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4 months ago

FPL Free Hit & FanTeam Transfers for GW28

We’re in the thick of it at moment with fantasy football and the surprises keep on coming. The latest being Spurs tumbling out of the FA Cup after a 4-0 thrashing over Leeds (oh yeah, which was also the straw that broke the camel’s back for Bielsa). As a result, we now have 5 fixtures in Gameweek 30, which will benefit the many owners of Spurs and West Ham players. But focussing on now, we have a double Gameweek 28, which has 4 extra fixtures thanks to Norwich v Chelsea being added. I had always pencilled this in as my first Free Hit in FPL. It allows me to load up on low ownership players for a double and to be a differential. Chelsea’s kind fixtures is now the cherry on the top. In light of that, I will discuss my latest (near final) Free Hit team in FPL while simultaneously discussing the assets that fit well into your FanTeam squad, where we don’t have the benefit of a Free Hit.

All listed prices are FPL and FanTeam accordingly.


Sa (£5.3m, £5.0m); Mendy (£6.1m, £6.0m)

My defence is going to be an amalgamation of Chelsea and Wolves assets. Chelsea’s clean sheet odds are 45% and 49%, while Wolves’ are 35% and 38%. Sa is my first choice and it is due to his higher save points potential, giving a higher ceiling, as well as the fact I want to triple up on Chelsea assets elsewhere. However, if you are ultra conservative and fear Chelsea rotation, Mendy is a good option. Sa also has the appeal of playing in blank Gameweek 30. But, if you are not on a Free Hit (particularly FanTeam players) and you have Ramsdale you don’t need to make a transfer here, given he also has a game in blank Gameweek 30 and has a double in Gameweek 29. De Gea owners should considerate it though.



Rudiger (£6.1m, £5.5m); Silva (£5.6m, £5.4m); Saiss (£5.0m, £4.9m); Digne (£5.1m, £5.2m)

Expected minutes is an important factor for me here. Hence why I have not included James. If Tuchel says anything positive in his press conference I will be highly interested in him, as only TAA betters his xGI among defenders this season. But if you are like me and still have your wildcard, I want Chelsea assets that will play both games in this double. Rudiger is an obvious choice in line with that. While Silva has been playing exceptionally of late. He is also close to nailed as non-Rudiger Chelsea assets go, but again I will be listening to the pressers. He also is a bonus point magnet in FPL. Although you will miss James’ attacking threat, both centre backs are a menace in the box. Rudiger has 2 goals and 3 assists for the year while Silva has 3 goals and 1 assist. I’d be hopeful of one attacking return here.

Speaking of menaces in the box, that brings me to Saiss. He is a nostalgic pick for me, having been a bargain goal scoring, clean sheet collecting asset in season’s past. But I am torn, with Digne playing on my mind. Before the weekend Villa conceded against Watford, Newcastle and 3 goals against Leeds. Not exactly air-tight, although the odds are at 31% and 30% for clean sheets this double. Not too far behind Wolves’ 35% and 38%. Digne (rather than Cash as his attacking appeal is so much greater, thanks to crosses and set pieces) has only 1 assist for the season, from his Villa debut. Since joining he has created 11 chances (1.83 per game) and has a xGI of 0.18 per start. Not exceptional, but better than Saiss’ xGI of 0.13 per game over the season. But with Southampton and Leeds favouring a high press, making them suspect to a counter, it just makes me fancy Villa on the counter attack. Digne could release someone with a swinging ball and get an assist, particularly up against Leeds first with a new manager. Perhaps now is the chance to capitalise and take a punt on him.

Villa and Wolves double and play in blank Gameweek 30. So FanTeam players could do worse then buying one of each!



Salah (£13.2m, £13.5m); Havertz (£7.8m, £7.7m); Coutinho (£7.4m, £6.6m); Raphinha (£6.5m, £7.5m); Willock (£5.7m, £5.4m)

Salah is my only single Gameweek player. If I need to explain to you why, that is a worry! I am gambling and not investing in any Spurs assets. I was considering Kane, but they were diabolical midweek against Middlesborough. Everton have been similarly poor of late, but they put it up to City last weekend and could have gotten a draw. So I am chancing my arm and instead investing in doublers. That said, given they double in Gameweek 29 and play in blank Gameweek 30 they are a smart investment for FanTeam players.

