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10 months ago

FanTeam's Euro 2020 Best & Differential Picks for Play-Offs

EURO 2020 Playoffs are starting tomorrow, Saturday, June 26,  with Wales -Denmark and Italy-Austria. Hopefully, your teams are doing great in the unprecedented £1,000,000 guaranteed tournament on FanTeam with the mandatory Wilcdcard activated for all managers after the Group stage. It is time to set your teams for the knockout rounds, ladies and gents. In this preview, I will be sharing my thoughts on players worth adding to your fantasy squads, based on their performances in the group stage.


De Bruyne (M, 12.5) and Lukaku (F, 11.5) are the most obvious and probably the only pickable options from Belgium, in my opinion. Meunier (D, 5.7) showed us his great attacking potential in the match against Russia, but Belgium's potential opponents are hard to keep a clean sheet against. No centre-back has emerged with decent underlying stats during the group stage and there's still big uncertainty about nailed players.

Mertens (F, 9.0) is not a secure starter anymore while Thorgan Hazard (M, 10.5), who had  1+1 in the first two matches, is priced way too high for my liking. He's also a step away from suspension with a yellow card. 

Single cautions will reset on completion of the quarter-finals stage of the tournament

Must-have: De Bruyne, Lukaku
Differential pick:
Suspension risk: T. Hazard



Cristiano Ronaldo (F, 10.2) has scored 5 goals and made 1 assist in the group stage. This phenomenal result from the Portuguese genius makes him a great standalone pick even despite Portugal chances to qualify for the quarter-finals. He is hard to stack with anyone else as Bruno (M, 8.9) and Bernardo Silva (M, 8.0) aren't nailed anymore. Jota (F, 8.1) is still a decent pick, but he takes up another striker slot, which is not good at all.

Must-have: Ronaldo
Differential pick: Jota
Suspension risk: Ruben Dias


Italy were brilliant in the group stage. They've won all of their matches with a 7-0 goal difference. If you are looking for defensive options from Italy, Spinazzola (D, 5.6) with his big involvement in attack has to be your first choice. Leo has made one assist and he has also had chances to score. Of course, his ownership will be massive, so if you need a more differential option, then Di Lorenzo (D, 5.5) is a good shout.

He has played just one and a half matches following Florenzi's injury and didn't do anything attacking wise. He brought a lot of attacking returns in his two latest seasons for Napoli, so he is worth considering.

Bonucci (D, 5.5) and Donnaruma (G, 6.0) deserve to be in your watchlist too, but they will be popular picks as well.

Immobile (F, 9,2) and Insigne (M, 8.1) are strong candidates to be picked if you like your current rank and want to keep it. Berardi (M, 7.6) is more appealing with decent price and enticing stats in the group stage. He is the best in his team for box touches (12), created chances (6) and assists (2). He's also second-best in attempts to score (7 shots and 3 inside box) along with Insigne. Locatelli's (M, 6.7) 2 goals against Switzerland were a rather random occurrence, so I wouldn't expect more attacking returns from him. 

If you forgot about Jorginho (M, 7.0), now is the right time to remember him. He doesn't have attacking returns yet, but he still has to be main penalty taker and he is 2nd for chances created after Berardi.

Must-have: Spinazzola, Immobile, Insigne
Differential pick: Di Lorenzo, Berardi, Jorginho
Suspension risk: Pessina



To be honest, I would avoid all  Austrian players even if you think they beat Italy. Their main creative player is Alaba (D, 5.0), but all of us were disappointed with his deep-lying position in the group stage. He managed to get 2 assists anyways but at the same time he has already been booked.

Lainer (D, 5.0) with one goal against North Macedonia has a yellow card as well. Sabitzer (M, 5.6) has played every single minute in the group stage and he's the best for shots among his teammates. If I hadto pick someone from Austria, I would choose him.

Must-have: —
Differential pick: Sabitzer
Suspension risk: Alaba, Lainer, Bachmann



We saw another spirited performance from Mbappe (F, 12.7) but despite his level play, he only has 2 fantasy assists so far to his name. He's still the best for shots (8), shots inside box (6), big chances (3) and penalty touches (27), so I think his haul is near.

Griezmann (F, 10.4) has taken all set-piece duties except penalties and he has even scored once, but I like Mbappe and Benzema (F, 9.8) more. Antoine plays deeper than them, his priority is to provide assists rather than scoring goals. He's also one card away from suspension. Benzema has scored a penalty against Portugal and he's 2nd for shots (7).

We can't ignore the fact that all of France's defenders except Varane (D, 6.5) and their goalkeeper Lloris have got a yellow card. At the same time, Varane is the most nailed pick here so I think he's the only choice. Considering their average defensive stats in the group stage, there's no big sense in stacking him with other defenders anyways.

