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What is FanTeam's €1,000,000 Season-Long Game

An unprecedented amount of money is up for grabs in the world’s largest English Premier League season-long game on FanTeam this season! €1,000,000 is the guaranteed prize pool for the fantasy game the world has never seen before. It begins on August 13, 2021 — the day the Premier League launches. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel and website where we will be publishing loads of content for the upcoming event. 

In this article, we will be talking about the similarities and differences between the traditional FPL fantasy and FanTeam’s season-long game. While similar in many ways, you have to understand the differences to be able to compete for the never seen before €200K prize going to the champion. 

Now I will look at different aspects of the season-long fantasy competitions highlighting their similarities and differences. For those of you short of time, I will provide key points at the end of each paragraph and summarize everything in the conclusion at the very bottom. 


General Rules and Squads 

Just like in the official fantasy competition of the English Premier League, you are asked to select 15 players before the start of the season. Your squad must contain:

  • 2 Goalkeepers
  • 5 Defenders
  • 5 Midfielders
  • 3 Forwards

At the end of a Gameweek, 11 players from your fantasy team you choose to start will score points. Throughout the season, teams will be ranked according to their point totals. A manager whose team has the most points at the end of the season wins €200K and other 5658 places get paid according to the payout chart. 

Points of players that you leave on the bench count towards your team total only if one (or more) of your starting XI plays 0 minutes in a given Gameweek. It works exactly as on FPL if you have played it. 

Available formations are the same as on FPL as well, you must play at least 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 2 midfielders and 1 forward each week, allowing for 3-4-3, 5-3-2, 4-4-2, and other ways to set up your team.

Available formations are the same as on FPL.

Team captains selected every Gameweek will score double points on both platforms with vice-captain deputizing if the captain is no-show.

What might be slightly different is Player Positions. Martial has already been reclassified as a forward on Fanteam for the 2020/21 campaign, for example. Ritchie and Delofeu were midfielders on Fanteam last season while classified differently on FPL last season. Keep an eye out for that as it might affect your team composition.

FanTeam season game and FPL Rules comparison

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Transfers and Wildcards

You are permitted unlimited transfers before the first deadline of the season on both platforms. No surprises here, so feel free to tinker your heart out till September 12th — the date when the English Premier League launches its 2020/21 campaign. 

A manager is given one free transfer every week on FPL and FanTeam.

If not spent, the free transfer is carried over to the subsequent week allowing you to make 2 free transfers. You may never store more than 2 free transfers on both platforms. 

The Gameweek deadline is 60 minutes before the first match’s kick-off of the given week. Make sure you carry out any transfers and changes to your team before the deadline. 

If 1 transfer is not enough to make necessary changes, you may make as many additional ‘paid’ transfers as you want. Each of those will cost you -4 points.

2 Wildcards are available for you to completely revamp your squad twice a season without incurring any point penalties. The first wildcard is available to use between Gameweeks 2 and 18, the second one any time between Gameweek 19 and 38. 

The main difference between the two platforms lies in the economic side of the game.

While on FPL you retain only 50% of the profit made on his price difference between buy and sell price, you always sell for full price retaining all the profit made if the given player had gone up in price on FanTeam. 

Let me give you an example. You buy Sterling for 11m at season start on both platforms. He goes up in price to 11,4m by Gameweek 5. You decide to sell him (whatever the reason might be). On FPL you will sell him for 11,2m (50%x0,4m profit = 0,2m) while on FanTeam you will receive his full market price - 11,4m.

This leads to FanTeam’s seasonal squads being a lot more expensive than their FPL’s counterparts as the season unfolds. Season 2019/20’s champion’s team was worth a staggering 117,8m at the end of the campaign.

What it also means is that Wildcard periods are perfect for pumping your team value up. More than 1m can be made if you load up on players due to increase in price over the international break while on a Wildcard. Just sell them for full price before finalizing your squad and reinvest elsewhere.

FPL and FanTeam season game transfers comparison



Now we come to the very essence of any fantasy game - the scoring! There are a few notable differences that can make or break your game. I have created a chart to illustrate them and will explain the implications of these scoring differences below.

Position Condition FanTeam  FPL 
GK Goalkeeper keeps a clean sheet 4 4
GK Goalkeeper makes a save 0,5 1 (every 3 saves)
GK Goalkeeper saves a penalty kick 5 5
GK Goalkeeper scores a goal 8 6
GK Every 2 goals conceded -1 -1
DF Defender scores a goal 6 6
DF Defender keeps a clean sheet 4 4
DF Every 2 goals conceded -1 -1
DF Shot on target 0.6 -
MF Midfielder scores a goal 5 5
MF Midfielder keeps a clean sheet 1 1
MF Midfielder plays a full match 1 -
MF Shot on target 0.4 -
FW Forward scores a goal 4 4
FW Forward plays a full match 1 -
FW Shot on target 0.4 -
ANY Assist 3 3
ANY Fantasy Assist 3 3
ANY Plays at least 1 second 1 1
ANY Plays at least 60 minutes 1 1
ANY Player's team wins the period he is on the pitch  0.3 -
ANY Player's team loses the period he is on the pitch -0.3 -
ANY Yellow card -1 -1
ANY Red card -3 -3
ANY Own goal -2 -2
ANY Penalty miss -2 -2
ANY Causes a free-kick that leads to a direct freekick goal -2 -
ANY Causes a penalty shot -2 -
ANY Bonus for best players of the match - 1-3
CPT Captain's points are doubled x2 x2


Bonus and Impact Points 

Firstly, there are no bonus points awarded to the best performers in each match. It might seem that the appeal of premium players, especially the so-called ‘bonus magnets’ like Danny Ings, Jamie Vardy, De Bruyne, etc. is less than on FPL. FanTeam utilizes the ‘Impact System’ instead that awards a player with +0.3 points if he is on the winning team while on the pitch, and -0.3 points if his team is losing. It is straightforward when a player has played a full match: he either gets +0.3 points if his team has won, -0.3 points if it lost, and 0 points if the match resulted in a draw. 

