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3 months ago

Fanteam's Monster [GW3]: Odds, Stacks, Matchups & Captains

In this Weekly Monster preview format, I look at average prices of defensive and attacking options to make stack selection process a bit easier for managers playing at FanTeam. I also single out and analyze a few matchups where both teams deserve our attention as far as Daily Fantasy is concerned. My Captaincy picks for the Weekly Monster can be found under each matchup as well.  


Bookies Odds

# Team #1 Win #1 (%) CS#1 (%) G#1 Team #2 Win #2 (%) CS#2 G#2
1 AVL 47% 34% 1.51 BRE 27% 22% 1.08
2 BHA 40% 35% 1.25 EVE 30% 29% 1.05
3 WHU 61% 43% 1.85 CRY 15% 16% 0.85
4 NOR 21% 18% 1.08 LEI 51% 34% 1.72
5 NEW 38% 27% 1.38 SOU 35% 25% 1.31
6 LIV 39% 30% 1.35 CHE 33% 26% 1.21
7 BUR 32% 23% 1.29 LEE 41% 28% 1.48
8 TOT 68% 48% 2.01 WAT 11% 13% 0.73
9 WOL 19% 19% 0.97 MUN 53% 38% 1.67

• CS (%) — Clean Sheet Probablity
• G — Predicted Goals based on Bookie Odds


Aston Villa — Brentford

Aston Villa

Best defensive pick: A. Young (DEF, 8.1)
Alternative defensive pick: Konsa (DEF, 7.6)

Best attacking pick: Ings (FWD, 11.0)
Alternative attacking pick: El Ghazi (MID, 9.4)
Differential: McGinn (MID, 8.8)

Best Stack: Young + El Ghazi + Ings
Alternative Stack: Young + McGinn + Ings
Differential Stack: Young + Konsa + McGinn

Secure Captain: Ings
Differential Captain: —

I'm not satisfied with Villa's attacking display even after their victory against Newcastle. Brentford look stronger than the last two of Villa's opponents. Their chances to keep a clean sheet seem not so bad, but I wouldn't expect a lot of attacking returns from the home side. But remember, Ings is always good enough for a return.


Best defensive pick: Raya (GK, 6.6)
Alternative defensive picks: Henry (DEF, 5.9) 
Differential: Ajer (DEF, 5.8)

Best attacking pick: Mbeumo (MID, 7.1)
Alternative attacking pick: Toney (FWD, 7.9)
Differential: Canos (MID, 7.0)

Best Stack: Raya + Mbeumo + Toney
Alternative Stack: Henry + Mbeumo + Toney
Differential Stack: Raya + Ajer + Canos

Secure Captain: 
Differential Captain: —

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Brighton — Everton


Best defensive pick: March (DEF, 7.7)
Alternative defensive pick: Duffy (DEF, 7.3) / Dunk (DEF, 7.9)
Differential: —

Best attacking pick: Gross (MID, 8.9)
Alternative attacking pick: Trossard (MID, 8.8)
Differential: Mac Allister (MID, 8.5)

Best Stack: March + Gross + Trossard
Alternative Stack: Duffy + Dunk + Gross
Differential Stack: Mac Allister + Trossard + Gross

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: —

There's a risk that Maupay is still injured, that's why I didn't include him in a list. He has to be there among stack candidates as well if fit!


Best defensive pick: Digne (DEF, 6.9)
Alternative defensive pick: Pickford (GK, 6.8)
Differential: Keane (DEF, 6.4)

Best attacking pick: Calvert-Lewin (FWD, 8.0)
Alternative attacking pick: Richarlison (FWD, 7.9)
Differential: Doucoure (MID, 7.0)

Best Stack: Digne + Calvert-Lewin + Richarlison
Alternative Stack: Digne + Doucoure + Calvert-Lewin
Differential Stack: Digne + Keane + Calvert-Lewin

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: Calvert-Lewin

Everton attacking assets are too expensive, according to their predicted goals. There are more valuable options in that price bracket.

West Ham — Crystal Palace

West Ham

Best defensive pick: Cresswell (DEF, 9.9)
Alternative defensive pick: Coufal (DEF, 9.6)
Differential: Dawson (DEF, 9.0)

Best attacking pick: Antonio (FWD, 12.4)
Alternative attacking pick: Benrahma (MID, 12.0) / Soucek (MID, 10.9)
Differential: Fornals (MID, 11.6) / Bowen (MID, 11.5)

Best Stack: Cresswell + Benrahma + Antonio
Alternative Stack: Cresswell + Coufal + Antonio
Differential Stack: Cresswell + Bowen +Soucek

Secure Captain: Antonio
Differential Captain: Benrahma / Cresswell

It's so hard to pick the right players from Hammer's attack again. All of them are strong and have a good return potential. But we can't go without them because their chances to win this match and score a lot are pretty high.

