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NHL Spotlight Stacks: November 5

Hockey fans, we hope you have been enjoying our NHL Warm-up content, but we are not stopping there! We have another pleasant surprise for you as we are thrilled to welcome Hanuman  as our new author. He sits in the top-3 of all-time hockey fantasy earners at FanTeam with a net profit of €11k+ and a solid ROI of 17%. Having played more than 10k daily fantasy hockey tournaments, he will be sharing his wisdom with you before some of the major slates.


Boston – 1

Marchand (12.1) - Bergeron (13.0) - Pastrnak (12.6). 41% of the budget

Boston's number one line has been in a fierce tune this season, and there's no point ignoring them in this slate.

Boston is expected to score 2.93 goals against Montreal. This is not the highest expected number this round, but it is important to consider the players' form in this case.

Pastrnak and Marchand are the scoring leaders in the dual lead with 57 points already in 14 matches. Edmonton's Draisaitl has 1 point less than Marchand but has played two more games than the aforementioned duo! Also, players of this line correlate well with each other since they also play together on the number one powerplay unit. 

Another viable play is stacking Boston's defender Krug with Marchand and Pastranak. The ownership of the trio will be very high due to yesterday's successful match, so if you are playing contrarian — fade them entirely.


Vancouver – 1

Miller (13.9) - Pettersson (11.4) - Boeser (12.0). 40.5% of the budget

I really like how these guys are playing this season. St Louis is not an easy opponent, but it is difficult to ignore this line nonetheless.

Vancouver is expected to score 2.88 goals in this match, which is a goal less than Toronto. The Maple Leaves have the highest number of goals expected (3,9) in the slate. The rationale for this choice is largely the same as for the Boston line. Vancouver's first line correlate well with each other as they appear on the first power-play unit together. 

It is worth mentioning that these three players are responsible for most goals scored by their team while Toronto's point potential is scattered between players despite much higher goal expectation this round. Petterson is currently ranked sixth on the scoring leaders chart and his line has combined for a total of 51 points in 14 games this season.

Line ownership will probably not be very high in the round which qualifies as the contrarian play.


New York Islanders – 1

Lee (10.9) - Barzal (10.8) - Bailey (10.1). 34.6% of the budget

I choose this line purely based on team expected goals (3,74) and correlation. The line has scored 31 points this season, which is not exactly the league's highest, but they may score big this time.

Ottawa is still a poor team despite beating Rangers yesterday. The tiredness of back-to-back matches might also factor in to make the difference in quality between the two teams more apparent.

Ottawa is currently ranked 28th in the league standings with 44 goals against in 13 games played. Islanders, on the other hand, are ranked fifth and they have looked quite impressive so far this season.



Morgan Rielly (13.6)

Rielly has averaged a point per game this season scoring 15 points in 15 matches. He also plays on Toronto's number 1 powerplay unit.

An obvious pick nonetheless as Toronto plays at home against the weak Los Angeles who have conceded horrendous 57 goals in 14 games played this season.

Toronto's expected goals of 3.9 is the highest number in the slate. Rielly is highly-priced, but Fanteam's budget rules allow to build a well-balanced team despite splashing the cash on this premium defender. 

Brent Burns (13.9)

There is a huge point potential when talking about Brent Burns (13.9). It hasn't been the same fireworks as last season (83 points for 82 games), but Burns (13.9) has decent 14 points in 15 matches so far.

The opponent of the round is the weak Chicago, ranked 25th with 40 goals against in 13 matches played.

We hope you find these recommendations helpful and use them to your advantage playing at FanTeam  and Bethard  daily fantasy hockey slates. Puck luck to us all!





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