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10 months ago

FanTeam The International 10: Prices, Schedule, Stats. Group A

In this article, we are looking at Group of The International 10 – the biggest  Dota 2 tournament in the world. FanTeam have announced The International Group Stage Game with the biggest guarantee for Dota 2 tournaments ever! They're offering €10'000 in prizes with the tournament lasting only 3 days, so you better come well-prepared. Let's dive right in. 


Group A — Schedule

Group A — Number of Games in Gameweeks

Group A is not so hot for picks towards the end of the coming tournament because there's no team that plays more than 1 match in Gameweek #4. So we have to look at them for the Gameweek 1-3 mostly.

Just 1 match for EG and Undying in Gameweek #2 also doesn't look too great.

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Group A — Bookies Odds (Chances to Win)

Group A — FanTeam Average Prices

Core — average price of 3 cores (1-2-3 positions)
Support — average price of 2 supports (4-5 positions)

Group A — Team Stats in 2021 Tournaments (Tier 1)

M — Number of Played Maps
W — Number of Winning Maps
L — Number of Losing Maps
Kills — Number of Kills
Deaths — Number of Deaths
Assists — Number of Assists
Dur (W) — Average Duration of Winning Maps
Dur (L) — Average Duration of Losing Maps


Group A — Average Team Stats in all 2021 Tournaments (Tier 1)

Group A — Player Prices, Average Predicted Points & Value

Pos — Position
W/L — Number of Winning Maps / Losing Maps
KDA — Average Sum of Fantasy Points for Kills + Death + Assists  (not typical KDA! recalculated to FanTeam Points, according to Scoring)
Pred Pts — Average Sum of all Fantasy Points based on all Performances
Value — Pred Pts / Price
Patch — the version of the Patch that was taken into account in the calculation

7.30 is the last patch version in Dota 2, but some teams like OG or Evil Geniuses haven't played any official games with this patch yet, so I used stats from the previous 7.29 patch to calculate the points.

It's so important to understand that these stats are average. Some teams have played a lot, some teams have had just couple of matches. There is different number of winning & losing matches, so it affects to result too.

You need to understand that when a team wins, it gets more points than average. When a team loses, it often (but not always!) gets less points than average. There are many factors like duration of the match, team level and style which can affect points. But there is hardly a better way to analyse the stats, in my opinion. 

I will be taking a look at Group B in my second article.



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