This is where I have some fun – Havertz! I have looked at Chelsea lineups across all competitions of late and I believe he is the most nailed Chelsea attacker. Havertz ruined my season when I bought him for a hit only for him to blank as a captain as they trounced Norwich 7-0! While Salah killed it at Old Trafford. I am going for some poetic justice in buying Havertz this week, I may even captain him. He has been playing in a false 9 where he was prolific last season. His returns are a bit more subdued this season, but would I really rather captain Rudiger over him? That decision will go down to the wire for me.

Coutinho, similar to Digne can take advantage of Leeds and Southampton on the counter-attack. Both sides offer up plenty of shots from outside the box which Coutinho excels at. I do believe Watkins starts both games after his recent benching, but I still prefer Coutinho. Since joining in Gameweek 22, Coutinho has had a xGI per 90mins of 0.51 to Watkins’ 0.27. So the Brazilian gets the nod from me. Again, Villa play in blank Gameweek 30 FanTeam managers…

My attention now turns to Newcastle, who are unbeaten in 7 Premier League games (4 wins and 3 draws), so I want to invest in their form. They may blank in Gameweek 30, but they have a double double in the next two weeks. Willock pips Fraser for me. Both have been playing very well lately. Since Gameweek 23 they have 3 attacking returns each. When it is fine margins, I come back to stats. It is clear that Fraser is the creator while Willock is the converter. Per 90mins, Fraser has a xA of 0.22 while Willock’s is 0.13. While xG is 0.18 and 0.3 respectfully. Making xGI 0.4 versus 0.43, slightly in favour of Willock. So a coin flip. I landed at Willock just has his form is that bit hotter, with a goal in each of his last 2 games. Last season he broke Newcastle’s Premier League record for consecutive league goals in 7 matches. So I am hoping we are seeing some of this form again.

To round it up Raphinha gets my pick for a number of reasons. His exceptional talent, he has penalties and he is also a bit of a safety pick as I believe his ownership will be high. He also plays in blank Gameweek 30, which benefits FanTeam owners. Unlike James Ward-Prowse who just misses out for me. He is a solid pick, but I find banking on set-pieces alone boring. Set-pieces are a string to Raphinha’s bow, while they are JWP’s arrow, bow and quiver. They both have good attacking fixtures, so I will use my strikers for my Southampton cover.



Adams (£7.0m, £6.9m); Jiminez (£7.5m, £7.2m); Saint-Maximin (£6.8m, £6.9m)

Sometimes stats can be overkill. In the last 4 games Adams has 3 goals and 1 assist while Broja has 1 goal. So Adams is my pick. Broja is still in my non Free-Hit team and is great value, but I want Adams as my free punt. Southampton are in exceptional form too.

Similarly, Jimenex is a straight forward pick for me. Wolves have the best fixtures after Chelsea and Jimenez has recently got some rest. The Mexican has 5 goals and 4 assists for the season and has only one double digit haul. Not overly impressive, but for a double Gameweek we want out assets to tick over and Jimenez will do exactly that. He is a priority in my book for FanTeam managers. He has a double, great fixtures and plays in Gameweek 30.

Last, but not least, is the exciting Saint-Maximin. On a Free Hit I have the luxury of making him my first sub, but if Eddie Howe gives some encouraging news on his return from injury and we can expect him to start both games I will be very tempted to start him over Willock. One, because he is extremely exciting and is a fun pick ( you have to have some fun on your Free Hit!). two, he is by far Newcastle’s best player this season. Before his recent injury he scored 2 goals and 1 assist in 5 games. In Saint-Maximin I trust!


The Team

My starting 11 comprises of 3 Chelsea, 2 Villa & Wolves, then a compilation of Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds and Southampton assets. I am feeling good about this team. I will be listening to Chelsea and Newcastle press conferences closely. Before finally sweating it over my captaincy pick!

I hope that you found this helpful and best of luck!




Sports fan and FPL addict from Ireland (still has not forgiven Thierry Henry). Loves numbers in both studies & profession and has incorporated this into FPL in recent seasons. Has played FPL for 8 seasons, finishing in the top 40k 5 times, with the best finish of 8k. Find on Twitter @FplPup if you have any questions