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FanTeam's Million Game Analysis: Defenders

A lot of managers continue tinkering with their FanTeam's 1 Million game  teams. We will try to clear some things as far as defenders are concerned to ease the selection headache to an extent.  We are back with the previous season analysis — it's midfielders who enter the fray now.


Median number of points for different price ranges

Let's start with a general statement — the most expensive defenders yield the most points. Like with the goalkeepers,  there is one little exception. There were only 4 defenders priced at 6.5, with two of them (Cancelo and Laporte) not reaching the 100-point threshold. The average result of this price category is not as high as one would have expected at the start of the previous season.


Defenders with 130+ points

There are representatives of only 3 EPL sides among the most successful defenders of the last season on FanTeam. It comes as no surprise to see three champions here. The fourth best is Spurs' newcomer Matt Doherty with 4 goals and 8 assists followed by a duet of wingbacks from Sheffield United. The Blades were a very tough team to crack with Baldock and Stevens registering 13 clean sheets each. Pay attention to the fact that only 6 defenders earned more than 130 points, while we had 8 goalkeepers with 150+ points.

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Ownership% in GW1 (sum)


Ownership over 20% in GW1

The option with Liverpool defensive mini-stack was very popular before the start of the previous season so their total ownership over 100% is not something extraordinary. Everton and Bournemouth are pretty high in this rating mainly due to Diego Rico and Lucas Digne, who were one of the most appealing picks in their respective price category at season start.


Ownership% in GW38 (sum)


Ownership over 10% in GW38

At the finish of the season, a lot of teams were still heavily packed with Merseyside assets, but there were also a lot of new faces to see. Man United's winning streak made all the managers pay attention to their defence, hence Maguire and Wan-Bissaka ended in Top-8 in ownership. Burnley showed exceptional defensive performance throughout the whole season; that's why 11% of the managers finished the year with Tarkowski in the squad.

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Number of points for impact scored


Impact points for defenders with 130+ points

While playing on FanTeam, you shouldn't forget about impact points as defenders from top teams are able to increase their amount of points by 15-20%. What is interesting, even this impact boost didn't help any of Man City defenders reach 130 points. Liverpool's trio is the best even if we substract their impact points. As other players represent Wolves and Sheffield United, their impact scores didn't have such a strong influence on their overall scores. 

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To finish this up, I would like to repeat the main points:

  • As a rule, the cheaper the defender - the less points you should expect from him
  • Premium defenders scored 15-20% of points thanks to the impact 
  • Look for defenders whose personal and team stats are balanced, i.e. players from teams with a lot of cleansheets who are an aerial threat at set-pieces.

You have some time to think about your defensive picks before the start of Fanteam's  €1million game! And we will analyze Midfielders in our next article coming soon.



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