Crystal Palace

Best defensive pick: Guaita (GK, 5.6)
Alternative defensive pick: —

Best attacking pick: Zaha (MID, 6.5)
Alternative attacking pick: Benteke (FWD, 6.2)
Differential: Gallagher (MID, 5.7)

Best Stack: Guaita + Zaha + Benteke
Alternative Stack: Zaha + Benteke + Gallagher
Differential Stack: 

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: — 

  • CS, % — Clean Sheet odds
  • Min / Aver / Max Price — Goalkeeper & Defenders Price

* Average price is calculated based on probable starters. Price is based on players with good scoring potential. Players with low-scoring potential (like defensive midfielders) and bad underlying data were excluded so that the price reflects the most likely attacking stacks a manager would opt for.

Norwich — Leicester


Best defensive pick: Krul (GK, 5.8)
Alternative defensive pick: Aarons (DEF, 5.4)
Differential: Gibson (DEF, 5.1)

Best attacking pick: Pukki (FWD, 7.2)
Alternative attacking pick: Cantwell (MID, 6.8)
Differential: Lees Melou (MID, 5.9)

Best Stack: Krul + Cantwell + Pukki
Alternative Stack: Aarons + Lees Melou + Pukki
Differential Stack: 

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: —

Norwich attacking assets offer us good value this time. Leicester's defence doesn't look secure right now, according to their problems with defenders. Norwich have to be stronger on home turf, so my advice is to pick them as cheap differentials.


Best defensive pick: Pereira (DEF, 8.7)
Alternative defensive pick: Castagne (DEF, 8.9)
Differential: Thomas (DEF, 8.2)

Best attacking pick: Vardy (FWD, 11.7)
Alternative attacking pick: Barnes (MID, 10.7)
Differential: Tielemans (MID, 10.6)

Best Stack: Pereira + Barnes + Vardy 
Alternative Stack: Pereira + Castagne + Vardy
Differential Stack: Thomas + Tielemans + Vardy

Secure Captain: Vardy
Differential Captain: Barnes / Pereira

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Newcastle — Southampton


Best defensive pick: Ritchie (DEF, 6.9)
Alternative defensive pick: Woodman (GK, 7.5)
Differential: Lascelles (DEF, 6.8)

Best attacking pick: Wilson (FWD, 9.3)
Alternative attacking pick: Saint-Maximin (MID, 9.2)
Differential: Willock (MID, 8.4)

Best Stack: Ritchie + SM + Wilson
Alternative Stack: Ritchie + Willock + Wilson
Differential Stack: Saint-Maximin + Willock + Wilson

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: Wilson / Saint-Maximin

Newcastle were out of luck last week, but their attack still carries a big threat. I like Wilson, Saint-Maximin & Willock (he was pretty good in his first match of the season) against the fragile Saints' defence.


Best defensive pick: Perraud (DEF, 6.8)
Alternative defensive pick: McCarthy (GK, 7.3)
Differential: Livramento (DEF, 6.6)

Best attacking pick: Adam Armstrong (FWD, 8.9)
Alternative attacking pick: Che Adams (FWD, 8.8) / Ward-Prowse (MID, 8.6)
Differential: Djenepo (MID, 7.8)

Best Stack: Perraud + Adam Armstrong + Ward-Prowse
Alternative Stack: McCarthy + Adam Armstrong + Che Adams
Differential Stack: Adam Armstrong + Ward-Prowse + Che Adams

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: Adam Armstrong

Liverpool — Chelsea


Best defensive pick: Alexander-Arnold (DEF, 7.9)
Alternative defensive pick: Van Dijk (DEF, 7.3) / Allison (GK, 7.6)
Differential: Matip (DEF, 7.1)

Best attacking pick: Salah (MID, 9.9) 
Alternative attacking pick: Mane (MID, 9.0) / Jota (MID, 9.4)
Differential: Elliott (MID, 8.1)

Best Stack: Alexander-Arnold + Salah + Mane
Alternative Stack: Alexander-Arnold + Van Dijk + Mane
Differential Stack: Matip + Van Dijk + Elliott

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: Alexander-Arnold / Van Dijk

It's a tough match for Fantasy decisions. But I just can't walk away and not pick Alexander-Arnold for this price. Trent is in a good form right now, so I would single him out despite a tough opposition.


