5 days ago

Fanteam's €250K UEFA Champions League Fixtures & Prices Charts

Handy charts for you to quickly assess every group of the upcoming Champions League €250K contest at FanTeam, draft your initial team and help with transfers as the action unfolds. The contest is CL group stage only, so here is all the information about the fixtures, odds and average price for every club and every position you will ever need. Good luck, champions!




Matvey, also known as Montafly is a big fantasy fan, Excel master and music lover who likes making useful spreadsheets and digging up interesting statistics for fantasy games. He has been playing DFS since 2019 on FanTeam and for 10 years on FPL. FanTeam's 2019 Winter Championship of Fantasy Football finalist. FanTeam's 2021 Spring Championship of Fantasy Football finalist and prize-winner. 38th in FanTeam EURO 2020 £1M Game