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Premier League Season Statistical Wrap-Up

The Premier League season is over. It has been such a slog for us over the last year and we can all do with a break, but that does not mean I don’t already miss it! Before I throw myself fully into FanTeam’s €1,000,000 GTD Euro 2020 game, I am going to reminisce about this season the best way I know – via stats! I will run you through some of my favourite statistical roundups before discussing interesting player and team statistics.


Wholesome Numbers

This season saw 380 games played in the Premier League with 1,024 goals, an entertaining 2.7 goals per game. However, you may be surprised to discover 40% of games resulted in away wins. The lack of crowds may have had a helping hand to reduce the benefit of home advantage. 38% of results saw the home team take the three points with the remaining 22% ending in draws.

He had to wait to his last Premier League game, but Sergio Aguero managed to sign off by breaking Wayne Rooney's Premier League record for the most goals scored with one club. Aguero scored twice against Everton on the final day of the season to take his tally to 184 league goals for Manchester City, beating Rooney’s record.

While he may have just scored one goal in his career to date at Anfield, Alisson’s bullet header in the final week made him the first goalkeeper to score a competitive goal for Liverpool in the club's entire history! And what an important goal it was. He is now one of six goalies to register a Premier League goal and the first to do so with a header.

This goal was vital in pipping Leicester to the Champions League spots and Leicester fans can feel a grudge. Leicester spent more days inside the top four (242) than any other club this season, only to miss out at the very end. If we take this further, Leicester have spent 93% of the past two seasons (567 days in total) inside the top four, only to finish fifth on both occasions.

Moving back to goals, my season changer Chris Wood can now be considered among the most consistent strikers in the Premier League. Wood is one of only seven players to have reached the 10-goal mark in each of the past four top-flight seasons. He joins this prestigious club alongside Kane, Salah, Jamie Vardy, Lacazette, Son and Mane.

But moving on from consistent to prolific, step up Harry Kane who finished top of both the Premier League goal-scoring (23 goals) and assist-making charts (14 assists). Kane is only the second player to do so outright. Whoever he is playing with next season can count themselves lucky.

Player Expectations


Alexander-Arnold’s 2 goals and 8 assists fell short of his 4 and 15 from last season respectively, but he still posted some of the best stats among defenders this season. He had the most shots (55) with Dallas coming 2nd with 48. Most chances created with 77, 11 more than teammate’s Robertson and created 14 big chancesь which is 2 more than next-best Cresswell.

Yet in 2021 Shaw looked fantastic. His 72 chances created (2nd) was actually at a higher rate equating to a chance created every 37mins, while TAA did so at a rate of every 39mins. Interesting, Konsa had 22 shots but an impressive 7 (32%) of these were big chances.

Looking at the expected data, we can see the West Ham boys and Dallas over-performed.

While contrastingly Ayling, who of course I started the season with, suffered from the opposite fate. Of course I had Ayling in GW1...


You won’t be surprised to hear that goal-hungry Salah had the most shots (126), shots in the box (98) and an impressive 44 big chances. Bruno was 2nd for shots (121) but doesn’t make the top 5 for shots in the box. He makes up for this though with chance creation, tops the chances created (95) and big chances created (20) tables.

Elsewhere, Son had a decent 68 shots, but impressively 23 of these were big chances (34%). Disappointing Sterling finished 3rd (58) for shots in the box with bargain boy Soucek (52) coming 4th. Sterling was also tied 4th for big chances (20) with Bruno. Mount (87), Grealish (81), De Bruyne & Son (80) and Groß (75) next for chances created after Bruno. While we see a similar list for big chances created Bruno (20), De Bruyne (19), Grealish & Son (14), Mount (13), Raphinha and Salah (12).

Looking at the expected data, we can see the top dogs and big teams help inflate player outputs. Bale’s return rate in particular is phenomenal, as is Son’s. It will be interesting to see if this is sustainable, as they will be relying heavily on Son next year if Kane was to move.

On the flip side, we can see how Fulham's woes were not helped by poor finishing and not taking their chances.


It will not surprise you that Golden Boot winner Kane had the most shots (137). However, bargain options Bamford and Watkins take 2nd and 3rd with 105 and 97 respectively. And if we look at shots in the box instead, the pair actually beat Kane; Bamford 95, Watkins 87 and Kane 84.

Yet Vardy beats the lot for big chances with 34. Bamford and DCL’s 31 narrowly beat Kane’s 30. Yet, as mentioned earlier, Kane’s creativity resulted in him having the most assists in the league this season, stemming from his 49 chances created. Again budget option Watkins is next best with 45, ahead of Firminho’s 44. Kane also created the most big chances (14), while Firminho had 11, and we finally see big summer signing Werner in the mix here with 10.

Looking at the expected data, we see Iheanacho’s late-season flourish puts him up there as one of the best finishers in the league. Likewise, for Ings. Unfortunately, his injuries have come back to haunt him.

Contrastingly we see Chelsea may still need a new striker despite signing Werner, as so far he does not fit the bill. While Brighton’s stats have been impressive all season, perhaps they should spend some money on a player who will finish the chances they produce. Vardy is a shock xG under-performed, as he is renowned in season’s past for greatly over-performing his xG. Are we seeing the beginning of the end? The skittles vodka may be catching up with him. I was also surprised to see Antonio fare 5th worst for xG underperformance with -3.59.


Looking at the expected goal involvement per 90 minutes, the big hitters again come to the fore. Chelsea wing-backs would be great if it was not for rotation. Antonio is a bargain but injuries always hamper him. Iheanacho seems to be the real deal, while if Matinelli has a strong pre-season, he could be one to consider.

Team Expectations

I will wrap up quickly touching on team performance. As previously stated, Spurs could be in for a shock if they lose Kane. While Fulham will be kicking themselves for not giving it a better go this season. Brighton have huge room for improvement, they could be great options if they can just match their stats.

Manchester Utd may need further improvements. 2nd was a great finish, but Liverpool’s injuries and Chelsea’s need for manager rotation hindered them. They could see themselves fighting for 4th again next season without some improvement. Leeds did shore up better at the end of the season, but they, Newcastle and Crystal Palace under a new manager need to greatly improve defensively ahead of next season.

Hopefully, you found that interesting and it tides you over as you miss the Premier League season. But Euro 2020 will soon be upon us and we can have some fun trying to win money on FanTeam.


As always, best of luck to everyone, and if you want to reach out to me with any questions DM me on Twitter  or leave a comment below.



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