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2 months ago

FPL Fantasy Checklist for Newbies

Many people don’t spend too much time analysing what players they should pick for their fantasy team. I am definitely one of those if we talk about FPL. I don’t follow the league closely and haven’t seen many games apart from Man United ones.But if you play fantasy, it is impossible to walk past the official FPL fantasy game where you can compete with millions of managers and FanTeam with an unbelievable prize fund of £1,000,000.

Of course, with such a lazy approach I haven’t reached any sensible heights in both tournaments but here is a checklist for those who want to make their first steps in FPL fantasy football games.



There are two main strategies as far as goalkeepers are concerned:

1. One premium + one of the cheapest playing or even not playing goalie. Pick a starting goalkeeper from thetop club and forget about the goalkeeper position for the season.

2. Two medium-priced goalies who are well rotated so before each gameweek you have at least one goalie with a good cleansheet probability.

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Don’t pick goalies from the teams where there is no clear No.1 so better stand aside from West Ham and Manchester United.

There are almost no such universal hints for other positions but I have some tips to make your team stronger.

  • When choosing players for a particular position, try to pick those of different price range. This will help you when you decide to transfer one of them and you have to find a replacement for him. It increases your maneuverability so that it will be enough to make only one transfer to find a good replacement.
  • Do not forget about the bench! You won’t be able to change your team drastically with the help of 1-2 transfers, that’s why it is better to have good players that can be used on particular gameweeks.
  • We had a very intensive summer with Euro, Copa America and Olympics taking place. So pay special attention to those who played at those tournaments - some of them started their preseason too late to  be fit for the first EPL game. Check if they start their teams’ last preseason friendlies, if no, it is risky to put them into the squad.

  • If you play at FanTeam, pay special attention to those who often play 90 minutes. Such players will get one more additional point for full games and you don't want to lose 25-30 points during the season because of this. You can find more analysis in our article below

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  • Set-piece takers are a key to success! If you have a penalty taker in your team, you are guaranteed to have 5-7 goals a season from him. The same goes for free kick and corner takers, especially in teams that have defenders like Maguire, Keane etc.

We hope you find this information useful and enjoy playing FPL fantasy this season as we do!



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