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FanTeam's Million Game Analysis: Goalkeepers

As the English Premier League season is edging nearer, we are looking to help you prepare for Fanteam's €1,000,000 game. This piece starts a series of articles summarizing the previous season tournament on FanTeam. We sincerely hope this research and the charts presented will aid you in selecting your initial squad and will allow you to come certain conclusions as to your lineup composition. We begin by looking at the goalkeepers.


Median amount of points for different price ranges

Firstly, let’s take a look at the graph that shows us how many points the average goalkeeper of the corresponding price could yearn for our team in the previous season. The more you pay - the more points you get trend is quite clear with the only exception - keepers priced at 5.5. The main reason for it is the great performance of goalkeepers who were priced at 5.0 at the beginning of the season. Some of this is due to each save being credited 0,5 points on Fanteram. 

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Goalkeepers with 150+ points

It is 5.0 keepers that claim the most spots in our second graph where only the best keepers are shown. What is important is that all price categories have their representatives in the 150+ points club. This proves again that hidden gems could be found irrespective of their price. A million saved on the goalkeeper may allow you to reinvest upfront making your squad better. 


Ownership% in GW1

Ownership over 10% in GW1

These two graphs show which keepers were the most popular among users before the start of the season. We must emphasize that Henderson was two times popular at season start than the second most-owned keeper Alison. His 4.0 price at season start was to blame, no doubt about that. No one can pass up a starting goalkeeper at such a price  Brighton, surprisingly, take the second place as they were the only team with 2 keepers with ownership over 10%, thanks to Button who was used by managers as a cheap sub.


Ownership% in GW38


Ownership over 5% in GW38

Now let’s move to the final gameweek of the season. Did the situation change? Drastically! Henderson lost his lead, while 15% of users still owned one of either Pope or Ederson. It is worth noting that there were three new faces among the most popular keepers (Patricio, De Gea and Schmeichel) compared with GW1. All of the aforementioned three were middle-priced keepers (5.0-5.5).

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Amount of points for impact scored


Impact points for keepers with 150+ points

Impact has a massive influence on the number of fantasy points players score on FanTeam. For example, Alisson got about 15% of his points thanks to Liverpool's good results (+1 point for the player if his is winning while he is on the pitch). Goalkeepers from teams in the middle of the table do not gain a lot of additional points for the impact as evidenced in the chart above. Some of them, like Dubravka from Newcastle, even lost 5 points for impact as his club lost more than won.



The last piece of data that we are going to touch upon in the article is the number of saves made by keepers. Each save earns you 0.5 points on FanTeam, which is different from the FPL official game. This graph correlates with the previous one as the teams that lose more games concede more shots than the teams that win more often. The leader in this category is Martin Dubravka. He stopped 39 shots which is equal to 69.5 points for your team, compensating for his lack of impact points

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There are a few things to take away from this analysis. Let me quickly summarize:

  • Top point-earners came from three different price categories on FanTeam last year
  • Premium keepers from top sides (like Alisson or Ederson) scored a lot of points thanks to impact
  • Saves make up a large chunk of points earned for goalkeepers from smaller clubs (Pope, Dubravka)

I hope this article was of interest as we all prepare to enter the ultimate quest for the €200,000 going to the champions of Fanteam's  €million game! See you soon as we look at Defenders in our next article.



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