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NHL Spotlight Stacks: Tuesday 12.03

In this article, we will take a look at what we deem to be the best trio of offensive stacks for the upcoming NHL slate on FanTeam daily fantasy platform.

Pittsburg-1: Crosby (15.8) - Guentzel (12.2) – McCann (8.8)

(according to FanTeam pricing)

In a game against Washington Capitals which should be high scoring, it makes sense to pick the top line of the Penguins, which now consists of Sidney Crosby, Jake Guentzel and Jared McCann. Crosby and Guentzel have been dominant throughout the season, posting 36 SF/60*, 31.4 SCF/60** and 14.1 HDCF/60*** when playing together, and the presence of cheap McCann (5 goals and 3 assists in his last 7 games) makes this line pretty affordable to stack. The matchup against Washington is very favorable, given that the Capitals are located in bottom-10 of the league in terms of SCA/60 (28.2) and HDCA/60 (11.9) during the last month.

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Montreal-1: Danault (9.7) – Tatar (12.6) – Gallagher (11.1).

The Montreal Canadiens that are fighting for the playoff zone in the Eastern Conference will host the Detroit Red Wings tonight. It looks like the Canadiens will easily grab two points, because the Red Wings lost their 10 of the last 11 NHL games, conceding 47 goals in the process. The most dangerous line of the Canadiens, consisting of Philip Danault, Tomas Tatar and Brendan Gallagher (39.5 SF/60, 36.5 SCF/60 and 15.8 HDCF/60), is extremely cheap on Fanteam, and you definitively have to include this stack in your lineups.  You can also drop Danault and use D-man Weber (13.7) instead, given that Tatar, Gallagher and Weber play together on power-play, whereas Danault is not involved in PP at all. The Red Wings have subpar 77.4% penalty kill rate during the last month, meanwhile.

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Winnipeg-1: Sheifele (14.1) – Wheeler (14.0) – Laine (11.5).

The Winnipeg Jets will face the San Jose Sharks tonight, who are playing their second road game in two nights. The fatigue issues can play their role, but the Jets themselves have enough talent to score a bunch of goals.  The top line of Marc Sheifele, Blake Wheeler and Patrik Laine is very good and correlated (they play in one power-play unit, and the Sharks have 76.5% penalty kill rate during the last month), with Wheeler leading the team having accumulated 83 points in 68 games. Patric Laine has disappointing numbers this season, but he is still a good shooter (21 SoG in the last 6 games) and you can use him even as one-off. Additionally, the Jets are expected to play against Aaron Dell, who is a weak goalie, with only 89.2 SV% this season.

We hope this helps you build a winning lineup in today's NHL slate. We will be providing similar tips ahead of major slates on FanTeam in the future, so stay tuned and good luck!

* SF/60 – Shots for per 60 minutes

** SCF/60 – Scoring chances for per 60 minutes

*** HDCF/60 – High danger chances for per 60 minutes



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