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FanTeam's Million Game Analysis: Forwards

With less than 24 hours before the start of the new season, we are finishing our series of articles analysing 2019/20 FanTeam season game. Our last part is about the most effective forwards of the previous season.


Median number of points for different price ranges

Forward scores seem to be the most evenly distributed across different price categories. For example, if we comapre median points for attackers priced at 6.5 and 12.0, the difference is only about 30 points. There was no such a strong "the cheaper the forward - the less points you will get" tendency that other positions had last season.


Forwards with 150+ points

The next graph is another proof of our previous judgement. Among the topscorers there are a lot of forwards priced below 10.0. Of course, one season analysis is not enough to make such conclusions but the forwards from the teams situated in the middle of the table don't seem to be less effective than those priced at 10.0 and above.


Ownership% in GW1 (sum)


Ownership over 15% in GW1

Bournemouth figures look really striking, don't they? And even more unusual is the fact that both Cherries strikers were extremely popular at the start of the previous season. A lot of managers prefer to give one forward spot to a very cheap attacker that's why Mason Greenwood was so heavily owned despite the fact that he didn't have a secured place in the starting squad in the beginning of 2019/20 season.


Ownership% in GW38 (sum)


Ownership over 15% in GW38

The situation is completely different at the end of the season as the most owned forwards are those who are capable of scoring a lot of points. Necessary to note that last EPL season lacked top-team forward that scored a lot and did it consistently. To my mind, this is the only reason why we have 7 equally owned forwards at the finish of the tournament.


Number of points for impact scored


Impact points for forwards with 150+ points

Impact points do not have much influence on forwards' scores. They account for 5%, in rare cases 10% of overall scores. We need to treat Roberto Firmino as an exception here - almost 15% of his points are scored mainly thanks to Liverpool wins. None of top forwards have a negative impact, only Danny Ings has one that is equal to 0.



  • Unlike other positions, the price couldn't be a strong guarantee for a good performance throughout the season.
  • Impact points are not as important for attackers as for other positions.
  • A lot of managers at the start of the season try to find a very cheap forward for the third spot in their squad.

We hope the series of articles will help you make the right decisions in FanTeam £million season game.



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