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2 weeks ago

FanTeam's 250K Champions League Game: Strategy and Must-Owns

Champions League is back, and FanTeam has rolled out a huge 250,000€ guaranteed tournament for all the fans of the best club competition in Europe. The tournmanet will last 6 gameweeks, excluding playoffs. In this article, we will discuss the right strategy for the tournament and must-have picks.


Tournament Info

  • The tournament covers only the group stage of the Uefa Champions League
  • You should pick 11+4 players for your squad
  • There are 2 transfers available each gameweek 
  • The game starts on October, 20th

General Strategy

As Europe is still dealing with a lot of new COVID-19 cases every day, it adds a lot of uncertainty as far as our fantasy squads are concerned. It is hard to predict whether all your players will be able to come on the pitch when needed and that is why I advise paying even much more attention than usual to your bench players.

Typically, a lot of fantasy managers would fill the bench with the cheapest players who fail to score a single point investing heavily in the starting XI. This year such a strategy will likely not pay off as there is a strong chance that players might suffer from the virus or put on quarantine.

Bear in mind that the schedule of the group stage is different this year. We have 2 periods of three consecutive weeks of Champions League football with a three-week pause between them.

That’s why I suggest saving at least 1 transfer before Gameweek 3 so that you have at least three transfers going into Gameweek 4

Such a measure will definitely help you in case your players get a lot of injuries which can definitely happen in a period of three weeks.

As the tournament consists of only 6 gameweeks, you have to come up with unconventional decisions to not just be ITM but to reach Top-10 or climb even higher.

Analyze small teams as their leaders could provide you with real value (more on that in our second article soon),

pay attention to the bookies odds and find out which groups will be good for taking players with offensive returns and which - for players with potential cleansheets.

We have already mentioned it, but I believe it is worth noting one more time — don’t try to put all the star players in your squad, make your squad balanced. That will help you when making transfers as you will be able to substitute players of the same price category quite easily while spending your budget rationally.

It goes without saying that you should have 2-3 premium players to build your team around. It is high time we presented these worthy candidates to you!


Must-Have Picks

Lionel Messi (Barcelona) - 12.5

Leo is not the most expensive player in the game anymore but after the draw, it looks rather differential to leave the Barcelona star out of your team. Lovely matches against Dinamo Kyiv and Ferencvaros can see Messi notch double-digit hauls in at least half of Barcelona games at the group stage. The only possible disadvantage is the fact that Barca could likely reach the knockout stage after 4 matches, giving Messi a rest in the last 2 games of Group G.

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Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) - 7.0

Spending 7.0 on Sergio Ramos, you get a person who takes penalties for Real Madrid, presumably one of the best teams in Europe at the moment. Moreover, the Spanish defender provides a constant aerial threat on all team corners and indirect free-kicks. Do not forget about possible cleansheets either. After the restart of the season, La Liga champions registered 9 cleansheets in 16 games, while Ramos scored 7 goals in all competitions. Impressive stats taking into account we are talking about a defender.


Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) - 13.5

Of course, we can’t pas by the reigning winners of the Champions League. I am absolutely certain that it is possible to find a proper player for any position of your team in the Bayern squad. Kimmich, Davies, Neuer, Gnabry and Lewandowski are not cheap but consistent ways to get loads of fantasy points for your team. Since the season 2012/13, the Polish striker found the back of the net  67 times in 84 games with 15 goals in 10 matches of the last campaign. 

P.S. Robert got a knock in the international game against Team Italy, so it is necessary to follow the latest news before the start of the UCL game to understand whether Robert will take part in its first games.


Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) - 11.5

Manchester City is the team that has the best chance of winning their group according to bookies. While having some squad problems, there are 2 options that are beyond any dispute: Kevin de Bruyne and Raheem Sterling.

While many people consider the Belgian magician the best pick from City, I am inclined to believe that the British winger is at least not worse than de Bruyne. Giving the lack of healthy center-forwards at the moment, Raheem could be the one who deputises for both Jesus and Aguero. Having OOP player is always very good in terms of fantasy, especially in a team with such strong offensive potential like Man City.

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Mohammed Salah/Sado Mane (Liverpool) - 11.0/10.5

Liverpool got favourable opponent from the game style point of view. Atalanta, Ajax and Midtjylland are the teams that won’t be able to create a lot of difficulties for the Liverpool attack, and I expect this quartet to be the group with the most goals. No doubt that it is Salah and Mane who are going to benefit from such attacking-minded opponents.

Tough call to select any of them but penalty duties make Salah a little more favorable. The Senegalese has almost recovered after the COVID-19 so there is one less reason he could miss the Champions League games this autumn.


In the second part of our Champions League preview, we are going to cover value picks that are going to help you make your FanTeam CL squads balanced enough. See you soon!



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