Pogba (M, 8.4) was excellent in the 3 matches played. He has created 2 big chances and made one assist. We can't expect a lot of attacking returns from him, but he's definitely a good differential.

Must-have: Mbappe, Benzema, Varane
Differential pick: Pogba
Suspension risk: Griezmann, Hernandez, Pavard, Kimpembe, Lloris


For the most part, it has to be Shaqiri (M, 7.0) or nobody. I really like Embolo's (F, 6.1) performance and stats, but it's so risky to pick him, considering his possible suspension. Seferovic's (F, 6.5) numbers are not too far away from Embolo's, and he is joint-best for chances created along with Rodriguez and Shaqiri. If I go all-in on Switzerland, I would pick Zuber (M, 4.5) with his crazy 3 assists against Turkey and the current left wing-back position.

Must-have: Shaqiri
Differential pick: Seferovic, Zuber
Suspension risk: Embolo, Gavranovic, Schar, Xhaka, Mbabu


It's quite strange to name Morata (F, 9.9) as a must-have option, remembering his unlucky misses and high cost. But he's still the best for shots (11), shots inside box (10), big chances (5) and box touches (24) in his team. It looks like Luis Enrique is still counting on him, so we will as well. I have to mention that we don't know who will be the Spanish main penalty taker after 2 misses from the penalty spot in a row (1 from Morata → 1 from Moreno).

Moreno (F, 8.0) is a very solid differential pick, in my opinion. He's second for shots (9), shots inside box (7), big chances (3), box touches (16), chances created, and I really like his price. I don't see secure options from midfield, since Olmo and Ferran Torres were dropped last time.

We can play the risky game and pick Sarabia (M, 7.5) after his massive performance against Slovakia (1+2), but this a move for the players needing to improve their current rank massively.

We can't be really glad about the yellow card from Alba (D, 6.5), but I'm sure it's worth choosing him anyway. His attacking potential is huge, and we can take a risk with Jordi just like we did before the Euros when it wasn't clear who would play at left-back.

If you're not ready to take the suspension risk, there're Unai Simon (G, 5.9) and Laporte (6.0). They are certain to start and don't have yellow cards.

Must-have: Simon, Laporte, Morata, Alba
Differential pick: Moreno, Sarabia
Suspension risk: Alba, Busquets, Pau Torres, Rodri


Croatia's defence isn't safe and they will face a very strong opponent, so I would ignore all of their defensive assets. There's a lot of uncertainty about nailed attacking players, that's why I would count on the most secure assets from Croatia's attack. Modric (M, 7.4) and Perisic (F, 7.9) are their main goal threat and I wouldn't pick anyone besides them.

Must-have: —
Differential pick: Modric, Perisic
Suspension risk: Brozovic, Caleta-Car, Kovacic



Sweden have demonstrated their strong defensive potential in their 2 first matches. They have also showed us their ability to score a lot of goals against Poland. Sweden are the cheapest team among those with decent chances to qualify to the next round, so it would be really difficult to ignore them.

Olsen (G, 4.7) has to be your 1st choice here. I am predicting Sweden to let Ukraine have the ball and defend looking to counter. Lustig and Danielson have yellow cards, while Augustinsson's (D, 4.6) attacking potential is higher than Lindelof, so I see him as the best defender to pick.

Forsberg (M, 5.6) has scored 3 goals and, of course, he will have big ownership. If you need a differential one, you have to focus on Isak (F, 5.5) or Kulusevski (F, 6.0).

Isak has played really well but he hasn't brought any attacking returns. Looking at his massive stats (1st for big created chances, box touches, big chances and 2nd best by shots), you understand it's just a matter of time. Kulusevski was subbed on vs Poland and had 2 assists. 

Must-have: Olsen, Augustinsson, Forsberg
Differential pick: Isak, Kulusevski
Suspension risk: Danielson, Lustig, K. Olsson


Ukraine's defence have played really badly, so it's hard to count on them. The one and the only defensive pick I like is Karavayev (D, 4.5) with his 5 created chances (2nd best), 14 box touches (3rd best) and 3 shots with 2 inside box in the group stage.

Yarmolenko (M, 6.3) has scored 2 goals and contributed 1 assist in the 3 matches. He is also the Ukrainian main penalty taker, so if you like their chances to beat Sweden, Andriy has to be your first choice. I like Yaremchuk's (F, 5.8) involvement more than that of Malinovskyi, that's why Roman is the best player to stack with Yarmolenko.