Best defensive pick: James (DEF, 7.0)
Alternative defensive pick: Chilwell (DEF, 7.2) / Mendy (GK, 6.9)
Differential: Rudiger (DEF, 6.3)

Best attacking pick: Lukaku (FWD, 8.6)
Alternative attacking pick: Havertz (MID, 8.4) / Mount (MID, 8.3)
Differential: —

Best Stack: James + Havertz + Lukaku
Alternative Stack: Mendy + Mount + Lukaku
Differential Stack: Mendy + Rudiger + Mount

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: any defensive pick 

  • Goal — Predicted Goals based on Bookie Odds
  • Min / Aver / Max Price — Midfielder & Forwards Price

* Average price is calculated based on probable starters. Price is based on players with good scoring potential. Players with low-scoring potential (like defensive midfielders) and bad underlying data were excluded so that the price reflects the most likely attacking stacks a manager would opt for.

Burnley — Leeds


Best defensive pick: Pope (GK, 6.5)
Alternative defensive pick: Tarkowski (DEF, 6.1) / Mee (DEF, 5.9)
Differential: Lowton (DEF, 5.8)

Best attacking pick: Wood (FWD, 8.3)
Alternative attacking pick: Barnes (FWD, 7.9) / McNeil (MID, 8.0) 
Differential: Westwood (MID, 7.6)

Best Stack: Pope + McNeil + Wood
Alternative Stack: Tarkowski + Westwood + Wood
Differential Stack: Tarkowski + Mee + Westwood

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: — 

Leeds were terrible on set-pieces last season, so I like the idea of using Tarkowski/Mee/Wood this time.


Best defensive pick: Meslier (GK, 7.9)
Alternative defensive pick: Ayling (DEF, 7.5)
Differential: —

Best attacking pick: Raphinha (MID, 10.1)
Alternative attacking pick: Bamford (FWD, 10.2) / Harrison (MID, 9.9)
Differential: Klich (MID, 9.2)

Best Stack: Raphinha + Bamford + Harrison
Alternative Stack: Meslier + Raphinha + Bamford
Differential Stack: Kilch + Harrison + Bamford

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: Raphinha / Bamford

It's always easy to pick players from Leeds. There's no opening anyway again.

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Tottenham — Watford


Best defensive pick: Reguilon (DEF, 10.1)
Alternative defensive pick: Tanganga (DEF, 9.2)
Differential: Dier (DEF, 9.4)

Best attacking pick: Son (MID, 13.0)
Alternative attacking pick: Alli (MID, 11.9)
Differential: Bergwijn (MID, 11.8)

Best Stack: Reguilon + Son + Alli
Alternative Stack: Reguilon + Tanganga + Son
Differential Stack: Dier + Bergwijn + Son

Secure Captain: Son
Differential Captain: Alli / Bergwijn / Reguilon

Nuno Santo played just like Nuno Santo against Wolves. But it will be hard to repeat it once again vs Watford. Bookies are expecting a strong showing from Spurs, so we have to pick them anyway. But I won't be much surprised if they fail this time.


Best defensive pick: Bachmann (GK, 5,3)
Alternative defensive pick: 

Best attacking pick: Sarr (MID, 6.1)
Alternative attacking pick: Dennis (FWD, 6.0)
Differential: Cleverley (MID, 5.2)

Best Stack: Bachmann + Sarr + Dennis
Alternative Stack: 
Differential Stack: 

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: —

Wolves — Man Utd


Best defensive pick: Jose Sa (GK, 6.1)
Alternative defensive pick: Semedo (DEF, 5.6)
Differential: Kilman (DEF, 5.0)

Best attacking pick: Traore (MID, 6.4)
Alternative attacking pick: Jimenez (FWD, 7.0)
Differential: Trincao (MID, 6.2)

Best Stack: Jose Sa + Traore + Jimenez
Alternative Stack: Semedo + Traore + Jimenez
Differential Stack: Kilman + Ruben Neves + Traore

Secure Captain: —
Differential Captain: 

Wolves, score, please! You have deserved it! Especially you, Adama. Okay, seriously... Man Utd didn't look solid at the back against Southampton, but Wolves, on the contrary, were dangerous against Leicester & Tottenham. I predict they'll have better luck this time and score against Man Utd.

Man United

Best defensive pick: Shaw (DEF, 8.9)
Alternative defensive pick: Maguire (DEF, 8.6)
Differential: Wan-Bissaka (DEF, 8.4)

Best attacking pick: Bruno Fernandes (MID, 12.1)
Alternative attacking pick: Greenwood (MID, 10.8)
Differential: Pogba (MID, 10.4)

Best Stack: Shaw + Bruno Fernandes + Greenwood
Alternative Stack: Shaw + Maguire + Greenwood
Differential Stack: Bruno + Greenwood + Pogba

Secure Captain: Bruno / Greenwood
Differential Captain: Shaw / Pogba



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