Kill 1
Clutch 1v1 1
Clutch 1v2 2
Clutch 1v3 3
Clutch 1v4 4
Clutch 1v5 5

A player receives 3 points for a kill. A headshot is worth 3,5 points.

Quad — 4 kills by one player.  Ace — 5 kills. 

A bomb either planted or defused is worth 1 point.

Clutch — a situation where a player is the last man standing from his team and manages to win the round. 


Daily Fantasy CS:GO Important Stats

Certain stats are important to consider when playing CS:GO Fantasy:

  • Rating 2.0 — a player rating evaluating a player's performance based on damage dealt, first kills, clutches, number of rounds etc. The complete list of parameters used to calculate the rating is not available to the public.
  • Kills per round — an important stat as players are rewarded for kills the do. 
  • Death per round — consider this as well as players are penalized for each time they die.
  • KAST % — how valuable a player is. A round without dying, with a frag, assist or trade kills.
  • Impact — number of rounds with 2+ kills, clutches etc. Shows how valuable a player is for his team.

Remember, players are what really matters, not the teams! You will get double points for the second map if your team wins 2:0 and the third round is not triggered.

Europe and Nort American regions begin to batlle on April 22. All games are played in a best-of-3 format, the final is the best-of-5.  


Slate Preview

ENCE – Fnatic

Fanteam's first game of the slate — the Finns from ENCE (24th rank) against the legendary Swedes from Fnatic (3rd rank) — starts at 15:00 CET. According to the bookies, Fnatic are huge favorites to win, rated at 83%. 

Fnatic have won the online-tournament recently, netting them a solid $110,000 in profit. Brollan was named the MVP. He is the most expensive player on his team (11.6M). But based on  Rating 2.0,  KRIMZ (1.14) is their best player. Brollan (1.11) и flusha (1.1) trail them slightly.

I believe KRIMZ (10.4M) and flusha (10.8M) are your best point\value plays here from Fnatic. 

Allu и suNny from ENCE boast the same Rating 2.0 (1.07). Allu dies less though  — 0.64 versus 0.73. suNny is 0.3M more expensive, but Allu might be surpassed by Aerial if he gets to a bad start.. Allu's impact is 1.13,  Aerial's — 1.10. Aerial is priced significantly lower than his two teammates.

Best picks

  • Brollan (11.6)
  • KRIMZ (10.4)
  • flusha (10.8)
  • suNny (8.8)
  • Aerial (7.0)


Complexity – Astralis

The Danish kings of CS:GO will be starting their game against the latest surprise package at the same time. Complexity (23 rank) were not expected to win against Astralis (1 rank) two months ago as well, but it was them who prevented the Danes from lifting anotherr trophy. Astralis are still gue favorites in this matchup, but they finished 10-12 while Complexity were 4-6 in the aforementioned tournament two months ago.

Astralis' assets are not priced kindly at all. device is known to start tournaments off rather slowly, so I am sticking with dupreeh (10.8M) instead.  Xyp9x (10.0M) has the highest KAST % and dies the least. He is also worth noting.

poizon (8.2M) is the best pick from the opponents' team. His death score is 0,04 higher than the team's best player blameF, but he is 1.1M cheaper and kills more often (0,72 poizon, 0.66 blameF).

Best picks

  • dupreeh (10.8)

  • Xyp9x (10.0)

  • poizon (8.2)


Team Vitality – NiP

Team Vitality from France (10 rank) will be facing off against the Swedes from Ninja in Pyjamas (13 rank) at 18:30 CET. Bookies view this matchup as very even , and I totally agree with that. These two teams play each other a lot with the outcome hard to predict most of the time. One player from NiP is hard to ignore — Plopski.

He is the team's most valuable and most expensive player. He is your go to pick from NiP.

Lekr0 might have been worth noting, but his death count if the team's highest (0,71). Other players die less frequently, but these two rule the show.

ZywOo makes team Vitaly rotate around his effort.. His Rating 2.0 is 1.13, while shox 1.06 and RpK 1.07 are rated lower. If the French start well, ZywOo will yield more fantasy points due to impact. He is priced at 11.7M, which will affect your score if made captain. RpK is 1.3M cheaper than shox naling him a place in top picks from the matchup.

Best picks

  • Plopski (10.1)
  • ZywOo (11.7)
  • RpK (9.1)

We can't wait to try out this new fantasy product on FanTeam. Hope this article is helpful while drafting your lineups for today's slate. Expect article for beginners from us in the near future and feel free to discuss all thing CS:GO in our forums!



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