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Fanteam Single EPL [GW30] + FA CUP [QF] Tournaments: Set-Piece Analysis and Vulnerabilities

In these regular articles, I am taking a look at chances created and conceded by teams playing each other in the slate to unearth vulnerabilities. I also analyze set-piece data to capitalize on certain teams' weaknesses. We can use that data to complement research and ownership projections to build better and more balanced squads, hopefully taking our teams one step ahead of the opposition on FanTeam.


Chances Created & Conceded Analysis

Some teams create and concede more chances from a particular zone.

For example, Team #1 creates the most chances from the left flank and Team #2 concedes the most from the right flank. If they play against each other, we can use this factor and pick the player who plays on the left wing from Team #1. We understand that he might have a bigger upside than a player from the opposite flank.

Still, there are many important factors to consider on top of that like potential/value/ownership, etc. But the more useful information we have, the more flexible we are when making decisions.



Potential based on Created/Conceded Chances

Team Potential (Left Zone) Potential (Central Zone) Potential (Right Zone)
AVL   Good  
LEI   Good  
CRY     Good
SOU   Excellent Good
LEE   Excellent  
ARS Good Good  
BRE   Good  
WHU Good    
MCI Excellent    


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Players with Strong Potential to deliver an attacking return (based on stats above)

Set-Piece Analysis

Information about set-pieces and certain teams' vulnerabilities can be very useful for Weekly Monster's tournaments since it's something that is very often overlooked by many managers. 

For your convenience, we compiled this easy-to-read chart with every team going head to head ranked according to their set-piece taking and defending abilities. Every team below has 1 of 5 possible ratings for their attack & defence on set-pieces:

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Average
  • Poor
  • Very Poor

This rating is based on how successful every team has been in terms of :

  • scored and conceded goals from set-pieces (goals from penalties excluded);
  • shots, headed attempts and conceded shots & headed attempts from set-pieces;
  • xG, xA & conceded xG on set-pieces.

These parameters don't change very quickly unlike other players' stats over the course of the season. I am looking at gameweeks 1-28 but I also consider recent stats in the last 4-6 gameweeks to make my rating. 

Team Attack Team Defence
WOL Poor LEE Very Poor
AVL Good ARS Good
LEI Very Poor BRE Average
TOT Poor WHU Good
CRY Very Poor EVE Poor
SOU Good MCI Excellent
LEE Poor WOL Good
ARS Good AVL Average
BRE Average LEI Very Poor
WHU Average TOT Poor
EVE Poor CRY Poor
MCI Excellent SOU Poor

Teams with good chances to get and score from set-pieces:

  • Man City (Tier 1)
  • Brentford (Tier 2)
  • West Ham (Tier 2)
  • Wolves (Tier 3)
  • Everton (Tier 3)


For those interested in penalties, although it's a rather random occurrence in a game of football.

Σ PEN — Penalties Scored + Conceded by Opponent

Teams with good chances to get and score a penalty:

  • Brentford (Tier 1)
  • Leeds (Tier 2)
  • Arsenal (Tier 2)

Penalty Takers:

  • Toney → Mbeumo (BRE)
  • Bamford → Raphinha → Klich (LEE)
  • Lacazette (ARS)

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Historical Matchup Player Stats

Some players like to score against certain teams more often than others. It's a tricky psychological factor when a player might more confident knowing he had been successful against this opponent in previous games. And we can sometimes use this secondary factor when building our teams. It's important to understand that this factor can't be prioritized when building a lineup. First of all, we have to lean on things like stats, player's form, chance to score and etc.

The devil is in the details, as they say, so use this info while debating between two picks, for example. If you want to win Weekly Monster, little details such as this one can be very useful at times.

• Kane — 11 goals in 16 matches;
• Antonio — 6 goals in 11 matches;
• Lanzini — 4 goals in 10 matches;
Watkins — 3 goals in 3 matches;
Maddison — 2 goals in 3 matches;
Tielemans — 2 goals in 2 matches;
Gallagher — 2 goals in 1 match.



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