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Getting Ready for a Daily Fantasy Tournament in 6 Easy Steps

You have heard about Daily Fantasy Sports in Europe  but still haven't got your feet wet? In this article, we will teach you how to get ready for a daily fantasy tournament in 6 easy steps, even if you have never played one before. So, dear manager, arm yourself with a tactic board and a notepad, we are about to hit the fantasy pitch!

Step 1. Analyze past performance

Preparation for a game week starts with the analysis of the previous one. Open up your teams and see which picks you nailed and which you didn’t. Mind you, the point count often doesn’t reflect the player's actual performance. A forward might score a lucky goal with his only shot, while another player would have lots of shots, chances created and penalty touches, but no goals or assists to his name.

We recommend looking at advanced stats such as xG, xA, chances created, shots in the box, penalty box touches etc. when evaluating a player’s performance rather than just looking at his fantasy points earned. Check out free-to-use resources like understat.com or whoscored.com for match and player data. Watching games or highlights at the very least might also give you crucial 'eye-test' info on player's and team's form.

Step 2. Check the bookmakers’ odds

Understanding which teams have the best chances to keep a clean sheet is crucial when picking your defensive stacks. You can read more about the importance of stacking on FanTeam here.

Another important metric to consider is the total match goals. Look for games with low odds for total goals over 2,5. The lower the odds, the better the chance of 2 or more goals being scored in the given matchup.

It’s also worth checking the individual odds for players to score at least once. This data will help you narrow down your attacking picks and pick the right captain. Check out our Throw-in articles, where this data is conveniently laid out for in sortable charts. We also talk numbers in our traditional preview articles here at DraftGym. Subscribe to be notified as soon as the preview is out.  
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Step 3. Know projected lineups

Keep an eye on probable lineups and injury news throughout the week. There are many sites offering this info, but we would like to recommend premierinjuries.com and fantasyfootballscout.com as the most reliable as far as injuries and lineups are concerned.

The deadline for most daily tournaments is 1-5 minutes before kick-off, allowing you to make changes for the earliest matches of the slate. You won’t be able to make any changes to your lineup once the first game starts though. Better come prepared knowing who is projected to start and who is carrying an injury. FanTeam have implemented the Safety Net rule recently, which allows for automatic subs in case a player fails to start, but this is the last resort, of course. 

Step 4. Create a shortlist

Now, the time has come to actually start picking players. Knowing the odds, who you want to captain, and which defenders to stack isn’t enough. You have to know how much the players cost.

On many daily fantasy sites, the player pricing is dynamic, meaning the price for the same player will fluctuate depending on his form, who his team is playing, etc. Start by writing down players you might consider for your lineup and their prices. Finding value, understanding which players are overpriced are the key skills of a fantasy player. You can learn more about it in our advanced article here.

When you are a few players short — just look at who you can afford from your shortlist instead of browsing all available players again. Make sure you single out some inexpensive players, also known as differentials, to pluck holes in your lineup. The budget is always tight, and you will never be able to squeeze all the heavy-hitters into your team. We recommend differentials, value players and premium picks in our weekly preview articles, so stay tuned.
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Step 5. Pick a team

Finally, you are ready to start building a team or two. In general, to win a tournament on FanTeam, you will need to get around 100 points from 11 players you field. Your budget is 100 million, so that’s slightly less than 1 point per 1 million invested. In oversimplified terms, if a player is worth 13 million, you should be expecting him to earn at least 13 points to justify his price tag. Read our ultimate guide on how to find value in your fantasy teams to get a better understanding of the topic.

Avoid picking players from teams playing each other as it leads to a negative correlation. Players will be literally stealing points from each other. You can read more on FanTeam’s scoring here.

Consider doubling-up on players in attack and always stack your defenders. Remember that your captain has his points doubled.

Step 6. Check starting lineups

All starting lineups are usually announced one hour before kick-off. Twitter is usually a good place to find them at. Look out for late scratches, surprising managerial moves and make necessary corrections. Remember, a good fantasy manager is never a lazy one!

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Alexey Bobrov

Alexey Bobrov

Alexey, also known as KJIIOIIIKA, has been playing daily fantasy football since 2015 on various European sites. Scratches his fantasy itch on FanTeam, where he has a net profit of €6000+ with more than 2500 tournaments played and a 30%+ ROI. FanTeam's 2018 World Championship of Fantasy Football finalist. As Head of Content at DraftGym, his mission is to help our young European fantasy community grow. A proud father of two, plays ice-hockey at the regional level, loves board games.