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2 years ago

Draftgym Cup: Win PS4, iPhone 11, and more this December!

December is one of the busiest months for daily fantasy sports in Europe with 7 game weeks of Premier League at our disposal, special tournaments like WCOFF, and numerous festive promotions for the players. Draftgym is ready to announce its promotions for the period. Draftgym Cup is a series of free tournaments on FanTeam — Amateur and Pro — giving you a chance to win fantastic prizes! Read on to find out more.


Draftgym Cup

Win iPhone 11, PS4, cash, and stylish merch in FREE fantasy Premier League tournaments this December! We're celebrating the busiest month in the fantasy Premier League in style by running two massive tournaments on FanTeam on December 26 and 28. And the best part of it — you can participate in both for free!

Learn more on Draftgym Cup page.

How To Qualify

It's as easy as 1-2-3! All you have to do to get an entry to the Amateur Cup is sign-up on FanTeam with our link. You will also get a free €2 ticket to a Weekly Monster tournament just for a sign-up (read more to find out about the FanTeam bonus we offer in December). And if you're looking to get into the Pro Cup action — just deposit at least €10 after signing-up, and a free Pro Cup ticket will be added to your account! 

Getting a ticket to the Amateur Cup in three easy steps:

1. Sign-up on FanTeam with our link

2. Send us an email with your username on FanTeam

3. €2 Weekly Monster and Draftgym Amateur Cup tickets are added to your account

Sign-up now to unlock your FREE entry!



After you have unlocked your entry, you're set to participate in the Amateur Cup with the following prizes. Take note, however, that just by depositing €10 or more after the registration, you'll be granted free entry to the Pro Cup — with much more lucrative prizes up for grabs!

FanTeam Bonus For December

Many European daily fantasy sports managers' careers have started with a single tournament win, allowing them to get the bankroll they need to start playing regularly. We believe in beginners' luck and some magic! 

We also believe in letting you get a good grasp of the game before investing your own money into FanTeam daily fantasy tournaments. That’s why we’ve partnered with FanTeam to provide you with a €2 entry fee for just a registration with our link! 

Yes, every new player that signs-up on FanTeam with our link will get a free entry with a chance to win a few hundred euros in cash! This promotion starts NOW, December 12, and will run-up to December 31.

How to Get FanTeam Bonus:

1. Sign-up with our link:

2. Send us your username on FanTeam to one of our emails

3. Your ticket will be automatically credited to your account

But that’s not all.

In case you deposit at least €10 in the first seven days from creating your account — you’ll get another five €2 tickets into Weekly Monster tournaments unlocked as 2 per week. So, a total of €12 in tickets for a deposit of €10! 

Check the Draftgym Cup page to find out more or get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Mike Show

Mike Show

Draftgym founder and Sorare nerd.