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NHL Spotlight Stacks: Tuesday 19.03

Boston-1: Bergeron (13.1) - Marchand (13.1) - Pastrnak (13.0)

David Pastrnak has to return to the Bruins lineup tonight in a game against the New York Islanders, and it makes the Bruins' top line even more appealing. The line consisting of Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak is perhaps the best line of the entire NHL, as all of the three skaters have more than 1.15 points per game this season. Despite the New York Islanders playing some solid defensive hockey throughout the season, they have actually had some poor underlying numbers as of late. Their 45.1 CF%* is the third-worst in the NHL over the last month, and they also have allowed the league-worst SCA/60** (32.1) and the fifth-worst HDCA/60*** (13.3) over the same time frame. Since Pastrnak is a game-time decision tonight, don't forget to check his availability prior to the start of the game. Even if he doesn't play you can still make a case for the Bruins' top line without any doubt, as Bergeron and Marchand themselves have enough talent to score lots of goals which they had done during Pastrnak's absence before.

Detroit-1: Larkin (12.4) - Mantha (10.3) - Helm (6.1)

The return of Dylan Larkin has had a positive effect on the Red Wings, as they ended their losing-streak last night, conceding only one goal. The Red Wings' top line is dirt cheap on Fanteam, but surely possesses a multi-point upside. Dylan Larkin and Anthony Mantha have a solid 34.5 SF/60****, 30.5 SCF/60 and 11.1 HDCF/60 when playing together this season, whereas Darren Helm provides a great value for his price tag. The matchup against the New York Rangers is a great one, given that the Rangers lost 10 of their last 11 games, giving up 3.5 goals per game on average. Also, the Rangers sit in the bottom-5 of the league in terms of all advanced defensive metrics: SA/60 (34.6), SCA/60 (30.1), HDCA/60 (14.5) over the last month.

Washington-1: Ovechkin (16.6) - Kuznetsov (14.3) - Wilson (11.3)

The NHL' s leading goal-scorer Alex Ovechkin, with his partners Evgeny Kuznetsov and Tom Wilson, make for a great line-stack tonight. The Capitals are going to visit a banged up New Jersey Devils team tonight, which lost 8 of their 10 last games. The New Jersey Devils also have been abysmal as of late from a possession standpoint, with 45 CF%, which is the second-worst in the NHL over the last month. Although the Devils have a modest 83% penalty kill rate over the last month, I expect the Capitals' top line to dominate at even strength, with Ovechkin extending his lead for the Richard trophy by a couple of goals.

Defender of the slate

Here, we will single out the best defender for the current current slate in terms of his price\point return ratio.

Tyson Barrie (10.5)

Colorado's defenseman has scored twice in the previous game against the New Jersey Devils and we can expect him to have another big game tonight. The Avalanche are going to face the Minnesota Wild, who lost 4 of their last 5 games, allowing 18 goals in the process. Tyson Barrie is on the team’s top power play unit and has racked up 50 points in 68 games this season, with 2.75 SoG per game. Given the Wild have a subpar 75% penalty kill rate over the last month, expect Barrie to make a mockery of his moderate price tag.



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