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NHL Spotlight Stacks: November 19

We are glad to welcome back Hanumanone of the top-3 all-time hockey fantasy earners at FanTeam. Having played more than 10k daily fantasy hockey tournaments, he is back with his wisdom for the Tuesday slate. Read on to find out what the best recommend tonight. 


Nashville – 1

Forsberg (12.6) – Johansen (10.3) – Arvidsson (11.5). 37% of the budget

Nashville Predators are currently ranked 13th in the Western Conference, though it should be noted that the team has played 1-4 games less than other conference teams.

The Preds are expected to score the highest number of goals (3.76) this round, and the team is a clear choice from a DFS perspective.

Opponents — Winnipeg — are 4 points ahead of Nashville with two more games played, so this is a very important game to win for Nashville. According to bookmakers, Nashville has a 63% probability of winning this one.

Nashville's number one line this season hasn't been dazzling at all, scoring just 45 points total. It is worth noting, though, that Forsberg has only played 13 games this season. What makes Nashville a particularly tasty pick this round is their defender pair — Josi-Ellis (combined for 37 points this season), which allows for many different combinations.

It is up to you whether you ignore the pair of brilliant defenders altogether in favor of the attacking trio, or, for example, combine Forsberg with Josi and Ellis or with Arviddson and Josi.


Florida – 1

Huberdeau (12.8) – Barkov (12.6) – Dadonov (11.6). 40% of the budget

I think, that Florida's start of the season has been a success overall. The team sits on 25 points after 20 games played, ranked 6th in the Eastern Conference. 

The team's expected number of goals (3.48) for this slate is one of the highest.

Florida's number one line has been really good this season. Huberdeau is ranked 8th in the league scoring charts, while Barkov is ranked 12th. Players of the line form a strong correlation with each other as they also play on the number one powerplay together. Using the defenseman Yandle should also be considered, for example, with Barkov and Huberdeau.


Carolina – 1

Svechnikov (10.1) – Aho (11.7) – Teravainen (11.1). 36% of the budget

Maybe a slightly differential option at this point, since I am willingly ignoring the most obvious picks such as Boston's number one line. A slightly cheaper attacking stack allows for better defensive picks  in a slate with many options at the back.

Somewhat unexpectedly, Svechnikov has scored the highest points of the trio this season and is even be ranked 17th in the league scoring charts with 22 points. The line has combined for a total of 56 points in 20 games this season.

The rationale for this pick is largely the same as for the previous two. The trio forms a strong correlation with each other because they also play on the powerplay together. Alternatively, top quarterback Hamilton can be used in place of one of these three. The team's expected goals (3.44) number  is also among the highest in the slate.


Defender of the slate

Erik Karlsson (12.2)

I might be a little boring here and choose both defenders from the same team. However, there are reasons for this.

San Jose also has one of the highest expected goals in the slate (3.48), but their attack is not lighting the world on fire. I think it makes more sense to utilize their defense. For example, Karlsson combined with Kane and Couture makes for a great correlation because of powerplay lines.

Karlsson has scored decent 16 points this season in 20 matches, but he seems to have picked up the pace of late. He has 1+4 in the last three games.

Brent Burns (13.6)

Burns has been confident again this season and can have a monster haul in any game. Again this season he is on an almost point-per-game track with 19 points in 21 games so far.

Burns can also be combined with Hertl and Meier, for example, which correlates well on the powerplay. You can also exploit the correlation between Burns and Karlsson because they sometimes play on the powerplay together.





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