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FPL Triple Captain Tips

Time has come to look at yet another chip that goes by the name of Triple Captain in FPL. Considered one of the weakest of the four chips present in the game, it can still catapult you up the rankings if used at the right time. In this piece, we will discuss when the most suitable time to use it is and look at the pros and cons of two dominant Triple Chip strategies.

Typically, a captain you select playing Fantasy Premier League scores double points for your fantasy team. What the TC chip does is triple the point gain of your captain. It goes without saying that you must pick the most opportune time for it not to go to waste. Before I highlight the best times to use the chip, let us talk about the technicalities.


Activating Triple Captain in FPL

All you need to do to activate the chip is go to Pick Team on FPL website and click "Play" button found under substitutes. Just make sure you select the correct one.

Triple Captain button in FPL

Important Notes on How Triple Captain Works

There are two very important things you must remember about the chip. Firstly,

you may not cancel the TC chip once played.

Secondly, your captain’s points will treble even if negative. 

Also, keep in mind that on FPL only ONE chip may be used at a time. Don’t count on playing Free Hit + Triple Captain or any other combination of chips in any given week.

Ok, you’ve made your pick, grabbed your favorite beverage, plopped down in front of the TV to watch the game hoping for goals galore... Then it turns out your captain is on the bench instead of the starting XI smashing those goals in. What happens then? Mr. vice-captain to the rescue!

The triple bonus is passed to your vice-captain if your captain stays on the bench. If your vice-captain doesn't play either, then you lose both the bonus and the chip. 


Best Time to Use the Chip

Unlike various Wildcard strategies, which we have discussed previously, the FPL triple-captaincy is not something you have a plan for at the beginning of the season. While a good manager usually enters the season with an understanding around what time he plans to use his Wildcard (unless his team is in utter shambles), you simply may not pinpoint a certain week to play your TC chip at season start. Players’ form will fluctuate during the campaign, injuries, player’s form, and other factors make it impossible to plan ahead with a thing as situational as this particular chip.

It’s generally not worth triple-captaining at season start (the first few game weeks) as it usually takes a few games to understand which teams have hit the ground running and which ones haven’t. You still don’t know exactly which strikers are hot and whether Kane’s August curse has already been lifted. Of course, you might get away tripling up on Salah’s hat-trick against a weak side in game week 2, for example,  but it is recommended to wait till later in the season to make the most use of the Triple Captain in Fantasy Premier League.

When is a good time then? There are only two ways you may play it really — during a Double game week or during a Single game week. Let us look at both strategies and highlight the pros and cons of each approach. 


Double Gameweek

Most managers try to utilize their Fantasy Premier League Triple Captain chip during one of the Double Gameweeks that materialize a couple of times per the English Premier League Season. 

FPL Double Gameweek is when certain teams play two matches within one Gameweek

The benefits are obvious. Not only does your captain has his score tripled, but he also gets to play twice during a single game week! That means more points potentially. Obvious targets for triple-captaincy during Double Gameweeks are top-6 sides’ players with highly favorable games.

Let’s say the newly-crowned champions of England Liverpool face Brighton at home and Crystal Palace away during a Double game week. Very tempting to play TC on Salah or Mane, hoping to get a couple of fantasy returns from either one of them.

We activate the chip dreaming of green arrows expecting a flow of points (5 for a goal + 3 for an assist +3 bonus points on top of 2 for 60+ minutes played + 5 for one more goal in the second game + 2 points for 60+) MULTIPLIED by 3, yay! 11 points + 7 points multiplied by 3 equals 60 points. Not too shabby - we think - rubbing our hands together excitedly. Looks good on paper and is certainly possible. The obvious advantage of playing the chip is massive returns from 2 games for your captain.

But there are a few caveats with Double Gameweek triple-captaincy. The obvious one is injuries. Many had deployed their chip on the aforementioned Mane or Salah during game week 24. Wolves away and West Ham away were deemed plausible enough to risk the chip on high-flying Liverpool’s attackers. Mane lasted 32 minutes in the first game and had to go off. A stellar return of 1x3=points for triple-captainers.

Injuries are a part of the game and impossible to call beforehand. What sometimes we do get to call, and another danger to the otherwise obvious Double Gameweek triple-captaincy, is rotation risk.

The softer the opponent, the more likely it is for the manager to give some rest to his best players. If we talk about strong sides with enough skill on the bench to give their star players a breather, rotation can ruin your triple-captaincy. Suddenly, instead of a star striker playing twice, he blanks in his only game during a Double Gameweek and sits out the other. Puff, goes the chip.

It’s not hard to imagine Jesus-Aguero, Sterling-Mahrez, Firmino-Origi, Abraham-Giroud rotation, for example. Thus, it is advisable to single out players less prone to the rotation for triple-captaincy, although there is no way to get into a manager’s head and predict when he throws us a curveball by benching his finest. Those less likely to be rotated even during a congested period of fixtures include Kane, Vardy, Jimenez, Salah/Mane (accurate as of season19/20 end) to throw a few names at you. 

It is also worth mentioning that even sure starters might be taken off earlier during Double Gameweeks' matches when the outcome is clear. That can lead to fewer minutes played and fewer chances to score points for your captain.



  • Potentially two games for your captain instead of one 


  • Rotation risk
  • Less time on the pitch


Single Gameweek

Those choosing to play the Triple Captain chip during a Single game week opt for a somewhat safer approach with rotation and limited game time less of a concern. This might limit the upside for a player — 2 games played are better than 1 in most cases — but you are banking on a sure starter with a highly favorable fixture.

Having two highly-favorable fixtures (WHU and NOR at home, for example) during a Double Gamweek is highly unlikely anyway. Some players’ upside in a single match may be quite high and even outweigh the Double Gameweek's ceiling, especially at home against bottom teams. Think of the damage Aguero, Salah or Kane can do when red-hot to a team like Norwich or Bournemouth at home. All you need to do is pick a spot and pray for a single game week hat-trick. A strategy that has worked for many managers in the past.  

Besides, you typically don't know when Double Gameweeks hit until well into the mid-season, and favorable home single game matchups can materialize long before that.

Study the bookies odds for your captain to score when contemplating playing the chip during a Single Gameweek. Good odds combined with a player’s form can be a good foundation to activate the chip.

Some managers save the chip until the very last game week of the season. Gameweek 38 is historically known to deliver some crazy results with many teams nothing to play for. Those patient enough to wait will the end might be rewarded handsomely and shoot up the rankings at the very last moment.



  • Rotation is not an issue

  • May pick the perfect fixture to play it


  • Limited upside due to 1 game instead of 2 in a Double game week


It is always up to the manager to decide when it is best to pull the trigger on the triple-captaincy. I hope you have a better understanding now to of how the chip works to make a decision that grants you maximum points. Finally, let us summarize.


FPL Triple Captain Hints and Tips

  • You may not cancel the chip once played
  • Your captain’s score will treble even if negative
  • If the captain doesn’t play, your vice-captain’s points are trebled
  • If the vice-captain doesn't play either, the bonus and the chip are lost
  • Choose players less prone to the rotation for Double Gameweek captaincy
  • Avoid playing the chip early in the season
  • Make the decision based on bookies odds 
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