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FanTeam Football Scoring. What You Need to Know to Start Winning

Each website that offers Daily Fantasy Football in Europe has a different approach to point calculation. FanTeam is no different and offers a scoring system that is quite unique. Learning how the scoring works and how to use it to your advantage is crucial to being successful and turning a profit on FanTeam.

Now we will break down football scoring into a few categories, explain what sets FanTeam apart, and share some tips on squad selection.


FanTeam Scoring – Football

Position Condition Points
GK Goalkeeper keeps a clean sheet 4
GK Goalkeeper makes a save 0,5
GK Goalkeeper saves a penalty kick 5
GK Goalkeeper scores a goal 8
GK Every 2 goals conceded -1
DF Defender scores a goal 6
DF Defender keeps a clean sheet 4
DF Every 2 goals conceded -1
MF Midfielder scores a goal 5
MF Midfielder keeps a clean sheet 1
MF Midfielder plays a full match 1
FW Forward scores a goal 4
FW Forward plays a full match 1
ANY Assist 3
ANY Fantasy Assist 3
ANY Plays at least 1 second 1
ANY Plays at least 60 minutes 1
ANY Player's team wins the period he is on the pitch  1
ANY Player's team loses the period he is on the pitch -1
ANY Yellow card -1
ANY Red card -3
ANY Own goal -2
ANY Penalty miss -2
ANY Causes a free-kick that leads to a direct freekick goal -2
ANY Causes a penalty shot -2
CPT Captain's points are doubled x2

Goals and Assists

Naturally, points are awarded for goals and assists on FanTeam, but there is a lot more than meets the eye here. Not every position is equal when it comes to scoring goals.

  • A goalkeeper gets 8 points for a goal (Asmir Begovic, anyone?)
  • A defender gets 6 points for a goal.
  • A midfielder gets 5 points.
  • A forward gets 4 points.

TIP: Select players classified as midfielders, but who play out of position (OOP) as forwards either on a permanent or a situational basis (Salah, Mane, Richarlison, Sterling, etc.).

Midfielders get 1 more point for a goal scored than a forward. Technically, when selecting these OOP midfielders, you are selecting a forward who earns you one extra point per goal. Not too shabby, as 1 point may sometimes make a world of difference.  

Assists are worth 3 points for players of all positions.

The so-called Fantasy Assists are worth 3 points as well. They are given in several cases, when:

  • a player is given a free kick or a penalty, and his teammate scores directly from the set-piece
  • a player hits a goalpost, keeper or an opposition player, and his teammate scores on the rebound
  • a player provokes an own goal for the opposition.

TIP: Players that are fouled often, next to or inside the opponent’s 11-yard box, (Vardy, Sterling, Zaha etc.) may offer extra value because of their fantasy assist potential.

Pitch Time

  • If a MIDFIELDER or a FORWARD completes the full match without being subbed off, he earns 3 points.
  • GOALKEEPERS and DEFENDERS get a maximum of 2 points for a full match (because they are rarely subbed off anyways).
  • Any player completing more than 60 minutes gets 2 points.
  • Anything less than 60 yields 1 point (argh, those 59th-minute subs).

TIP: Maximize the number of players who play the whole match. 1 point may make a huge difference and a couple of guys sent for an early shower may prove to be crucial to your team’s success.

Look for key players (Kane, DeBruyne or less known personnel from smaller teams, such as Jimenez, Zaha, Maddison, Deeney, etc.) who are rarely subbed. Clicking a player’s icon on any daily fantasy website will most certainly display his stats — goals scored, minutes played, etc.


Team Winning/Losing/Drawing

That’s an interesting concept that can make or break your team. How is it calculated? The result of the match in between the period when your player goes on the pitch and ending when he leaves the pitch decides if he has 'won', 'lost' or 'drawn'.

For example, Southampton, having scored 2 goals before half-time, are winning 2:1 at Watford in the 63rd minute. Stephen Davis is subbed off getting +1 point for impact as his team was Winning at the time of his replacement. Watford equalize in the 88th minute, so Dusan Tadic replaced in the 89th minute gets 0 points as his team was Drawing when he left the pitch.

