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Fanteam's €250K Champions League Game: Quick Assembly Chart

Short on time before the start of the main European club competition and didn't have time to read any of the previews? Here is one of our handy sortable charts you can use to quickly throw a team together. Premium picks and differentials go hand in hand, so you can have a little bit of both in your team. To make planning long-term easier, we have added a fixture ticker for each player and their price in Fanteam's €250K UEFA Champions League Game. You can sort all of them by price, position and group as well. Good luck with last-minute tinkering!



Team Name Position Type Opponents Price
A. Man City Ederson GK Premium RBL-PSG-BRU-BRU-PSG-RBL 7.5
A. Man City Grealish MF Diff. RBL-PSG-BRU-BRU-PSG-RBL 10.5
A. Man City Dias DF Premium RBL-PSG-BRU-BRU-PSG-RBL 7.5
A. Man City Sterling MF Diff. RBL-PSG-BRU-BRU-PSG-RBL 11.0
A. Man City Jesus FW Diff. RBL-PSG-BRU-BRU-PSG-RBL 10.5
A. PSG Messi FW Premium BRU-MCI-RBL-RBL-MCI-BRU 13.5
A. PSG Neymar FW Premium BRU-MCI-RBL-RBL-MCI-BRU 12.5
A. PSG Mbappe FW Premium BRU-MCI-RBL-RBL-MCI-BRU 13.0
A. PSG Hakimi DF Premium BRU-MCI-RBL-RBL-MCI-BRU 8.0
A. PSG Marquinhos DF Diff. BRU-MCI-RBL-RBL-MCI-BRU 7.5
A. Leipzig Szoboszlai MF Diff. MCI-BRU-PSG-PSG-BRU-MCI 8.5
A. Brugge Lang MF Diff. PSG-RBL-MCI-MCI-RBL-PSG 6.5
B. Liverpool Alisson GK Premium MIL-POR-ATM-ATM-POR-MIL 8.0
B. Liverpool van Dijk DF Premium MIL-POR-ATM-ATM-POR-MIL 8.0
B. Liverpool Al.-Arnold DF Diff. MIL-POR-ATM-ATM-POR-MIL 8.5
B. Liverpool Salah MF Premium MIL-POR-ATM-ATM-POR-MIL 13.0
B. Liverpool Mane MF Diff. MIL-POR-ATM-ATM-POR-MIL 12.0
B. Liverpool Jota FW Diff. MIL-POR-ATM-ATM-POR-MIL 11.0
B. Atletico Oblak GK Diff. POR-MIL-LIV-LIV-MIL-POR 7.5
B. Atletico Gimenez DF Diff. POR-MIL-LIV-LIV-MIL-POR 7.0
B. Milan Hernandez DF Diff. LIV-ATM-POR-POR-ATM-LIV 7.0
B. Milan Brahim Diaz MF Diff. LIV-ATM-POR-POR-ATM-LIV 7.5
B. Porto Luis Diaz MF Diff. ATM-LIV-MIL-MIL-LIV-ATM 7.5
C. Borussia Haaland FW Premium BES-SPO-AJA-AJA-SPO-BES 13.5
C. Borussia Reus FW Diff. BES-SPO-AJA-AJA-SPO-BES 10.5
C. Borussia Meunier DF Diff. BES-SPO-AJA-AJA-SPO-BES 7.5
C. Ajax Haller FW Diff. SPO-BES-DOR-DOR-BES-SPO 8.5
C. Ajax Mazraoui DF Diff. SPO-BES-DOR-DOR-BES-SPO 7.0
C. Sporting Adan GK Diff. AJA-DOR-BES-BES-DOR-AJA 6.5
C. Sporting P. Goncalves MF Diff. AJA-DOR-BES-BES-DOR-AJA 8.0
C. Besiktas Batshuayi FW Diff. DOR-AJA-SPO-SPO-AJA-DOR 7.5
D. Real Madrid Courtois MF Premium INT-SHE-SHA-SHA-SHE-INT 8.0
