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3 months ago

Fanteam's Monster [GW2]: Odds, Stacks, Players & Captains

In this Weekly Monster preview format, I look at average prices of defensive and attacking options to make stack selection process a bit easier for managers playing at FanTeam. I also single out and analyze a few matchups where both teams deserve our attention as far as Daily Fantasy is concerned. My Captaincy picks for the Weekly Monster can be found under each matchup as well.  


Bookies Odds


Team #1 Win #1 (%) CS#1 (%) G#1 Team #2 Win #2 (%) CS#2 G#2
1 LIV 80% 56% 2.43 BUR 6% 9% 0.59
2 AVL 53% 34% 1.74 NEW 23% 18% 1.08
3 CRY 36% 33% 1.13 BRE 34% 32% 1.11
4 LEE 41% 26% 1.53 EVE 31% 22% 1.35
5 MCI 87% 57% 2.79 NOR 4% 6% 0.57
6 BHA 55% 44% 1.62 WAT 17% 20% 0.83
7 WOL 29% 28% 1.04 TOT 41% 35% 1.27
8 SOU 18% 15% 0.98 MUN 59% 38% 1.88
9 ARS 20% 19% 0.95 CHE 53% 39% 1.65
10 WHU 37% 26% 1.40 LEI 35% 25% 1.35

• CS (%) — Clean Sheet Probablity
• G — Predicted Goals based on Bookie Odds


Aston Villa — Newcastle


Aston Villa

Best defensive pick: A. Young (DEF, 8.7)
Alternative defensive pick: Konsa (DEF, 8.2)

Best attacking pick: Ings (FWD, 11.0)
Alternative attacking pick: Buendia (MID, 10.5)
Differential: McGinn (MID, 9.6)

Best Stack: Young + Buendia + Ings
Alternative Stack: Konsa + Buendia + Watkins
Differential Stack: McGinn + Ings + Watkins

Secure Captain: Ings or Watkins (FWD, 10.6)
Differential Captain: —

Aston Villa didn't look confident in their match against Watford, but we can't ignore that their next opponent has conceded 4 (almost 5) goals recently. I don't like defensive stack for the home side this time, but Villa's attacking assets seem sensible investment.


Best defensive pick: Woodman (GK, 5.6)
Alternative defensive picks: Ritchie (DEF, 5.3) 
Differential: Clark (DEF, 5.1)

Best attacking pick: Wilson (FWD, 7.6)
Alternative attacking pick: Saint-Maximin (MID, 7.2)
Differential: Willock (MID, 6.6)

Best Stack: Woodman + Saint-Maximin + Wilson
Alternative Stack: Woodman + Willock + Wilson
Differential Stack: Ritchie + Clark + Wilson

Secure Captain: 
Differential Captain: —

Wilson and ASM are obvious attacking picks with reasonable price. I like Willock as a differential as well, remembering his phenomenal performances at the end of last season.

It makes little sense to play with Newcastle defensive stack, but I would risk it in a couple of my teams. Villa's attack weren't effective last time (their goals came from a long-range shot and a penalty – nothing from open play), so I like taking a chance with them for a differential side. There is Ritchie playing OOP, Woodman with a saved penalty and Clark with 3 shots in his last match.

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Manchester City — Norwich

Manchester City

Best defensive pick: Cancelo (DEF, 11.2)
Alternative defensive pick: Walker (DEF, 11.1)

Best attacking pick: Sterling (MID, 14.6) 
Alternative attacking pick: Mahrez (MID, 14.2)
Differential: Torres (MID, 13.6) / Gundogan (MID, 13.5)

Best Stack: Cancelo + Sterling + Mahrez
Alternative Stack: Sterling + Mahrez + Torres
Differential Stack: Sterling + Grealish + Gundogan

Secure Captain: Sterling/Mahrez
Differential Captain: Cancelo/Torres/Gundogan

I like de Bruyne as an attacking pick, but we need to make sure he's available and then pick or captain him. There are multiple ways of picking Man City players when they face small team like Norwich, so experiment as much as possible.


Best defensive pick: Krul (DEF, 4.7)

Best attacking pick: Pukki (FWD, 5.5)
Alternative attacking pick: Cantwell (MID, 5.2)
Differential: Rupp (MID, 4.0)

Best Stack: Cantwell + Pukki
Alternative Stack: Krul + Pukki

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: —

The Canaries cost too little to dub them a risky play. Man City's defence weren't too solid against Leicester & Tottenham. At the same time, you don't need a lot of points from Pukki or Rupp with his extremely low €4.0 price, so I think it makes sense to use one/two of them as a differential to save funds.


