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FPL Draft: Things You Need to Know

FPL Draft adds another exciting way to compete against your friends, colleagues, and football enthusiasts across the globe. It is free to play and can be enjoyed alongside the traditional FPL game. In this article, we will outline the key differences of the traditional FPL Fantasy and the Draft, explain the technical aspects, and share some draft tips.

FPL and Draft Differences

The main difference between the 'classic' season-long FPL  and the Draft mode is that any given player may be picked by only ONE manager when playing Draft.

In the classic fantasy, 50% owning Salah, Sterling or Kane is as common as the latter not scoring in August. In Draft, an EPL player may belong to only one team in the mini-league. If Bob has picked Salah, no one else can have him, end of story. Forget about ownership percentages, a player is either 100% or 0% owned. 

In Draft, there is no budget, no salary cap, no player prices. You are given complete freedom when picking a squad with only your competitors to worry about

What is more, you may pick as many players from a single team as possible. That’s right, you can draft a team of Burnley players if your heart so desires. Provided no one else picks Sean Dyche’s men before you. We will talk more about how the draft is organized later in this article. Before we do that, let us look at how we can join or create a draft league. 

Creating an FPL Draft League

You may create a private Draft league by clicking Draft button on the FPL Fantasy page and then selecting Create league button. 

You will then be asked to provide a League’s name, specify the minimum (2) and maximum number (16) of managers and the draft start time.

The time for each manager can be set to 30, 60, 90 or 120 seconds for each pick and can be changed by the league administrator by clicking ‘Edit League’ once it is set up. 



When asked to specify League scoring, choosing one of the two available options:

  • Classic: Team’s total fantasy points determine the team’s position in the league.
  • Head-to-Head: Teams play each other every Gameweek with the winner (determined by teams’ fantasy points total for the given Gameweek) receiving 3 points. A tie is worth 1 point. These points are used to determine league ranking.

If the head-to-head league has an uneven number of entries, then an average team will be added. There will be no players on that team’s roster. The League’s average number of points scored on a given gameweek will be used to determine the point tally for this ‘bot’ team. 



Trades may be performed between managers during the season according to the option you choose while setting up the league (it can not be changed once the league is created):

  • No trades - no trading will be allowed during the season
  • All Trades - a trade will be instantly carried out once accepted by another manager
  • Administrator veto - player trade requests may be turned down by League’s administrator
  • Manager veto - player trade requests may be turned down by other managers

Once the league is created, it will be assigned a code you may send out to your friends so they can join you in the ultimate Draft battle. 


Joining a Draft League

Click Draft button on the FPL Fantasy page and then select Join League. You will be asked to input your team name and league code that should be sent to you by the league administrator.  

If you don’t have a group of friends or colleagues to compete with, you may join a public league. Select Join a Public League option when in the Draft tab of the FPL website. You will be randomly assigned to a league, and the Draft itself  will start within 30 minutes of the first team joining. A Public League will consist of 3, 5 or 7 randomly assigned managers.

You may enter up to 10 private and 3 public leagues

Remember that you must draft a team separately for every league you join.

You may leave a Draft league you’ve entered but only before the draft has commenced. Your team becomes locked in the league after the draft for the rest of the season.


Draft Mechanics

Now let me explain how the draft mechanics work. Right before the draft is ready to kick off, the system will randomly assign the order in which managers will be selecting players. The Draft is performed according to “snake” mechanics which simply means that the pick order is changed every round according to the chart below:

FPL Draft Order

Managers keep on drafting once they have composed a squad of 15 players. Every squad must include:

  • 2 Goalkeepers
  • 5 Defenders
  • 5 Midfielders
  • 3 Forwards

If a manager fails to pick a player within the allocated time limit, an automatic pick will be made. The system will first try to select the highest priority player from the watchlist in a position a manager still needs to fill in his squad.

If a manager doesn’t have a watchlist prepared, then the picks are made according to draft ranks assigned to all players in the league. The rank is usually based on the player’s performance during the last season and his potential in the coming campaign.


Mock Draft

If you want to see how the process works before taking part in a real Draft, you may do so by participating in a Mock Draft. The Join Mock Draft button can be found in the ‘Create/Join Draft’ section. Allocate how many other managers you want to draft with, and your draft will begin no later than 30 minutes since the first team joining. This procedure will allow you to get familiar with the Draft room looby and time needed to pick players in the allocated time.   


Waivers and Free Agents

When you are not happy with your current squad or find some of your players underperforming, head to the Waivers list to find a better replacement. You may claim players not belonging to any other team of your mini-league from Waivers. To do so,  select a player you want from the list and choose a footballer on your roster from the same position you want to part with. Mind you, the swap will not be activated immediately.

Waiver requests are processed 24 hours before the gameweek deadline 

You may make any number of waiver requests. You must prioritize your requests if you are submitting more than one at a time.

The manager of the lowest-ranked team will always get to claim players first. That means that if you (1st position in your league) and Bob (ranked 3rd) send a waiver request to sign, let’s say, McGoldrick, Bob will get him once the waivers are processed as he is ranked lower in the league than you. 

Before the season starts the waiver order is the reverse of the draft order. 

Once claiming a player from Waivers, your team is moved to the end of the queue for the given gameweek. 

All players become Free Agents after the waivers have been processed. Any manager may claim them on a first-come, first-served basis. Free agency mode then remains active until the Gameweek deadline.



Sometimes managers may find themselves holding onto a valuable asset they do not use every week. Instead of keeping him on the bench without generating any points for your fantasy team, consider offering to trade the player, or a number of players, to another manager looking to improve their squad. Trading is considered one of the most exciting parts of the Draft game and gives a lot of opportunities to reach out to other managers, barter, and tinker with their squads. 

Trade offers can be made each Gameweek until the Waiver deadline. The trade deadline is 24 hours before the waiver deadline in case ‘’Trades approval’’ is enabled in your league’s settings. 

When proposing a trade, you must offer one or multiple players in exchange for the same number of players of the same position. You may trade 1 defender and 2 midfielders for 1 defender and 2 midfielders (not 1 midfielder and 2 defenders).

You may withdraw trade offers before they are accepted by the other party. Trades are carried out instantly if not requiring approval. If the approval is needed, the trade is either accepted or rejected once the respective criteria have been met. 

A trade expires if not accepted by the waiver deadline (24 hours before that if approval rules are enabled).



I would like to finish the article with some helpful tips and reminders on how to approach this exciting mode to play Fantasy Premier League. 

  • Do a mock draft to familiarize yourself with the process
  • Prepare a Draft watchlist
  • Understand how ‘Snake Ladder Draft’works
  • Focus on forwards and midfielders first
  • Pick a goalkeeper at the very end as they don’t contribute a lot of points
  • Communicate with other managers, offer trades, it is what makes the game exciting
  • Keep an eye on the Waiver wire list to snatch in-form or overlooked players before your opponents do



  • You have to draft a separate team for every Draft League you enter
  • You can’t leave a league once the draft has passed
  • There is no budget, no captain, no cap on players from a single team
  • Waiver wire order is set according to your league position every week
  • You may submit multiple Waiver requests
  • All players not claimed become Free Agents after the Waiver deadline
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