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CS:GO Daily FanTeam Monster Preview: 28 April

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Daily Monster with a €50000 guarantee starts on FanTeam on Tuesday, and we invite you to dive into detailed preparation. We will discuss all 9 games, analyze the statistics and previous games of the tournament, look at bookies odds, and single out the best players in each battle. If you are making your first steps in fantasy cybersports, we advise you to read the beginner's guide at first found here.  

ESL One: Road to Rio Standings after two games (the only exception are GODSENT and Copenhagen Flames having played once)



Group A

# Group A M W T L RD P
1 NiP 2 2 0 0 33 6
2 Heretics 2 2 0 0 25 6
3 Astralis 2 1 0 1 6 3
4 Vitality 2 1 0 1 4 3
5 fnatic 2 1 0 1 3 3
6 ENCE 2 1 0 1 -16 3
7 Dignitas 2 0 0 2 -23 0
8 Complexity 2 0 0 2 -32 0

Group B

# Group B M W T L RD P
1 FaZe 2 2 0 0 13 6
2 Movistar 2 2 0 0 3 6
3 Copenhagen Flames 1 1 0 0 11 3
4 G2 2 1 0 1 8 3
5 North 2 1 0 1 -1 3
6 GODSENT 1 0 0 1 -14 0
7 c0ntact 2 0 0 2 -8 0
8 mousesports 2 0 0 2 -12 0


North America

Group A

# Group A M W T L RD P
1 Gen.G 2 2 0 0 29 6
2 100 Thieves 2 1 0 1 4 3
3 Cloud9 2 1 0 1 0 3
4 Evil Geniuses 2 1 0 1 -3 3
5 Triumph 2 1 0 1 -17 3
6 Orgless 2 0 0 2 -13 0

Group B

# Group A M W T L RD P
1 FURIA 2 2 0 0 27 6
2 Liquid 2 2 0 0 9 6
3 Envy 2 1 0 1 13 3
4 MIBR 2 1 0 1 8 3
5 Bad News Bears 2 0 0 2 -14 0
6 Yeah 2 0 0 2 -43 0


Probabilities and Rankings

Game odds, team rank, and the probability of going to the 3rd map in a game are presented in a table below. Remember that if one team wins 2-0 players of the winning team will get doubled points for the second map.  

2-0 win is not always a good sign as far as fantasy points are concerned. In this case, the game might not be competitive enough for players to get many points. That's why it is sometimes worth cheering for a 2-1 win.

Team A (#) Team B (#) Win A (%) Win B (%)

O/U 2.5 (%)

FaZe (8) Movistar Raiders (37) 86 18 36
100 Thieves (9) Triumph (42) 83 22 38
Fnatic (3) Team Dignitas (44) 82 22 43
Evil Geniuses (7) Cloud9 (25) 79 25 41
Astralis (2) Team Vitality (10) 79 25 45
Gen G. (22) orgless (34) 72 32 46
Complexity (23) Heretics (36) 71 34 49
GODSENT (18) Copenhagen 46) 69 36 51
Ninjas in Pyjamas (13) ENCE (24) 66 38 48


Match previews

Team Dignitas – Fnatic

Swedish teams from the relegation zone are facing each other. Dignitas are sitting in last place with two losses, while Fnatic, World №3 at the moment, were upset by ENCE from Finland in their first game. They bounced back in the game against Astralis (Denmark), who are ranked second in the world.

After flusha and Golden joined the team, Fnatic's game and results have improved. Dignitas is composed of experienced former NiP players and one young Norwegian — hallzerk.

The latter is the most expensive player of the team justifying his price of 10.2m. He is the best option with an impact of 1.15 and only 0.63 deaths per round which is the lowest in Team Dignitas.

flusha looks to be the best player of Fnatic so far. He is definitely in form at the moment and delivers points consistently while JW is struggling.

Top players

  • hallzerk(10.2)
  • flusha(10.6)


GODSENT – Copenhagen Flames

Copenhagen Flames from Denmark (46th rank) play vs. GODSENT — a team with an international roster (18th rank). The Danes won their first game 2-1. They lost the map they chose, ground out a victory on the opponent's map, and destroyed enemies on the Train map.

GODSENT lost to a stronger French team 2-0 in their first game.

It is them bookies consider favorites in the coming encounter as GODSENT won the last h2h battle 2-0.

It is worth noting that Copenhagen Flames continue choosing Nuke and losing it. If they decide to play it once again, the repeat of their last game is quite likely.

Farlig (10.6m) is the most useful but at the same time the most expensive player of the Danes. He is hard to ignore if you consider picking someone from Copenhagen Flames. He is the leader in kills per round (0,76) and dies less than his teammates (0,62). Queenix (9.6m) is a dark horse. He leads the team in headshots (62,2%) which could bring you a massive haul of points in case Farlig has a bad day. 

GODSENT have a very expensive zehN whose performance clearly does not justify his price. Maden (10.6m) could be a decent replacement. 56% of his headshots struck home while his impact (1.06) is the team's highest.

 kRYSTAL (8.5m) also showed his quality in the previous game. If Copenhagen Flames make a mistake while choosing a map, he could become a nice budget option.