Crystal Palace — Brentford

Crystal Palace

Best defensive pick: Guaita (GK, 7.9)
Alternative defensive pick: Andersen (DEF, 7.0)

Best attacking pick: Zaha (MID, 9.0)
Alternative attacking pick: Benteke (FWD, 8.7)
Differential: Ayew (FWD, 8.6)

Best Stack: Guaita + Andersen + Zaha
Alternative Stack: Guaita + Zaha + Benteke

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: —

It's hard to find solid defensive picks with some attacking potential among Eagles after Van Aanholt and Cahill's departure. I like Andersen's potential because of couple of his attacking returns last season in Fulham. Zaha and Benteke are obvious picks, but there's no need to find anyone else, since we & bookies don't wait a lot of goals from this match.


Best defensive pick: Raya (GK, 7.7)
Alternative defensive pick: Pinnock (DEF, 6.9)
Differential: Ajer (DEF, 7.0)

Best attacking pick: Mbeumo (MID, 8.3)
Alternative attacking pick: Toney (FWD, 8.9)
Differential: Canos (MID, 8.2)

Best Stack: Raya + Pinnock + Mbeumo
Alternative Stack: Raya + Mbeumo + Toney
Differential Stack: Pinnock + Ajer + Canos

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: — 

Goalkeeper and defenders have to be our priority this time. I also really like Mbeumo's pick after his match against Arsenal because of his out of position role. We can't ignore Toney as well due to his incredible last season. Crystal Palace conceded a lot from set-pieces. Canos takes corners, so we can try to stack him with Pinnock or Ajer and try to catch an assist + goal.

  • CS, % — Clean Sheet odds
  • Min / Aver / Max Price — Goalkeeper & Defenders Price

* Average price is calculated based on probable starters. Price is based on players with good scoring potential. Players with low-scoring potential (like defensive midfielders) and bad underlying data were excluded so that the price reflects the most likely attacking stacks a manager would opt for.

Leeds — Everton


Best defensive pick: Meslier (GK, 7.8)
Alternative defensive pick: Ayling (DEF, 7.3)
Differential: —

Best attacking pick: Raphinha (MID, 10.0)
Alternative attacking pick: Bamford (FWD, 10.4)
Differential: Harrison (MID, 9.7)

Best Stack: Raphinha + Bamford + Harrison
Alternative Stack: Meslier + Raphinha + Bamford
Differential Stack: Ayling + Harrison + Raphinha

Secure Captain: Raphinha / Bamford
Differential Captain: Harrison

It has to be a goalscoring match, so we focus on the attacking picks from both teams. It would be difficult to surprise someone with choices from Leeds. Raphinha, Bamford and Harrison and you don't need anyone else from their attack.


Best defensive pick: Digne (DEF, 6.9)
Alternative defensive pick: Pickford (GK, 6.6)
Differential: Keane (DEF, 6.2)

Best attacking pick: Calvert-Lewin (FWD, 8.8)
Alternative attacking pick: Richarlison (FWD, 8.7)
Differential: Townsend (MID, 7.9)

Best Stack: Digne + Calvert-Lewin + Richarlison
Alternative Stack: Townsend + Calvert-Lewin + Richarlison
Differential Stack: Digne + Keane + Calvert-Lewin

Secure Captain: Calvert-Lewin
Differential Captain: Richarlison 

We can make an exception for Digne and single out him, considering his great attacking potential and set-piece duties. Everton used a lot of crosses in the 1st GW, that's why it could be a good idea picking DCL who is great at getting at the end of those. Townsend has had a lot of attempts to make an assist by crossing, so he's the best option to stack him with DCL. Keane is an interesting differential because of how badly Leeds defend set-pieces.

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Brighton — Watford


Best defensive pick: March (DEF, 8.6)
Alternative defensive pick: Dunk (DEF, 9.1)
Differential: Duffy (DEF, 8.3)

Best attacking pick: Maupay (FWD, 10.5)
Alternative attacking pick: Trossard (MID, 10.0)
Differential: Gross (MID, 9.9)

Best Stack: March + Trossard + Maupay
Alternative Stack: Dunk + Gross + Maupay
Differential Stack: Dunk + Duffy + Gross

Secure Captain: Maupay
Differential Captain: Dunk/March/Duffy

I won't talk a lot about Lewis Dunk, because all of you know his goalscoring potential. And instead, I want to mention Solly March who plays out of position.

