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6 months ago

FPL — Rating Manchester United Options for TGW35

We have a triple game week in Fantasy Premier League. You heard me right. A. Triple. Game. Week. If ever there was an opportunity to attack a game week and not be scared to take a hit or two, it's this week. The caveat with this news is of course the fact that Manchester United play three games in a very short space of time. Managing to pick the right three assets that will play the majority of minutes and also give you the highest possibility of returns will be the difference between a good week and a great week.


I will mark each player out of five for:

  • Nailedness - How likely it is the player sees a healthy amount of minutes in the three fixtures
  • Return potential - How likely it is the player gets a clean sheet/assist or goal
  • Differential potential - How meaningful the players points will be due to their effective ownership

A score of 5 is high. A score of 1 is low.


Bruno Fernandes

£11.5m, 55.2% owned

Nailedness - 5/5  RP - 5/5  DP 1/5

What more can be said about the Manchester United talisman? He has a triple fixture and plays every game for the Red Devils in which he is fit. Along with Harry Maguire, he is the player most likely to play 270 minutes and also the player most likely to return. He has been on a slight barren spell in the Premier League recently but showed us against Roma in the Europa League what he can still do. Do we really expect the Portuguese maestro to not get a pen in any one of these fixtures?


Marcus Rashford

£9.6m, 10.3% owned

N - 5/5  RP - 3/5  DP - 3/5

You may laugh at how high I have ranked Rashford's nailedness but he quite literally plays every game, regardless of fitness. Ole has done a fine job of using the players he has at his disposal but his use of the Englishman has left a lot of fans bewildered. Rashford's loss is our gain and it can be expected that Rashford starts at least two of these games with a bench appearance likely in one game also. He has shown before what he can do in a single game week so three fixtures for Marcus could be devastating.

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Edinson Cavani

£7.9m, 4.6% owned

N - 2/5  RP - 4/5  DP - 4/5

The things this man could do if he played every game. His low score for minutes is a reflection of the times he has been named on the bench so far this season. When he plays, Cavani returns at a positive rate but it is getting him on the pitch regularly that is the issue. He could very well start one of the fixtures but in no way will he start all three. Expect some form of attacking return while he is on the pitch though.


Mason Greenwood

£7.1m, 6.6% owned

N - 3/5  RP - 4/5  DP - 4/5

The form of Greenwood puts him firmly on my watchlist before the GW35 deadline. He has been lethal in front of goal this season and is starting to cement his place in this United lineup. A lot will depend on if he starts in the Europa League on Thursday but if he is rested, he could be coming into a lot of managers' squads for these fixtures. When he plays he tends to look dangerous and a few attacking returns can be expected in these games.

Paul Pogba

£7.6m, 2.0% owned

N - 2/5  RP - 2/5  DP - 5/5

A purely differential pick. Pogba was an FPL darling a few years ago but his numbers were incredibly bloated due to his penalty-taking duties. Now he is off them but is starting to creep into the starting lineups and could be an option this week. It is hard to justify his place in your team if you don't own Greenwood and Rashford but for anyone with a taste for a gamble, he could be the right man. On his day, he can be unplayable.


Aaron Wan-Bissaka

£5.7m, 17.6% owned

N - 5/5  RP - 2/5  DP - 2/5

Easily the most nailed player in the Manchester United lineup, right next to Harry Maguire. What the young English right back lacks in attacking returns, he makes up for in bonus points and potential clean sheets. He is more likely than most to play all three games due to the sheer lack of competition at his position and you could do a lot worse than picking him in your team this week. Just don't expect to be jumping out of your seat while watching him attack.


Harry Maguire

£5.5m, 6.0% owned

N - 5/5  RP - 2/5  DP - 4/5

The Red Devils captain will be in my Free Hit team this game week. He plays in every game when he is fit and always has the potential for an attacking return from a set-piece. I have a feeling that one of the tougher games will end goalless which will give him a very high floor for the gameweek regardless of what he does in the other fixtures. His high upside minutes make him a standout pick.

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Luke Shaw

£5.4m, 17.5% owned

N - 3/5  RP - 4/5  DP - 2/5

When this gameweek was still just a simple double game week, Luke Shaw was one of the first names on my list. The fact it has now moved to three fixtures in one week, and with Shaw having issues with injuries for the whole of his career, I think he will be managed during this time period. Telles is waiting in the wings to come in and deputies, and I can see the English left-back getting between 100 and 160 minutes. When he does play his attacking return potential is ridiculous but he needs to be on the field to realise that potential.


Dean Henderson

£5.2m, 1.7% owned

N - 4/5  RP - 3/5  DP - 5/5

The new Manchester United goalkeeper isn't being spoken about enough. He is all but certain to start at least two of the games and unless Ole has some sort of guilt trip about not using De Gea enough, he should start all three. Manchester United are very good at keeping the opposition at bay in big games and the fixtures against Leicester and Liverpool could end goalless. He is a differential, that could be playing three fixtures in one week. All aboard?



I have been playing Fantasy Premier League for almost 13 seasons, with multiple top 100k finishes. I still enjoy the start of every season as if it was my first. Always make sure you're enjoying the game!