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Sorare 101: How to Research & Find Good Players

While some people are collectors and enjoying buying Sorare cards (NFTs) to keep, I’ve gone a completely different path. I’ve been very clear with my strategy and that is to make money. In this article, I’m going to share some hints and tips on how to go about finding players to make you some money with Sorare.



If you are new to my journey, I started out with my first (and only) deposit of £300 on March 31st, 2021. In the 6 and a half months since then, I’ve been able to withdraw £525 and currently have a gallery of cards worth in excess of £3500. In this article, I’m going to share some hints and tips on how to go about finding players to make you some money with Sorare.

The hints and tips I’m about to go over can be scaled to any budget. If you are working with very limited funds, you can use this to build up a balance. If you have a bit more freedom, you can use these tips to buy and hold players in order to make a profit at a future time. The point being, if you do your research and cover all bases then you can absolutely make money.

Sorare on a budget


One of the key resources you can use to find players is the SorareData website ( The infrastructure that Sorare works on is fully visible, which means sites like SorareData are able to create a third-party site in order to allow users invaluable ways to look at the various kinds of data available. I’ve used this site since my first day on Sorare. While there are some fantastic things to look through on here, I’m primarily going to focus on the Scout facility.

By clicking through the Scout menu and selecting the “Player Finder” option, you will then be presented with a Search screen. Here, you can get creative in the ways you search for players. You can search by general metrics such as Positon, Age, Club and Position but beyond this, you can create searches based upon actual scoring and game time.

It’s these searches that I have used almost daily to find players for my SO5 game week sides and, more importantly, players to buy at lower prices and sell on in the near future. Let's take a look at a basic search in order to find some players.

Soraredata website

The market is very fluid, so I’m not going to make recommendations of actual players. Instead, I’m going to give pointers and let you search SorareData to see what you can find.

The primary way I search is by purely looking at the Last 5 Games. Choose which league and position you’d like to find, then uncheck the last 15 games search so that we are only looking at the last 5. You can then adjust how many games you want them to have played in the last 5 and how many they have started.

Assuming you want a regular starter, adjust both to 100%. If you adjust the average score you want them to have as a minimum then the last step will be to choose the price range you wish to look at. This will then allow you to bring up a list of players that fit your criteria.

This will give you some quick overview points on the player, but you will want to continue to research the player to find some more details.

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TransferMarkt and SofaScore

After finding players that fit your needs, you are then going to need to do a bit more research to find out how they have performed over the course of their season. The two main sources I use for this are websites called TransferMarkt (not market) and SofaScore. is a site that holds a ton of information about players from around the world. You can enter the player you are looking at in the search bar and you'll then be presented with a screen showing how many games they have played this season, how many goals/assists they have and how many yellow or red cards they have had. You will also see a % for how many Starts they have had and another % for how many minutes they have participated in.


These are two great stats to see if the person is a regular and understand who is an ever-present. This will help increase value in a player if they rarely get a dreaded DNP (Did Not Play) and can help you significantly in your SO5 game week scores. You can also see some other basic details like contract expiry and any international experience they may have.

In addition to this, you can also look on SofaScore. This is primarily a sports scoring app/website, but it holds some fantastic information that you can use to determine a value of a player. If you search for a player in SofaScore, you will then be presented with a Details screen. This will show you basic information such as position, nationality and perceived strengths and weaknesses. It will also show you details on any secondary positions they play.

Sofascore frontpage

The Statistics screen is where you will find some of the best information available. You will see a “Heatmap”, showing where the player spends most of their game time. This can be key in seeing how defensive or attacking that your player is.

You can also see some similar information to TransferMarkt, but you can see things like the number of touches per game, the number of tackles per game, the number of crosses per game, and so on. This is an awesome resource to really look through before committing to any purchase as Sorare scoring matrix is rather complex and factors in shots on target, duels won, accurate passes etc. You would want to buy a player who is capable of good returns in the SO5 fantasy game as you would likely resell them to managers (or keep for yourself) trying to build in-form squad of players for every gameweek.


Further Checks

My final checks before attempting to buy a player are quite simple. I search Google News and Twitter for the player. The reason for this is quite simple. I want to see if there are any newly announced injuries or anything untoward. There was a player I was about to very quickly purchase as I thought he was underpriced significantly, but it turned out he had just been medically suspended due to a heart condition. After that moment, I learned to always make that final check no matter how much you’ve looked at a player in the past.


Summary and Tips

By following this process, I’ve been able to turn my £300 into over £4000 in 6 months. I’ve had some bumps along the road but this is primarily when I’ve deviated from this simple strategy. As I said though, this method can be used for any budget and for any purpose. If you want to make money reselling players or if you want to build a team to win prizes in SO5, make sure you invest your time and effort into proper research. 

  • Use SorareData to find inform players
  • Check player underlying data relevant to Sorare scoring
  • Search recent news about the player before buying

If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it. You can contact me on Twitter (@SorareOnABudget), where my DMs are always open, or leave a comment here at Draftgym. If you haven't signed-up on Sorare yet, join the action using this link to get a free limited card once you've bought five players at the auction to start your collection. 

Sorare On a Budget

Sorare On a Budget

Sorare YouTuber and Twitter account. Started investing on Sorare at the end of March 2021 with £300, now reached £4500. Follow me on Twitter, @Sorareonabudget.