Duffy has scored goals in Celtic, and we remember he has brought some goals in Brighton couple of years ago. He attempted 4 times against Burnley, so I would consider him as a differential. Maupay is the best and most secure attacking pick from Brighton. I like Gross as well because of his full-time and set-pieces, but his position on the field could be deeper than we want.


Best defensive pick: Bachmann (GK, 6.3)
Alternative defensive pick: Femenia (DEF, 6.1)
Differential: Masina (DEF, 5.7)

Best attacking pick: Sarr (MID, 7.2)
Alternative attacking pick: Dennis (FWD, 7.0)
Differential: Cleverley (MID, 6.4)

Best Stack: Bachmann + Sarr + Dennis
Alternative Stack: Bachmann + Femenia + Sarr
Differential Stack: Femenia + Cleverley + Sarr

Secure Captain: Sarr
Differential Captain: —

Sarr was phenomenal against Aston Villa. Watford's attacking play depended on him by almost 100%. Cleverley is a curious option, because he plays close to Sarr and he has a good chance to make an assist for Ismaila's goal. 
I also like the news about Femenia's availability, because he's the most enticing attacking pick from Watford's defence.


Wolves — Spurs


Best defensive pick: Jose Sa (GK, 6.9)
Alternative defensive pick: Semedo (DEF, 6.4)

Best attacking pick: Jimenez (FWD, 8.0) 
Alternative attacking pick: Traore (MID, 7.3)

Best Stack: Jose Sa + Traore + Jimenez
Alternative Stack: Semedo + Traore + Jimenez
Differential Stack: Jose Sa + Semedo + Traore

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: — 

Wolves have a new manager, but we still should choose the same old pair. Jimenez and Traore. I wouldn't consider anyone else from Wolves attack.


Best defensive pick: Reguilon (DEF, 7.8)
Alternative defensive pick: Lloris (GK, 8.0)
Differential: Romero (DEF, 7.3)

Best attacking pick: Son (MID, 9.7)
Alternative attacking pick: Moura (MID, 8.6) 
Differential: Alli (MID, 8.3)

Best Stack: Reguilon + Moura + Son
Alternative Stack: Lloris + Reguilon + Son
Differential Stack: Romero + Son + Alli

Secure Captain: Son
Differential Captain: — 

It has to be a very interesting fixture because Nuno will play against his previous team. Spurs have to play as a top-team, but we don't know whether they can do that with a new manager and without Harry Kane. Son is the strongest pick. And I would pick Alli as a differential instead of Bergwijn via Safety Net priority. We won't know squads from this match before the deadline, so we need more secure options.

  • Goal — Predicted Goals based on Bookie Odds
  • Min / Aver / Max Price — Midfielder & Forwards Price

* Average price is calculated based on probable starters. Price is based on players with good scoring potential. Players with low-scoring potential (like defensive midfielders) and bad underlying data were excluded so that the price reflects the most likely attacking stacks a manager would opt for.

Southampton — Manchester United


Best defensive pick: McCarthy (GK, 5.5)
Alternative defensive pick: Perraud (DEF, 5.1)
Differential: —

Best attacking pick: Ward-Prowse (MID, 6.5)
Alternative attacking pick: Adam Armstrong (FWD, 6.9)
Differential: Redmond (MID, 6.0)

Best Stack: McCarthy + Ward-Prowse + Adam Armstrong
Alternative Stack: —
Differential Stack: —

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: — 

Unfortunately, Southampton's defence leave something to be desired. And it has to become much weaker after Vestergaard's departure. I wouldn't play with their defensive picks a lot against Man Utd. Ward-Prowse and Adam Armstrong are the best options from Saints' attack if you want to play safe.

Manchester United

Best defensive pick: Shaw (DEF, 9.4)
Alternative defensive pick: Maguire (DEF, 9.1)
Differential: Wan-Bissaka (DEF, 8.9)

Best attacking pick: Bruno (13.4)
Alternative attacking pick: Greenwood (11.9)
Differential: Sancho (12.3) / Pogba (MID, 11.8)

Best Stack: Shaw + Bruno + Greenwood
Alternative Stack: Shaw + Maguire + Bruno
Differential Stack: Maguire + Bruno + Pogba

Secure Captain: Bruno
Differential Captain: Greenwood / Sancho / Pogba

Will Bruno decrease his attacking involvement after a hat-trick against Leeds? This is the biggest intrigue for most of us before the GW #2. Fernandes will be one of the most popular captains this week and it's okay to give him the armband. But it makes sense to find the alternative captain options among United's attack, because it's fair to expect a lot of goals for them again. The last meeting between Southampton & Man Utd was too painful for the former. And there's no sign to see a difficult game for away side this time either.