It gets a bit trickier if a player doesn’t play full 90 minutes. Player X comes on at the 80th minute while his team is losing 0:4. If his team goes on and scores once to lose 1:4, Player X will receive +0.3 Impact point as his team had ‘won’ 1:0 while he was on the pitch. 

As premium players from top sides usually end up on the winning side, they regularly receive positive Impact points negating the absence of bonus points on FanTeam.

In June 2021, shot on target as a scoring metric was introduced on Fanteam. You can read more on what it means and adds to the game below.

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60+ Minutes and Full Match Played

While you may breathe a sigh of relief once your player hits the 60 minute mark as it guarantees him 2 points on FPL, there is an additional bonus point for playing a full match on FanTeam. But it is ONLY applied to MIDFIELDERS and FORWARDS. Only they can receive a total of 3 points for playing a full 90-minute match. Goalkeepers and Defenders have to settle for 2 points only.


Save Points

It might seem a subtle difference, but Save points make a huge difference rendering premium goalkeepers almost obsolete on fanteam. Nick Pope, for example, 1.5m cheaper that Ederson at the start of the season, only had 1 less clean sheet (15) than the Brazilian while making 120 saves equaling 60 points. Ederson had a mere 68 saves which translate into 34 points. 

Cheap goalies can allow you to spend elsewhere while outperforming premium options in the save department. Every save counts and you don’t have to bank on your shot-stopper making at least 3 saves to get point returns like on FPL.


Fantasy Assists

What if referred to as a Fantasy Assist on FanTeam is a player being credited with 3 points in case a penalty or a free-kick he has earned is scored. An assist is not awarded if the player earning it scores it himself. Basically, assists work the same way on FPL and FanTeam, do not be confused by the Fantasy Assist name.


Causing Penalties and Free-kicks

A player is deducted -2 points only if the direct free-kick he caused is scored. He will lose -2 points even if the penalty is not scored though. 

FanTeam and FPL scoring comparison


Price Changes and Player Value

Fanteam hit the ground running having already revealed player prices for the season, feel free to check them out.

I am sure there will be differences in player valuations as FPL start to reveal their seasonal prices. We will highlight some of the bargains in our future articles here on DraftGym, keep your ears pricked. 

It’s important to single out these players early on and buy them before they sky-rocket in price. Tammy Abraham was one of the standout early-season bargains. While he was priced 7.0m on FPL, his FanTeam price of only 5.5m attracted many suitors once the goals started to materialize. 

Fanteam doesn’t disclose algorithms that drive the price changes apart from the standard explanation of it being driven by a player’s form and him transferred in and out by managers.  


Captains and Chips

Just like on FPL, you have to select a team captain every Gameweek. Since the captain’s points are doubled, this is one of the most important choices you have to make. A vice-captain’s points are doubled ONLY if your captain fails to play at all during the Gameweek. No player’s score is double if both of them don’t feature. 

An FPL veteran will notice right off the bat that there are no Chips available in Fanteam’s season-long game. Two Wildcards are your only option to alter your squad apart from usual free and paid transfers.

That’s right, no Bench Boost, no Triple Captain, no Free Hit.


Weekly/Monthly Prizes

There are prizes for the best manager of the Gameweek and hefty awards for the best manager of the Month.

Check this chart out to see what is up for grabs. 

FanTeam season game prize distribution


Exclusive Tournaments

Another interesting twist is a series of Weekly exclusive tournaments for season-long game participants. You will be given 4 entry tickets for every seasonal entry you make. No manager can be issued more than 33 tickets in total and a total of 33 such tournaments will be organized throughout the season. Weekly exclusive tournaments are single-entry only, meaning each user can only register 1 team. 

The prize pool for these tournaments is as follows:

  • €4,000 GTD for Gameweek 2
  • € 4,000 GTD Boxing Day weekend
  • € 1,000 GTD for all other 31 tournaments


Late Registration

In case the €1m season game doesn’t fill by September 12th, late registration will be available until Gameweek 4 starts. If you enter the tournament via late registration, you will receive 70% of the average points from the Gameweeks you didn’t play.



The time has come to sum everything up. While the differences are not many, I advise you to take heed as they make the game different from the FPL still. Hope you found this article useful and the transition from FPL will be flawless. Because you simply can't miss out when such life-changing money is at stake, can you?

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Same as FPL

  • 15-man squads and available formations
  • 60-minute deadline
  • Wildcards
  • 'Paid' transfer penalties
  • 1 Free transfer per Gameweek
  • Players prices change during the season
  • Captains earn double points

Different from FPL

  • No chips, no bonus points
  • Some player positions and prices might differ
  • Impact points and shots on target
  • Every goalkeeper save is counted
  • Negative points for causing free-kicks and penalties 
  • Additional points for Midfielders and Forwards playing a full match
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