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GW19 - Important Single GW Options for FPL

The long-anticipated Double Gameweek 19 is finally upon us! Not without any Covid drama of course. Leeds v Southampton has been cancelled to my and many others frustration. So too is Villa v Everton, only to be replaced by Villa v Newcastle. It is only natural to be focussing our attention on those playing twice, but that doesn’t mean we should forget all of those just playing the once. There are still a few gems to be had. So in this article, I will be discussing which single gameweek players are worth holding and maybe even worth investing in ahead of the double.


Son (£9.8m, £10.6m – FPL & FanTeam respectively) – Sheffield Utd (away)

Son may have blanked midweek against Fulham but it was not due to lack of chances. The South Korean had 4 shots against Fulham which were all in the box but remarkably, they were all big chances too! As a result, he had a match high xGI of 1.29 which he failed to deliver on. This is unlike Son, who is a clinical finisher.

I expect him to rectify this the weekend when Spurs face Sheffield Utd, who finally after 18 games got a win. Albeit, with a penalty against a 10 men Newcastle. So fortunes will be high for Spurs assets. Spurs also face lowly Brighton and West Brom in the next 4, so their attack is worth investing in if you are one of the few not to have them. They do face Liverpool and Chelsea in between these which my deter a few, but as we have seen some of Spurs best displays have come against the big guns.


Kane (£11.1m, £11.4m) – Sheffield Utd (away)

You can’t have one without the other. So I would reflect a lot of the above sentiments for Kane. He ‘only’ had 2 big chances against Fulham but unlike Son, he was able to convert them into an end product. Showing his creative ways he also created 1 big chance. Among strikers only Bamford can match his 22 shots in their last 6 matches while only 3 strikers better his 2 big chances created. A lovely fixture for Kane, if you have him, you’d be mad to drop him!

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Regulion (£5.7m, £5.5m) – Sheffield Utd (away)

OK, I will stop talking about Spurs after this, promise! It is just Sheffield Utd are so poor, you have to target them. A clean sheet is all but in the bag. Interestingly, their xG of 18.8 for the season is on 7th worst in the league. But they have only hit the back of the net 9 times! Shocking.

Regulion adds some attacking prospects to add to this likely clean sheet. He assisted Kane against Fulham, having created 2 big chances in the match. But he also had 2 shots of his own. If I had any Spurs defenders I would play them this weekend. However, unlike Son and Kane I would not be buying them as clean sheets will be hard to come by given their fixtures.


Bamford (£6.6m, £7.1m) – Brighton (home)

Firstly on Leeds, I believe all their assets are playable and fine to use on a bench boost. But if I had to decide between someone who has a double and a Leeds player, I would pick the double. All except for my man Bamford.

If his double remained I would have strongly considered captaining him. Instead, he is a dead-cert to start for me. He has 15 fantasy attacking returns from 17 games this season. 10 being goals from an xG of 11.11 which only Vardy can better thanks to penalties. Which, by the way, Bamford is now on. As touched on before he is tied 1st for strikers with Kane with shots (22) in the last 6 matches. While only Martial and Lacazette better his xGI of 3.67 in this time frame.

It is worrying times for Brighton, having failed to pick up a win in the last 9 Premier League games. I don’t see that changing any time soon while Leeds will benefit from a 2 week break to allow them be their destructive selves yet again.

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Holding (£4.5m, £4.5m) – Newcastle (home)

9, 10 and 6 points in the last 3 and only missed out on bonus points in the dying minutes against Palace. His 10 pointer came thanks to an assist against West Brom and it may not just be a once off. Although he is playing centre back he created 2 chances against Palace, only Eze who manged 3 created more in the game. He is also a danger from corners having 2 shots in the match, only better by Benteke’s 6. He would probably be a better finisher then Benteke too.

Fortunately for his owners, he faces a toothless Newcastle on Monday night. Looking at the last 4 matches Newcastle are last for xG with 1.89. Arsenal’s xGC in the last 4 is not overly flattering at 5.28, that’s 7th worse in the league. But they only conceded 1 goal! This evidences how Arteta and Arsenal are improving at the back. I would be betting on another clean sheet, but if you have defenders playing doubles I would play them ahead of Holding. However, if you don’t or if you are playing your Bench Boost he is a great option.


Saka (£5.3m, £6.8m) – Newcastle (home)

2 goals and 2 assists in his last 4 makes Saka a great Bench Boost option or a filler if you don’t have a double alternative. As well as being poor in attack Newcastle have also been poor in defence, with a xGC of 7.12 in their last 4 which is 3rd worst in the league.

While in the last 4 matches Saka has had 10 shots, 8 being in the box and 1 being a big chance. Combining this with 6 chances created with 1 being a big chance. Good numbers, but they don’t knock the lights out. However the weakness of the opposition makes him very appealing.

With the abundance of double fixtures there is slim pickings in the single gameweek market. Having said that, Bamford and Spurs assets are prime candidates to bang in their games. Personally I had 14 double gameweek players and Son heading into this double. But fixture changes will leave me with 11, with Meslier, Son, Bamford and Adams on the bench. The only one I am unhappy with there is Adams so I think I will still Bench Boost. But 14 would have been nice! Ah well, that’s Covid for you.


As always, best of luck to everyone, and if you want to reach out to me with any questions DM me on Twitter or create a thread on the website.




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