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Arsenal — Chelsea


Best defensive pick: Leno (GK, 6.2)
Alternative defensive pick: Tierney (DEF, 5.9)
Differential: Soares (DEF, 5.4)

Best attacking pick: Pepe (MID, 7.0)
Alternative attacking pick: Saka (MID, 6.7)
Differential: Smith-Rowe (MID, 6.5)

Best Stack: Leno + Pepe + Saka
Alternative Stack: Tierney + Pepe + Smith-Rowe
Differential Stack: Leno + Tierney + Pepe

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: — 

I wouldn't make a big bet on Arsenal. They were too awful against Brentford and their next opponent is one of the strongest teams in EPL right now. I would use Leno or Tierney a couple of times, but the defensive stack is too risky of a move. I would make it only with a lot of entries. Auba & Lacazette seem still unavailable, so Gunners will have a problem with an attacking play too.


Best defensive pick: Chilwell (DEF, 8.9)
Alternative defensive pick: James (DEF, 8.3)
Differential: Azpilicueta (DEF, 8.5)

Best attacking pick: Havertz (MID, 10.4)
Alternative attacking pick: Mount (10.1) / Lukaku (10.8)
Differential: Werner (FWD, 10.2)

Best Stack: Chilwell + Havertz + Lukaku
Alternative Stack: Chilwell + James + Havertz
Differential Stack: Mendy + Azpilicueta + Werner

Secure Captain: Havertz
Differential Captain: Chilwell/James/Lukaku

I like Chelsea's defence and attack both this time. It's difficult to determine the right picks from Chelsea. Havertz has to play and I think he's the most explosive player (if we don't consider Lukaku) among their attack, so I choose him as a secure captain. But you feel free to experiment with Chilwell, Reece James or even Lukaku.


West Ham — Leicester

West Ham

Best defensive pick: Cresswell (DEF, 7.9)
Alternative defensive pick: Coufal (DEF, 7.5)
Differential: Dawson (DEF, 6.9)

Best attacking pick: Antonio (FWD, 9.8)
Alternative attacking pick: Benrahma (MID, 9.1) / Bowen (MID, 9.3) / Soucek (MID, 9.0)
Differential: Fornals (MID, 9.2)

Best Stack: Cresswell + Benrahma + Antonio
Alternative Stack #1: Coufal + Bowen + Antonio
Alternative Stack #2: Bowen + Benrahma + Antonio
Differential Stack #1: Dawson + Cresswell + Soucek
Differential Stack #2: Bowen + Fornals + Soucek

Secure Captain: Antonio
Differential Captain: Cresswell or any midfielder (Bowen/Benrahma/Fornals/Soucek)

West Ham attract us by a solid level of attacking play, but it's a total nightmare if we talk about Fantasy picks. There're a lot of players with great potential in each line, so we need to use our instincts as much as possible to find the best of them. Antonio is the most popular and obvious pick but we can't ignore the others. Benrahma had 1+1 last time, but Bowen and Fornals have shown good stats too. To be honest, I don't have an exact answer about them right now. All of them are strong.  


Best defensive pick: R. Pereira (DEF, 7.3)
Alternative defensive pick: Schmeichel (GK, 7.2)
Differential: Castagne (DEF, 7.5)

Best attacking pick: Vardy (FWD, 9.4)
Alternative attacking pick: Barnes (MID, 8.5)
Differential: Tielemans (MID, 8.3)

Best Stack: R. Pereira + Barnes + Vardy
Alternative Stack: Tielemans + Barnes + Vardy
Differential Stack: Schmeichel + R. Pereira + Tielemans

Secure Captain: Vardy
Differential Captain: Barnes

Vardy and Barnes are the most settled picks from Leicester's attack. I didn't like how Maddison played against Wolves, so I would even pick Tielemans over him. Youri's involvement in attacking play was higher. Since we're not sure about Vestergaard's participation, Pereira is still the best defensive pick from Foxes.



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