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FanTeam £1,000,000 Euro 2020 Game: Rules, Tips and Strategy

FanTeam's £1,000,000 Euro 2020 game is set to launch with the first kick of the ball on June 11th. With life-changing £200,000 to first, we have it all to play for this summer and you can already start making your first drafts. 

In this article, I will share my tips based on my previous successful attempt at a season-long game held on Fanteam for WC2018. I will briefly go over the rules and give you some strategy advice on how to build your initial team and what to focus on as the tournament progresses. Also, make sure you take advantage of the Early Bird offer if you are new to Fanteam, details can be found at the end of the article.



First things first, let’s begin with the rules for Euro 2020 Season-long fantasy game on FanTeam. They are very well laid out on the screen below, give it a read to get you started. I will not go into any details as I'd rather focus on tips and strategic advice in this article.

Some of the key aspects of the game:

  • Your starting budget is 105 mln for 15 players
  • You will have 1 sub GK and 3 outfield subs
  • Players prices will change throughout the competition
  • You are given a wildcard after the group stage
  • Transfer deadline is 90 minutes before the first match of a gameweek 
  • You are given 1 free transfer after gw 1 and 2
  • Each additional transfer is -4 points



We have written an extensive piece on FanTeam scoring, so I am not going to dive into details here as well. I will just mention that the Impact Points system plays a big part in your team's overall success. It is explained in our scoring article extensively, give it a read to fully understand its implications on your overall team success. 

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The scoring matrix is provided on the picture below, is rather straightforward and would be rather familiar to anyone with an FPL background. Goals, assists, clean sheets - they will make up the bulk of your team's points. It is also worth noting that each goalkeeper save is worth 0.5 points and midfielders and forwards get +1 for playing full 90 minutes.  

Tips and Strategy for FanTeam's Million Euro 2020 Game

The first thing we all must remember is that the tournament is ultra-short compared to season-long games we are all used to. What does it mean for a fantasy manager? Stats mean less as there are not enough games to fully rely on the usual xG, xA and other advanced metrics when making transfers and setting your captain armband. 

Eye-test is certainly what you should be relying on more during tournaments like this. Thus my advice – watch as many games as possible to understand which players are in good form, who gets into goals scoring positions, who drives the game, who is on set-pieces, etc. Rely more on what you see than what the stats tell you as matches are too few to fully trust the numbers. 

I strongly believe that those who find the time to watch as many games as possible will get the edge. I happened to finish 10th in FanTeam's World Cup 2018 competition and watching pretty much every single game had helped me a ton.



In such a short-lived tournament captaincy matters even more. One misstep can be fatal, so I would try to play it safer in the group stages, going for proven world-class scorers who also happen to be on penalties and set-pieces. Targetting weak teams and captaining best players from the teams playing heavy underdogs could also prove fruitful. I would only advise going for differential captains at the group stage of the tournament in some of your teams only if you enter 5+ lineups

The chances are that come semifinals many teams will look rather similar, and it’s then that the captain armband can truly make a difference. Quarterfinals and beyond might be the time for a differential captain. I remember captaining Maguire at this stage in the WC2018 tournament against the Swedes when he walked away with a set-piece goal and a clean sheet. Captaining Trippier against Croatia was also a rather differential move that paid off to an extent in the semis.


Football is a low-scoring sport, and that is probably a part of its appeal as every goal truly matters. And in such a short tournament it matters even more. So does every decision you make and, unfortunately, variance will play a big part in the end.

What am I driving at? Even a brilliantly constructed team can fall victim to your captain blanking even once when each team will play a maximum of 7 games this summer. Treat this tournament not as a one-bullet FPL style competition, try to enter at least two teams which will allow you to spread your picks and reduce variance to an extent. Besides, if you are used to FPL and its ‘one team only’ mentality, this could be a breath of fresh air and a chance to try something different. 

Make sure you captain different assets and try different strategies if you multientry, but don’t think your teams must be entirely different. A few value/differential picks or star players may be shared between the teams if you see them doing well in the short or long run.  

Set-pieces are important

England scored 9 of their 12 goals at the World Cup 2018 following a set-piece situation. That is 75%, ladies and gentlemen. Of course, I doubt it can be replicated in the near future, but set pieces play a huge role in modern football, especially during short-lived tournaments like this one. Single out those who take corners, direct, indirect free kicks and penalties in every squad and make these players your priority when picking your squad. 


Focus on the group stage

Every manager will be given a wildcard before teams enter the play-off stage. Don’t think about who will lift the cup or the play-off bracket, focus short-term and plan for the group stage only. Single out group favorites and build your team around their star players.

You are given 1 free transfer a week, with an option of saving a free transfer (you can never have more than 2 free transfers). In general, I would look to avoid making paid transfers as those points (-4 per paid transfer) might be hard to compensate over such a short distance with each team playing just a handful (or less) of matches. 

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Have a playing bench

Make sure you have assured starters on your bench to cover for an unlucky injury or GW3 rotation. As I said before, paid transfers should be called upon only as last resort measure (or if you made crucial mistakes in the initial draft), so having a playing bench will come to the rescue. The money still has to be spent mostly on the starting XI, but having cheap, undervalued players or set-piece takers from low-profile teams on your bench might do the trick for the group stage.

We will also be covering the competition extensively with differential and shield picks articles to see the light closer to the tournament start if you are struggling with your initial drafts, keep your ears pricked. 


Euro 2020 Fantasy Tips

To summarize, here are the main and most important tips to remember. 

  • Watch as many games as possible
  • Play it safe with captains early on
  • Have a few differentials from the start
  • Penalty and set-piece takers are a must
  • Have a decent bench
  • Plan for the group stage only
  • Enter more than 1 team

Also, if you don't have a Fanteam account yet, don't miss out on the great Early Bird offer that expires on April 12!

Deposit at least €23, enter a team into the Euro 2020 competition and get a €20 EPL main event ticket with a €75,000 guaranteed prize pool! What are you waiting for – register here and good luck!

Alexey Bobrov

Alexey Bobrov

Alexey, also known as KJIIOIIIKA, has been playing daily fantasy football since 2015 on various European sites. Scratches his fantasy itch on FanTeam, where he has a net profit of €6000+ with more than 2500 tournaments played and a 30%+ ROI. FanTeam's 2018 World Championship of Fantasy Football finalist. As Head of Content at DraftGym, his mission is to help our young European fantasy community grow. A proud father of two, plays ice-hockey at the regional level, loves board games.