Must-have: Yarmolenko
Differential pick: Karavayev, Yaremchuk
Suspension risk: Shaparenko, Sydorchuk


I doubt there's at least one person on planet Earth who did like England's attacking play in the group stage. I just can't recommend their pricey attacking assets after that, sorry. But their defense's potential is much better, and I would even think about stacking 3 of them in some of my teams.

Stones (D, 6.0) is the most nailed defender but his ownership has to be huge. Shaw (D, 6.5) is riskier but it looks like he will be the first option at left-back. He's also the best for chances created (4 and 1 big) despite playing just 2/3 matches.

Maguire (D, 6.5) is another one to watch after his return in the last match, but I really like Pickford (G, 7.0) as a differential. I think there will be a lot of managers who avoid him because of his high price. England will definitely play defensively gain vs Germany, so there's a good chance to get a lot of saves from him.

Must-have: Stones
Differential pick: Shaw, Pickford, Maguire
Suspension risk: Foden



There are a lot of important players with the risk of being suspended if they qualify to the quarter-finals. I likethat  Gosens (D, 5.7) isn't one of them, so we can't ignore him after his great performance against Portugal. Hummels (D, 5.8) is another one to watch, considering he has 5 shots (2nd best) inside the box and 1 assist.

Havertz has very solid stats but he has a yellow card and I really doubt Germany will score a lot of goals against England even if they beat them. Gnabry and Muller had 0 returns in  the group stage and their stats look ordinary. If I need a pick from Germany's midfield, Kroos (M, 7.5) will be my only choice with his set-piece duties and 2nd best numbers for created chances.

Must-have: Gosens
Differential pick: Hummels, Kroos
Suspension risk: Ginter, Gundogan, Havertz, Kimmich, Sane



Depay (M, 8.5), Wijnaldum (M, 7.1) and Dumfries (D, 5.9) have to be your picks, there's nothing else to say.

Okay, you can consider Stekelenburg (G, 4.7) because of his price. De Ligt (D, 6.0) was close to scoring a goal once. Malen (F, 7.5) has played a really good game against North Macedonia, but he's still not a secure starter.

I'm serious, just pick DWD and rest assured.

Must-have: Depay, Wijnaldum, Dumfries
Differential pick: de Ligt, Malen
Suspension risk: de Roon


Czech Republic were solid in the group stage, but their next opponent is tough. I think it makes little sense to spend your budget on Czech defensive picks.

If we talk about attacking assets, Schick (F, 5.3) will be our first choice. I think he won't have big ownership, but if you need an even more differential option, you should pick Jankto (M, 4.5). He has played just 191 minutes, but he's the best for created chances (7) and 2nd best for box touches (7). 

Must-have: —
Differential pick: Schick, Jankto
Suspension risk: Hlozek, Masopust



Wales don't score and don't concede a lot. Let's not forget the fact they have qualified to the semi-finals in the last Euro, playing similarly. Denmark is a strong opponent but Wales's chances to beat them are not out of the question. Denmark is the best team for shots on target (21) and 2nd for shots (59 — just one shot away from Italy). But they are just 18th for goal conversion (8.5%).

We can use all this info and pick Ward (G, 4.6). A defensive stack is maybe too much, but if you're going all-in, Connor Roberts (D, 4.6) is the best candidate to stack.

Bale (M, 6.2) is the obvious one but I would keep an eye on Ramsey (M, 5.1) and James (M, 5.0) too. Ramsey has scored 1 goal, he is the best for box touches along with Bale and all of their 4 shots inside box were big chances. James is the main set-piece taker except for penalties and he's 1st forcreated chances (8).

Must-have: Bale
Differential pick: Ward, C. Roberts, Ramsey, James
Suspension risk: Allen, Gunter, B. Davies, Mepham, Moore


Denmark have no clean sheets but we can't ignore their left-back. Maehle (D, 4.5) has scored 1 goal, he's 2nd for chances created (5 and 1 big) and shots (7 and 5 were from inside box). He's also 1st for big chances (2) and shots on target (4). We could stack him with Wass who will take some of the corners but Daniel is under suspension risk. So, if you're looking for Maehle's partner, Kasper Schmeichel (G, 5.3) is the best candidate.

Braithwaite (F, 7.3) has 10 shots and he's the best by box touches, but I can't call him as a must-have or big differential pick. Maybe it's better to just avoid him and pick Hojbjerg (M, 6.6) who already has 3 assists. Pierre-Emile is also the best by created chances (9) and 3rd best by shots and shots inside box.

Must-have: Maehle
Differential pick: Hojbjerg, Schmeichel
Suspension risk: Damsgaard, Delaney, M. Jensen, Wass




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