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FanTeam's Million Game Analysis: Midfielders

We continue a series of articles about the previous season on FanTeam as the One Million Game kick-off is edging closer and closer. Today, we look into the midfielders' stats to understand how to pick, arguably, the most important line of your squad.

Median number of points for different price ranges

Midfielders have the widest range of prices among all fantasy positions. So is the difference between the number of points earned. We can define three main groups of prices in which the number of points doesn't vary greatly. They are 5.0-7.0, 7.5-9.0 and 9.5-12.5. Finding the best and the cheapest options out of all these groups could help you form the midfield and, what is more, save some funds for improving other lines of your squad.


Midfielders with 170+ points

Necessary to note that there are no Leicester and Chelsea midfielders on the graph showing top performers of the season. All of those who got into the list played mostly as a forward (centre or winger) for their club except Kevin de Bruyne. And it was the Belgian who became not only the best midfielder but the best player of the season in terms of fantasy points. 

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Ownership% in GW1 (sum)


Over 15% in GW1

Many managers hesitate to start the season without De Bruyne or Sterling or even both of them which made Man City midfileders the most popular choice on Day 1. Some picks seem quite unusual now as the previous season was definitely not the best for Moura and Sigurdsson, but we should remember that sometimes players' form at the start of the season is rather deceptive due to performances in friendly games.


Ownership% in GW38 (sum)


Ownership over 15% in GW38

The ownership of Man City midfielders increased at the finish of the season — the game against Norwich is most likely the reason for this. Their rivals from United were also heavily supported as a lot of users jumped onto Bruno Fernandes's bandwagon in the second half of the season.

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Number of points for impact scored


Impact points for midfielders with 170+ points

The situation is pretty much the same as with defenders. Top players score a sufficient amount of points for impact on FanTeam. But its share is a little smaller for midfielders than defenders and comprises 10-12%. It is midfielders who are mainly influenced by this statistical feature in comparison to FPL as you have to think twice while choosing between, for example, Newcastle leader Allan Saint-Maximin and Liverpool starter in Georginio Wijnaldum. The latter scored 20 more points only thanks to impact.

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Here is what you should remember when picking midfielders on FanTeam:

  • It was possible to find a cheaper alternative for midfielders priced at 7.0, 9.0 and 12.0 in the previous season.
  • Midfielders in top teams scored 10-15% more thanks to the impact 
  • Even picks like Richarlison from such a decent team like Everton may have a negative impact on FanTeam


We hope that your picks in the midfield will earn you a lot of fantasy points next season on FanTeam. In the next article, we are going to analyse strikers as the English Premier League season is almost upon us.



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