D. Real Madrid Benzema FW Premium INT-SHE-SHA-SHA-SHE-INT 13.5
D. Real Madrid Alaba DF Diff. INT-SHE-SHA-SHA-SHE-INT 8.0
D. Real Madrid Vinicius MF Diff. INT-SHE-SHA-SHA-SHE-INT 10.5
D. Inter Lautaro FW Diff. RMA-SHA-SHE-SHE-SHA-RMA 10.0
D. Shakhtar Dodo DF Diff. SHE-INT-RMA-RMA-INT-SHE 6.0
D. Shakhtar Solomon MF Diff. SHE-INT-RMA-RMA-INT-SHE 7.5
D. Sheriff Traore MF Diff. SHA-RMA-INT-INT-RMA-SHA 6.5
E. Bayern Lewandowski FW Premium BAR-DYN-BEN-BEN-DYN-BAR 14.5
E. Bayern Muller MF Premium BAR-DYN-BEN-BEN-DYN-BAR 11.5
E. Bayern Davies DF Premium BAR-DYN-BEN-BEN-DYN-BAR 8.0
E. Bayern Neuer GK Premium BAR-DYN-BEN-BEN-DYN-BAR 8.0
E. Bayern Goretzka MF Diff. BAR-DYN-BEN-BEN-DYN-BAR 8.5
E. Barcelona Depay FW Premium BAY-BEN-DYN-DYN-BEN-BAY 10.5
E. Barcelona Alba DF Diff. BAY-BEN-DYN-DYN-BEN-BAY 8.0
E. Benfica Grimaldo DF Diff. DYN-BAR-BAY-BAY-BAR-DYN 7.0
E. Benfica Rafa Silva MF Diff. DYN-BAR-BAY-BAY-BAR-DYN 8.0
E. Dynamo Tsygankov MF Diff. BEN-BAY-BAR-BAR-BAY-BEN 7.5
F. Man United Fernandes MF Premium YOU-VIL-ATA-ATA-VIL-YOU 12.5
F. Man United Ronaldo FW Diff. YOU-VIL-ATA-ATA-VIL-YOU 13.0
F. Man United Shaw DF Diff. YOU-VIL-ATA-ATA-VIL-YOU 8.0
F. Villarreal Pau Torres DF Diff. ATA-MUN-YOU-YOU-MUN-ATA 6.5
F. Villarreal Moreno FW Diff. ATA-MUN-YOU-YOU-MUN-ATA 8.5
F. Atalanta Maehle DF Diff. VIL-YOU-MUN-MUN-YOU-ATA 7.0
F. Atalanta Malinovskiy MF Diff. VIL-YOU-MUN-MUN-YOU-ATA 8.0
F. Young Boys Siebatcheu FW Diff. MUN-ATA-VIL-VIL-ATA-MUN 7.5
G. Lille Yazici MF Diff. WOL-RBS-SEV-SEV-RBS-WOL 7.5
G. Sevilla Acuna DF Diff. RBS-WOL-LIL-LIL-WOL-RBS 6.5
G. Sevilla En-Nesyri FW Diff. RBS-WOL-LIL-LIL-WOL-RBS 10.5
G. Wolfsburg Mbabu DF Diff. LIL-WOL-RBS-RBS-WOL-LIL 6.5
G. Wolfsburg Weghorst FW Diff. LIL-WOL-RBS-RBS-WOL-LIL 9.0
G. Salzburg Kristensen DF Diff. SEV-LIL-WOL-WOL-LIL-SEV 7.0
G. Salzburg Adeyemi FW Diff. SEV-LIL-WOL-WOL-LIL-SEV 7.5
H. Chelsea Mendy GK Premium ZEN-JUV-MAL-MAL-JUV-ZEN 8.0
H. Chelsea Alonso DF Premium ZEN-JUV-MAL-MAL-JUV-ZEN 8.0
H. Chelsea Mount MF Diff. ZEN-JUV-MAL-MAL-JUV-ZEN 10.5
H. Chelsea Lukaku FW Premium ZEN-JUV-MAL-MAL-JUV-ZEN 14.0
H. Chelsea Havertz MF Diff. ZEN-JUV-MAL-MAL-JUV-ZEN 12.0
H. Juventus Alex Sandro DF Diff. MAL-CHE-ZEN-ZEN-CHE-MAL 7.5
H. Juventus Dybala FW Premium MAL-CHE-ZEN-ZEN-CHE-MAL 10.0
H. Zenit Claudinho MF Diff. CHE-MAL-JUV-JUV-MAL-CHE 7.0
H. Zenit Azmoun FW Diff. CHE-MAL-JUV-JUV-MAL-CHE 7.5
H. Malmo Birmancevic MF Diff. JUV-ZEN-CHE-CHE-ZEN-JUV 7.0




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