Top players

  • Farlig(10.6)
  • Maden(10.6)


  • Queenix(9.6)
  • kRYSTAL(8.5)


ENCE – Ninjas in Pyjamas

Group leaders from Sweden against the Finnish squad who achieved a surprising victory against Fnatic (3rd rank) but lost to Heretics (36th rank).

ENCE depends greatly on their sniper - Allu (10,8m). Team's performance relies on whether he finds his game or not. Allu had been playing for NiP some time ago but left the team due to bad results. He considers this game as a rivalry one, that's why I advise you to pick him in spite of a high price. xseveN(8.6m) is one more interesting pick from ENCE. He is the cheapest player of the team but has the same rating as Aerial.

nawwk from NiP has been recently firing on all cylinders, having killed all 5 enemies and even one teammate in one of the rounds last game. Ace and a teamkill at the same time 5 and 5 points! Plopski and REZ are in form and are the best picks from the Swedish side.

Top players

  • Allu(10.8)
  • REZ(10.4)
  • Plopski(10.6)


  • xseveN(8.6)
  • nawwk(9.8)


Movistar Riders – FaZe

Two leaders of the group are to face each other with bookies considering FaZe favourites.

The Spanish team (Movistar Riders) surprised everyone by beating mousesports in the first game 2-0. The third game of the tournament may turn out to be the most difficult for them as they won't be able to ban all the best maps of their opponent. Thanks to the fact that the coach is entitled to be on the map, steel's duties as coordinator captain decrease and he starts to show the level of play he is capable of. He could become a great differential with a price of just 8.4m.

All FaZe players have what it takes to be considered worthy picks, apart from olofmeister. He will cost you as much as the best Spaniard, but he looks lost playing on the opponent's map very often.

Top players

  • NiKo(11.4)
  • coldzera(10.8)
  • steel(8.4)


Heretics – compLexity Gaming

Group A leader from France against the last team of the division. compLexity Gaming despite 2 losses is a favorite of the game according to bookies as they suffered losses against teams ranked 2 and 10 respectively. k0nfig(10.6m) is the most intriguing pick of the bunch as he has the best rating in the team (1.07) and ADR 78.8. Moreover, he is only the third most expensive player of the team!

As for Heretics, kioShima (8.8m) was at his best in the previous games. He has the least deaths in the team and that could be deadly important in the coming encounter. He is only the fourth most expensive player of the team.

Top players

  • k0nfig(10.6)
  • kioShima(8.8)


Team Vitality – Astralis

The second and the tenth teams of the world are to find out who willl continue chasing the leaders. Both teams suffered losses in their games against Swedish teams NiP and Fnatic respectively.

Team Vitality has The Best Player 2019 - ZywOo on their roster, but he can't do it alone. If the French side wins at least one map, he will be a great pick despite his price of 11.2m. Frequent tactical missteps might be their downfall in the game against the Danes.

Astralis suffered a huge blow in the opening match. After the shock, I am expecting them to continue to play in their usual way and press the opponent all over the map. Magisk was bad against Fnatic, but to be honest, the luck was not on his side. Him and gla1ve(9.1) are the best picks in this battle.

Top players

  • Magisk(10.9)
  • gla1ve(9.1)
  • ZywOo(11.2)


Evil Geniuses – Cloud9

Cloud9 (25th rank) will try to neutralize Evil Geniuses (7th rank). Cloud9 have great potential they can't quite realize yet. The core from South Africa is too inconsistent and the team does not show their best in key moments. It is the main reason why they are underdogs in this game. floppy is definitely their best player at the moment. You can't expect Cloud9 to win unless he shows his best.

Evil Geniuses' main problem is unnecessary deaths. If they manage to deal with it, CeRq might be a decent pick for your team. He is the most useful player of the team along with Brehze, but he is 0,4m cheaper.

Top players

  • floppy (10.1)
  • CeRq(10.9)


orgless – Gen.G

An undisputed leader of the group is to face an outsider. orgless sometimes show signs of quality in their games, but lose them anyway. Infinite and WARDELL, as the best players of the team, remain attractive options to pick due to their pricing. If you want Gen.G cover, you will have to choose between their two most useful players koosta and BnTeT.

Both are in good form, but if orgless continue their poor run, the cheapest Gen.G representative - daps (9.2m) - may become a gamechanging differential.

Top players

  • Infinite (9.8)
  • WARDELL(9.4)
  • koosta (10.8)
  • BnTeT(10.7)


  • daps(9.2)


Triumph – 100 Thieves

The team ranked 42 against the World's № 9. Both teams have a 1-1 record, but 100 Thieves have a positive round difference.

Triumph continue to show inconsistent results. They are capable of losing 16-1 on the map they have chosen, for example. 100 Thieves appear more calm and know how to handle their emotions. jkaem is gaining momentum and facing such an opponent should be favourable for him. Liazz has the least number of deaths in 100 Thieves, and he will cost you only 10.5m. His possession could be quite low as the more expensive guys seem to be more popular picks.

Grim is the leader of Triumph. You should pay attention to him as he is priced at only 9.5m.

Top players

  • jkaem(10.9)
  • Liazz (10.5)
  • Grim (9.5)


We hope this preview helps you to prepare for the tournament! Let us remind you, that you have a great opportunity to increase your bankroll taking part in the Battle of Blogs. Join our forum, create your own blog, and win prizes! 



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