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FanTeam's €500,000 Tournament: Overview and Tips to Qualify

Spring Championship of Fantasy Football with a never-seen-before €500,000 guaranteed prize pool starts on May 19. In this article, we will provide advice on how to qualify for this mega event for a little as 2 euros, touch upon the tournament format and its history. Interviews with former WCOFF champions, embedded into the article, will help you understand their thought process and key decisions made during the tournament.

There is still plenty of time to win seats in the Finals with satellites running every day, read on for tips on how to maximize your chances of qualifying.

But first of all, let us begin with a quick overview of the tournament format. 


Tournament History and Overview

FanTeam launched its World/Spring Championships of Fantasy Football (WCOFF/SCOFF) three years ago with what at the time seemed a massive €30,000 prize pool. A place in this English Premier League tournament could only be won via satellites and the player count was capped at 30. 

Over the past two years, the tournament has grown into Europe’s largest and most exciting event with life-changing money to be won.

The Spring World Championship of Fantasy Football has a massive €500,000 prize pool with €100,000 in line for the champion. 

The tournament is played across two gameweeks (English Premier League GW37 and GW38) with different daily fantasy lineups required to be entered by qualified participants each gameweek. The team with the highest total across these 2 gameweeks will earn its owner the champion crown and €100,000 to go with it. 

How to Get In

There are satellites for this massive competition aplenty starting with just €1 buy-in, and it's not all about football – you can win SCOFF tickets by playing ice-hockey, basketball, CS:GO and other DFS tournaments found in FanTeam lobby. Just look for keywords “SCOFF Satellite” in the tournament description or set the filter to “satellites”  in the game selection tab.

There are direct satellites (usually €11-55 per entry) and cheaper Step 1 €2 satellites available with €55 tickets to be won. Finishing in the top-2 or top-3 of these Step 2 tournaments will earn you a seat in the Finals worth €1,100. 

Of course, you can pay the €1,100 entry fee and skip the qualifying part if your pockets are deep enough, but for those looking to enter via satellites, we will have some advice on how to do so from some of the best in the DFS business later on.


Former Champions

Do not think this a competition meant fo regs with huge bankrolls. Both regulars and newbies with little experience on FanTeam had won the event in the past.  

The last WCOFF held in January of 2021 was indeed won by by one of Fanteam’s top-earners of all time – daaceofdiamonds. You can read the interview we did with the man shortly after his victory worth €50,000. 

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The story of the previous winner is, arguably, even more exciting. Fscottl, a relative newbie in the world of DFS at the time, qualified for the Finals via Step 1 €2 satellite. Having won that, he then proceeded to win Step2 €55 tournament earning him a seat in WCOFF 2019.  

Sitting in first place after day 1 of the Finals, he was the underdog to win it with many regulars at his heels. Despite all the odds, he stayed at the top after Day 2 even though his captain (DeBryune against Everton at home) returned just 8 points. You may read about his thought process before the tournament and going into Day 2, key decisions and emotions in this interview. 

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Fscottls example, much like real football, shows that anyone can come on top in a 2-leg cup tie.

If you are worried about regulars having an unfair advantage with multiple tickets in hand, don't worry:

a single user may not enter more than 10 teams

Many regulars have already reached the maximum quota, so there should be fewer sharks in the satellite waters now. That is why now is probably the best time to attack the qualifiers if you haven't already netted a few WCOFF tickets. If that is not the case, here is advice from Fanteam’s best of the best.


Tips on How to Qualify for SCOFF 2021

We understand different players have different bankrolls, that is why we have asked some of FanTeam's best ever managers to share their thoughts on how to qualify for SCOFF based on the amount of money you are willing to risk. Advice will be given for three categories:
  • €2-50 
  • €50-100
  • €100+
The first to share his advice is no other than our fellow DraftGym crew member – khan –  3rd place finisher in the WCOFF 2020 with €100K+ in total profit. 
"If your budget is between 10 and 50 euros, the best way is to play €2.75 satellites with the aim of winning a ticket worth €55. These tickets could be used in FanTeam’s Step 2 Direct Satellites. I recommend entering those that have at least 3 SCOFF tickets in line for the winners (check tournament lobby for prize distribution).
There will be contests such as NHL Power Play Step 2 Direct Satellite with 5 seats guaranteed and NBA Monster Step 2 Direct Satellite with 10 seats guaranteed, for example. Trying your luck in them is worth it even if you don’t play these sports often.
The same plan could be applied to the budget of 50-100 euros, which allows you to make a couple more entries into €2.75 satellites. If your budget is bigger than 100 euros, you may try to enter FanTeam’s €11 Direct Satellites as well. A single entry into these contests generally isn’t enough, so I recommend entering at least 3-4 lineups to maximize your chances."
The next piece of advice comes from talentfrei  – a top reg from Germany – 6th on FanTeam's all-time profit list.
"In my opinion, the best way to qualify with a small budget is playing the €2.75 qualifiers trying to win some €55tickets. Waiting for a slate/qualifier that perfectly suits your style and entering with all your tickets at once to increase your chance might be something to consider. With a bigger budget, the 11€ qualifier are probably the best because they rarely fill and have a bigger overlay. But I personally would not play them with a budget lower than €1000."
Save the best for last – FanTeam's all-time leader in profit with 200K+ in overall winnings TTriBL with his words of wisdom:
"The Spring Championship of Fantasy Football starting in two weeks is undoubtedly Europe's greatest daily fantasy contest to date. Qualifying for it means being a part of a truly memorable and historic event. Thanks to the satellite qualifying system set by Fanteam, anyone can win a seat in the Finals. But there aren't enough places for everyone. Keep that in mind when entering satellite competitions. I hope my advice will help you make it. 

Imagine you are one of EPL's twenty teams vying for the title in a universe where each team's chances to win are equal. In the end, only one team will win the title and you are in a similar spot to win a €2.75 satellite. Then you will be in the same situation once again with your €55 Step2 satellite entry. There is no middle ground, no satisfaction of making it to the top-10, only finishing first matter. My advice - take risks, play unconventionally and go for the win!
If your bankroll is around €100-200, use it to enter mostly €2.75 Step1 satellites mixing in a couple of €11 entries. With a bankroll of €500+, you may try entering more expensive €55 Step2 tournaments. 

There are still many places in the finals still up for grabs with just 2 weeks till the SCOFF start. Most of Fanteam's top regulars have already won their 10 tickets or will till the end of this week. This means almost anyone has a chance to qualify for this mega-event for the European Daily Fantasy scene. I reckon there will be a lot more satellites on offer in the coming two weeks, and playing those might turn out very prudent and profitable. Best of luck to you!"
Alexey Bobrov

Alexey Bobrov

Alexey, also known as KJIIOIIIKA, has been playing daily fantasy football since 2015 on various European sites. Scratches his fantasy itch on FanTeam, where he has a net profit of €6000+ with more than 2500 tournaments played and a 30%+ ROI. FanTeam's 2018 World Championship of Fantasy Football finalist. As Head of Content at DraftGym, his mission is to help our young European fantasy community grow. A proud father of two, plays ice-hockey at the regional level, loves board games.