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FPL Ultimate Guide Season 2021/2022

In this Ultimate Fantasy Premier League Guide, we have everything that both a rookie and an experienced FPL manager might need to have a successful season. Below you will find articles written by our experts with many years of FPL experience that cover the basics, advanced concepts, tips and tricks of our beloved fantasy game. The link to our free transfer planner can be found at the bottom of the page as well. We hope all the information stored here will aid you to have your best FPL season yet! 


Getting Started

If you are new to the game, the guide below is all you need to get started. Rules, scoring, transfers, we've covered everything for you to start your Fantasy Premier League journey. 

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Competing with friends is what most of us treasure FPL for. Learn how to create a mini-league using the link below. 

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FPL Guides

Fantasy Premier League has many highly important aspects. Understanding how player prices fluctuate, when is the best time to make transfers and how the bonus point system works may be crucial to your success as an FPL manager. We are sure that even someone who has a certain experience with the game will find these useful. 

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General Tips and Advice 

A lot of sound advice from managers with tens of years of FPL experience on how to better prepare for the season. Advice on what to do if you find yourself in a tricky situation is also provided.  

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FPL Chips

Chips are powerful tools in the hands of a skilled manager. Correctly using them may see you jump hundreds of thousands places in the overall rank. Learn all about FPL chips, when and how to use them following the links below.

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Books, Pods and Apps

The vast FPL community is a great place to look for advice as the season unfolds. Podcasts are a great way to stay informed on both the English Premier League action and all the latest tendencies, bandwagons and captaincy dilemmas that come with playing fantasy. 

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For those of you with more time on your hands. Nothing beats a good read. 

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FREE FPL Planner

This tool, courtesy of our writer FPL_Pup, is free & simple to use. It will help you plan your transfers, captaincy and monitor fixture difficulty depending on the changes you've made to your fantasy team. All you need to do is: 

  • DOWNLOAD YOUR OWN COPY (File: Download)
  • Change fixture difficulty with drop-down list (optional)
  • Select your players
  • Enjoy!
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Alexey Bobrov

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