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NHL Spotlight Stacks: November 30

We are glad to welcome back Hanumanone of the top-3 all-time hockey fantasy earners at FanTeam. Having played more than 10k daily fantasy hockey tournaments, he is back with his wisdom for the Saturday slate. Read on to find out what the best recommend tonight. 


Edmonton - 1

Draisaitl (13.7) - McDavid (14.0) - Kassian (9.6). 41% of the budget

Edmonton's first line is the obvious pick in this slate.

The superduo Draisaitl-McDavid has scored a total of 95 points this season. Draisaitl is the league's scoring leader with 48 points, and McDavid is only one point behind.

The third link in the line, Kassian, is not a must-have pick, though. The Draistail-McDavid combo can be used by multiple teams in a combination with two other attackers from different teams. Also, the defender Klefbom can be used with these two.

Expected goals (3.21) for Edmonton are not the highest in the slate, but Edmonton's goals scored by their top players make it an obvious choice.


Colorado - 1

Donskoi (11.4) - MacKinnon (15.6) - Rantanen (11.9). 42% of the budget

In this game, Colorado will face a weak Chicago team on home ice. Colorado's expected goals (3.63) are one of the highest in the slate.

Mikko Rantanen is back in the lineup, which is great news for Colorado. Rantanen retakes his familiar place on the wing of the number one line. MacKinnon is currently ranked 5th on the league scoring leaders charts after scoring 39 points in 25 matches. Rantanen has only played 9 games this season and scored impressive 12 points in these games.

The third member of the line, Donskoi, also plays on the first powerplay, so he should also be considered. He has  18 points in 25 games this season so there is some strong correlation here. Alternatively, you can choose a defender Makar instead of Donskoi.


Toronto - 1

Johnsson (10.1) - Matthews (13.6) - Nylander (10.4). 37% of the budget

Toronto's season has been not so good far, and the team is currently only ranked 8th in the Eastern Conference. The opponents, Buffalo, got off to a good start to the season, but their grip has weakened since then. The team is currently ranked 9th in the Eastern Conference. So it would be a very important game for both of these teams.

Toronto has the highest expected goals (4.05) in this slate. So, in this case, it would be insane to ignore them.

The number one line relies heavily on Mathews, who has enormous potential. All eyes are on him which comes as no surprise. His season, too, has been disappointing so far, with only 30 points in 27 games played. Expectations were and still are much higher.

The line also has a great correlation because Nylander also plays on the first powerplay unit. Alternatively, Johnson can also be replaced by a defenseman Barrie, who is currently in fine form.


Defender of the slate

John Carlson (12.4)

Carlson has been incredibly good this season. He is currently in the 6th place of the scoring leaders with 36 points scored in 27 games. In this slate, Washington faces a weak Detroit  away from home. Detroit has allowed an ugly 109 goals this season in 28 matches, so Carlson has a great chance to hit big in this one.


Morgan Rielly (12.2)

Rielly is his team's third-highest point scorer this season. The 27 games so far have generated a  total of 20 points. Big success in this round is probable because of the suitable matchup. Rielly also plays in the great Toronto's number one powerplay, where there is great potential for scoring.



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