Watford’s Troy Deeney, who came on in the 46th minute, gets +1 impact point because the score during his time on the pitch was 2:0 for Watford (Southampton scored 0 goals between the 46th and the 90th minute and Watford scored 2 goals).

TIP: Check bookmakers odds before a gameweek to know which teams have the highest chance of winning. Maximize the number of players from those teams in your lineup.

We post handy sortable charts with odds and advanced data in our Throw-in section to help you get ready for each game week here.


Clean Sheet

Defenders and Goalkeepers get 4 points for a clean sheet. Pretty straightforward. But it’s important to remember that players receive points having played more than 60 minutes in the match.

Midfielders get 1 point for a clean sheet as well (60-minute rule applies to them also).  

TIP: Try to maximize your team's scoring output when possible, selecting midfielders both with good offensive potential and a chance for a clean sheet.

Points Deduction

Unfortunately, it’s not all roses and your players might earn negative points as well. Let’s see when that happens.

  • Yellow card is -1 point.
  • Red card is -3 points (if your player gets a second yellow, he will receive -3 points as well).
  • Causing a freekick which leads to a direct goal is -2 points.
  • Causing a penalty (goal or not) is -2 points as well.
  • Penalty missed is -2 points (if a player misses the penalty shot but scores on the rebound he will get -2 points for a miss and then 6,5 or 4 points for a goal depending on his position).
  • Own goal is  -2 points.
  • For every 2 goals conceded both defenders and a goalkeeper get -1 point. Don’t let this catch you off-guard. Every point counts and it’s best that players from your fantasy lineup don’t concede more than 1 goal in a match.

TIP: Try to avoid players who foul a lot and have a habit of beign booked often.

FanTeam Stacking Penalty

At the end of 2019, FanTeam implemented the stacking penalty rule to nerf defensive stacks. If you pick more than one defensive player (including a goalkeeper) from the same club, you will get a minus 1 point for each additional defensive player from the same club. If you field two defenders from the same team, for example, one of them will get -1 point. The stacking penalty has a maximum of minus 3 points.



It’s all about clean sheets and saves.

  • 4 points for a clean sheet,
  • 0,5 points per every save made.

But every 2 goals conceded will cost your goalie -1 point. It goes without saying that in order to cash in you need to pick a goalie who will win you the game and get a clean sheet in the process.

Premium goalies are somewhat pricey most of the time, so looking for a cheap goalie who might earn a few points making saves is a legit strategy. In fact, cheaper goalies offer more value as things stand now because every save is worth 0,5 points. Going for an ultra-cheap option (3-5 million) playing away in a tough match-up might enable you to spend elsewhere, while getting a decent point\million ratio. Read more about finding value on FanTeam.   

TIP: Look for goalies playing at home with a high chance of getting a clean sheet. Alternatively, you may opt for a cheap goalie who might rack up points making saves to spend leftover funds elsewhere.  


Your captain scores double points and it is one of the most important choices you have to make when creating your fantasy lineup. We will talk more about strategies for choosing your captain and other tips on squad selection in future articles.



  • Maximize the number of players from teams that are favorites to win their match. Eleven players with a +1 for impact equals 11 points.
  • Identify players who play 90 minutes every game and are rarely subbed off. They should form the backbone of your team.
  • Try to include as many Midfielders playing as Forwards from favorable matchups in your squad as possible. They earn more points for goals than Forwards and 1 point for a clean sheet.
  • Pick defenders and goalies from teams with a good chance of a clean sheet. A well-chosen defensive setup can earn more than 50% of your team’s total points.
  • Avoid players who dive into tackles and foul a lot, especially in the box.
  • Choose your captain wisely, his points are doubled.

We hope you have a better understanding of how football scoring on FanTeam works. If you have any questions — let us know in the comments section below and good luck to all your fantasy lineups!

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